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  1. Of course not sir! ;) I'm aware you're female. Rule 30 or not. My gf's brother just sent me this, its probably been shown before but i'm joygasming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_ts8cPScXM
  2. Woo! lol. Does anyone have any idea why i can't access the 'chat room'? Is it because i'm new or something?...should i really be posting this is the other forum mentioned?
  3. ^Pretty sure the hall takes over until someone else is raised to the seat. at which point i think Rand should take over, he is the oldest living Aes Sedai after all :)
  4. Done sir! I don't mind Facebook but it sort of killed a lot of the smaller forums out there - which makes sense i suppose. I have read them all, again and again, and again. :P I love the books about Death and the Watch - they both sort of evaluate human nature but make it funny at the same time I am a wolf that was grown in a test tube? ;) Thank you for the invite, i shall check it out! :) Lol thanks man, I go play assassins creed rev, but i have not played it online - I only recently got the internet back up after a two month hiatus. If you're interested you can add me 'Vestalis' is my username - we can maybe run around stabbing people one day. :)
  5. Aridhol, sound like a nice place to raise a family, horde some gold, dodge tendrils of death.
  6. Thank you! Erm....so much content to choose from. I like the amusing banter between Matt and ...well anyone. Perrin defending the two rivers was awesome. Rand getting over his teenage angst was also nice to see, especially when he used his new found kindness to rip a few legions of trollocs a new one. I'm afraid i havent visited any of the Cons, I keep meaning to go to Hogswatch in Wincanton...every year, but i never get around to it which is silly because it coincides with my birthday! Well thank you, I play all sorts of games. Minecraft, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Fallout, Platform Games....Anything! no MMORPG's though oddly enough, I don't like paying for a game, then paying again to play it... :) Just though i would mention that when i went onto the "Social Networking" side of the main site it said i was logged in as someone else. I've attached an little screenshot - just thought I would raise it.
  7. Hey guys, Well i started reading the Wheel of time around Three months ago...and now i've been through the series twice... Its my new obsession - taking over from Discworld for the time being. I havent joined a forum in a very long time, Darn you facebook *shakes fist* but i thought i would give a new one a try. My Name is Luke and I live in the Lake District in the United Kingdom. I'm a 23 year old Web Developer who likes Fantasy and Gaming - I'm the full geeky package :P Hope to meet some interesting people on the slopes of Dragonmount :).
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