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  1. Cadsuane wrapping Tam up in flows of Air is decidedly out of character for her. To an extent, it could be considered a result of her frustrations, but Sanderson has a distinct tendency to make one person look bad in order to make another look better, and so it is here. Cadsuane has to be a bully for Tam to call her one. Usually, she is a very adaptable woman. Her treatment of Rand is not typical of her treatment of everyone, it is specific to him. She does try to help him, not simply manipulate him. Rand took a turn for the worse not as a result of anything she did, but due to factors entirely out of her hands. And ultimately, she succeeded. Things did not go to plan, her success was due to accident in a large part, but her goal was achieved. That is true to some extent. But I must admit, I got so frustrated on how Cadsuane went about her work. I wish I had seen some more "open cards" or something like "A conversation with the Dragon" between Cadsuane and Rand. They never really got to trust each other. And while Rand was difficult, I just dont want to give Cadsuane credit for Rands transformation, unless she succeded by failing. Either way, I think it is appropriate what Rand thinks: He wished he knew what she was supposed to teach him, other than to grind his teeth. The entire relationship between them is one massive frustration, for the reader also. Edit: I will say though, you are most likely correct. I am letting my emotions run away with me :). Can't help it.
  2. I have no idea what you refuse to believe. So refuse all you want. Either way, lets stay on topic.
  3. that last one about Perrin was really heart felt wasn't it but there was another scene in the book when faile returned with Deven riders or was it the other ones anyway a young kid came to Perrin and tells him that girls are horrible and he gives a long wind about how somethings will remain the same but he will eventually get to like the girls. From your irritation you are not bmarried are you? neither are you in a serious relationship. you will learn lol another quot for you "women are like Sun you cannot live without it but they extract a price". Wuaw, Im not sure how you gather that from what I said about Perrin. I am in a relationship, and have been for a 4 years now, hopefully we will marry. Either way... I cant really disagree with your quote, but I am puzzled how you managed to draw those conclusions from my post. As for Perrin and Faile... Faile wants Perrin to yell at her (or well, to stand up for himself), and probably give a little spanking.
  4. Cadsuane is my least favorite character. It is mostly due to the fact, that she never understands, that she should help Rand, rather than manipulate him. Her very annoying insistence, that swearing is unacceptable. The fact that she doesnt understand that to the only way for Rand to trust her, is for her to trust him and show herself trustworthy. Rand never realises why he needs her, and she never makes it clear to him (though he really should have been able to figure it out). He only knows, that he needs her, and that is the only reason he accepts to keep her close. The only thing Cadsuane manages, is to make Rand frustrated and, in some cases, harder. HOW on earth, can you teach someone to laugh and cry again, by insisting they be civil and stop swearing? It makes no sence. The worst thing about her is, that she is so extremely manipulating. Her intentions are good, but GOOD GOD, for all her arrogance, she fails in her mission so massively. Can she not understand, that if you could control / guilde the Dragon Reborn too easily, he would have turned to shadow long ago. The way she wraps Tam in flows of air, infuriated me so much! I was glad that Tam put her in her place, but the fact that she demands civility from others, and then uses the power to browbeat a person like Tam (whose son almost just killed him, and should be completely excused for his anger), is such a display of doublestandard.. ARGH! I want to see her bottom smacked!!! The other person that truely angers me, is Elayne. I can accept her mostly. But her acceptance of Egwenes completely lacking arguments, that the seals must not be broken. The fact that Egwene, and Elayne even more so, never cosider the fact, that it is possible that Rand is correct, is very annoying. Elayne can feel how Rand has changed, but he is completely ready to oppose Rand, rather than waiting to condemn his plan, before she knows the reasons. Egwene... well. I dont like her really. She thinks she knows Rand.. but nothing could be further from the truth. She knows parts of his person, but the conclusions she draw from what she knows, are so terribly wrong. At some point, she implies, that Rands hardness and rage, had always been a part of him, is so wrong. Rands rage and hardness, comes from him trying to become something he is not, from trying to cut off his emotions so that he cant hurt. Nyneave and Morraine, are my most favorite female characters. Women who change so much throughout the books. Morraine who lays down her pride completely, by swearing to Rand. I find that extemely admirable, since so few, if any, has ever done it in WoT. I truely came to like her, after she swore to Rand. I never really disliked her, but she has become the epitome of true strength for me. Nyneave has become so amazing. How she puts forth the argument, that Aes Sedai put the White Tower before the needs of the people they claim to serve. How she stands up to Tuon, and defends Mat and speak so well of him. True, it may have been the pattern or ta'veren that causes her to say it, but I do not doubt that she meant what she said. She develops into an amazing character that has much depth. She is can no longer simply be defined as, stubborn, angry and hypocritical, but as a thoughtfull, genuine, trustworthy, caring, strong and loving character, with a strong temper ;). Min is another character I like. Obviously she isnt completely realistic, but she is how she is described. A woman who has thrown her heart at a mans feet, completely. Everything she does, everything she fights for, is Rand and his survival. That has become her sole personal goal. It is a completely romantic sentiment, and the depth of a character suffers from it.. but I still like her. Aviendha has developed so little throughout the books. I must admit I dislike her greatly. She makes early Nyneave seem biddable. Her stubbornness is unmatched! But I expect her character to develop in the last book, following her visit to Rhuidian. Atleast I hope so. I can never really figure out, if I hate Faile. I dislike her.. mm yes. But I think that Perrin may be worse. Good GOD! The reason that Faile becomes so extremely annoying, is because Perrin is such a weakling! SPANK THAT WOMAN, BURN YOU! Show her who is the man! Pathetic weakling Perrin is, when it comes to women. These are my opinions ofcourse.. don't flame me too much :). My favorite character? I gues the one I personally find the most sympathetic, is Thom! While I probably wouldnt like Rand as a person, atleast not Hard and Dark Rand, he is a very unique main character. Many characters in fantasy novels, feel superficial. Have you ever read Eragon (Inheritence Cycle), Tanis (Dragonlance) or Drizzt (forgotten Realms)... those characters can be so annoyingly.. lame. Nothing is worse, that a completely good main character. Eventhough Tanis was said to be of both dark and light, he really only was good.. and a weakling. (No flaming plz!) TL:DR: I dislike Casuane and Aviendha. Also Elayne, Gawyn, Egwene to a lesser degree.
  5. I too do not really understand that logic of Rand being a Hero of the Horn. Hawkwing said, when the horn had been sounded, that the "they must come to the horn, but they must follow the banner, and the dragon". Either way.. it wouldnt make sence to call the Heroes of the Horn, if Rand was dead and among them.
  6. Uff.. I hope that isnt true, since it would make things a lot more confusing. But then again, there are things in the Aiel prophecy, that is not included in the Prophesies of the Dragon. It may be the same with the Essanik Cycle. Not sure why it makes it more confusing however? Because, how could Ishamael have corrupted the Essanik Cycle if that was true? And if they are true, it truly does mean that Rand will bow to the Crystal Throne.. which I really hope he wont have to. And they might not have preserved it perfectly... mmm. Well ok.. not so confusing, but it does put things in a different light.
  7. Uff.. I hope that isnt true, since it would make things a lot more confusing. But then again, there are things in the Aiel prophecy, that is not included in the Prophesies of the Dragon. It may be the same with the Essanik Cycle. As for the original question. I know that Rand cried later on, with Tam, but it still feels wrong in a way. Meh, i gues it is acceptable. As for "the many become one", here is a quote of what it means. Its from 'Veins of Gold'. Another one, is where Siuan sees Rand, when he comes to the White Tower. It refers to the same thing pretty much. He definetly remembered, for an instant, all his past lives. But I dont think the memories are still in his mind, only Lews Therins memories. God.. ive never been aching so much for a book. WoT is truely the best series I have ever read.
  8. There is one thing I have often wondered. I am not sure if it has any relevance, but I am unable to discard it. My question regards a prophecy from the Essanik Cycle, a Seanchan phrophecy. The prophecy has been fulfilled, completey. But one thing bothers me massively about this. "There he shall see again, and weep for what has been wrought". When Rand stood atop Dragonmount, this is what happened: I wonder if its a stupid question without consequence or significance., or a mistake (though I truly doubt it). Does anyone have any thoughts on wether or not it could mean anything?
  9. It is one of the saddest things about being the Dragon Reborn. Just like Cadsuane said: "The lights mercy fades to nothing, for a man who channels." Abandoned and abandon, yet forced to go on. To die so the world can go on, and at the same time being abandoned by your friends and loved ones. I wonder. If it hadnt been for Min, Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha, would Rand have found any reason for fighting, when he stood atop Dragonmount. Both Egwene and Moiraine have said before, that Rand belongs to the pattern, that he can't marry. They truly don't understand, that without love and friendship, Rand could never find the strength to go on. I dont blame Mat too much though. People where truly afraid of men who could channel, and no wonder. “Whoever reads this, if any remain to read it, weep for us who have no more tears. Pray for us who are damned alive.” —from a manuscript believed to have been written during the Breaking
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