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  1. ok so Egwene thinks she is always right. So what? So does every other person-in-power I have seen in wot. Take Morgase ... Perrin saved her skin and see what she thinks of him. Egwene was given the role of Amyrlin and she simply had to do what an Amyrlin had to do - keep Aes Sedai interests first. Frankly I like the way the character build up was done. You don't have to like her, and may be you are not supposed to. Personally I root for whatever character I am currently reading about ... even Taim .... although I seem to have this slight problem reading sections about a certain (red)golden haired trull.
  2. I am not blatantly ignoring any evidence. What I am proposing, albeit somewhat on the loony side, is the possibility that we are being carefully lead up the wrong path by a really clever author. Apart from the above "Aes Sedai" capabilities that are currently slightly unexplained, we have no proof that he is on the dark side, let alone a Foresaken. He is yet to be shown doing a dark deed (explicitly by the author ... not from a third party POV) whereas this has not been the case with any other dark side character.
  3. Which we don't know from the books per se. And as I stated, what we know from the books is that Lewis Therin inside Rand's head thought that they(female AEs) did the right thing. Thanks for pointing to that. If RJ thinks so, end of argument :-) Also I need to read the Strike At Shayol Ghul to see what the other plans were. Maybe as someone said somewhere, maybe they should have done Seed/Tree singing/The Song to heal the pattern and close the bore.
  4. Not a big Egwene fan or anything ... but ... Clear the rubble .. yes ... but of the seals themselves? ... we don't know. We are yet to know whether the seal is a physical structure or not. Could be metaphorically referring to something else altogether. We will never know until we read the last book. Again on Avi's vision in the glass columns ... totally agree with Suttree. We don't know what she saw was the future. That the other glass columns showed the past does not mean this one shows the actual future. Remember Egwene's testing in the Tower when she saw possible futures for herself and Rand? Then again as to whether Egwene was right in questioning Rand? Whenever I read the books themselves I get pissed off at that scene .... after all this is the Post-Enlightenment-Rand we are talking about! But now that I think of it, this is just the repeat of what must have happened in the AoL. The female Aes Sedais questioned Lewis Therin's plan and Lewis Therin now seems to think they were right. Maybe if the female AEs of AoL had agreed and gone with Lewis Therin everything would have ended up peachy. But like Egwene, they also though that the plan was dangerous. The new Rand Lewis Therin is trying to correct the mistakes he made last time. So probably Egwene is doing what he intended.
  5. just plain spooked that Dollhouse says "Great Lord" in all her posts.
  6. I read Tolkien's Lord of the Rings about 10 yrs after I had read Eye of the World (I still hadn't read any of the other books in the WOT series). I was surprised to see the similarity in the characters. Also I have come to learn from various WoT fansites that RJ had planned the ending before he had finished EoTW. So this new breed of human like shadow spawn coming out could be the Uruk-hai of the WoT world. I guess this goes in tune with the missing Aiel + Trolloc offspring theory.
  7. I'd still say deliberate build up of "red-herring"ness. And don't forget, Dark Rand did some pretty cruel things too.
  8. fair points ... however ... 1. Of all ashamans (except for the one-trick-pony in ToM) we don't see POVs from any Ashaman except Kisman. So there should be some other relevance to it. And I believe he says "M'Hael" not "Taim" ... ok ok .. i am splitting hairs ... but still .... 2. 13X13 is something that the forums has thrown up. Somewhere around Siuan's stilling we get to hear about it (if I remember correctly). This is to covert someone from Light into Darkness - I don't think anything about eyes having dead look is mentioned. I'd say what we see are the effects of Compulsion rather that 13x13. 3. Which leads to ... are Taim and all his cronies under Compulsion? 4. Dreamspike - Moridin mentions to Graendal that the other one has been put to good use - no where is it mentioned in BT. We readers are assuming that the other one is in BT due to difficulty in opening gateways. Yes it could be there - but is Taim aware of it? 5. Min's vision - well ... ummm ... well that is one of the biggest questions, yes?
  9. I have seen two kinds of topics about Taim in the forums 1. Is he a Forsaken or not (Moridin vs Demandred) 2. Is Logain gonna kick Taim's ass. I have just completed my second reading of the entire series (skipping all chapters dealing with Kin, SeaFolk, Elayne). Right now I think that this whole Taim business is a red herring. Of course he is jealous about Rand being the real Dragon Reborn and him turning out to be a false dragon. (C'mon how will you feel if at the end of series it came out that Rand was a false dragon?) He has done exactly what Rand asked him to do ... he even saved Rand in Dumai's Wells. On the other hand the only negative things we have hear about Taim come from Logain's mouth. Now that is one guy we should watch out for. He is mysteriously out of the picture for quite a while throughout the series without any explanation as to where he is. I can't even remember how he ended up in the BT? Do you? The only positive thing we know about Logain comes from Min's vision - blue and gold halo around the guy - which she assumes means greatness for him. The other person who had a blue and gold halo ended up with her head chopped off for being Black Ajah. And .. oh by the way Talmanes is Demandred .. he's got the biggest and most trained army .. hasn't he?
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