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  1. I sadly have to admit my prediction (at the same time my worst nightmare) has come true. Epilogue is shallow and not in WoT spirit (not epic). I'm a little bit disappointed because almost all chapters in the series are written better and more detailed. Beside that I only guessed true Lan will survive.
  2. The saddest moment is when I realized I actually read this book and there are no more chapters.
  3. Although I like most of the aMoL, I think the end is rushed. We didn't see Elayne's reaction to Gawyn's death nor some meeting between Rand, Perrin and Met. It's OK if it's done like that on purpose in order to leave us imagine those scenes, but I believe it would be more in WoT spirit if there was a scene or two more with details. I guess Perrin's situation is most detailed and it's obvious that some more scenes are missing. Now here's a suggestion - The Lord of the Rings has some additional chapters which detail party members more (what happened to them after the main story) and some situations, so WoT would need couple of more chapters like that. PLEASE WRITE ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS which explain what happens next with some of the caracters. If you care about your fans you would do this.
  4. Androl and Pevara were jokers in the Light's deck.
  5. Egwene had a glorious death. A really glorious death. Sometimes she irritated me by acting motherly to THE BOYS, but when she confronted Elaida she earned my respect and she held it till her last breathe.
  6. "But the saddest, I think, was how the story of Mat ended. Imagine what the future holds, the way it ended. Mat becomes a fat drunk, who probably cheats on Tuon because she doesn;t love him, he becomes worthless because there are no battles to fight and he is rich so no use gambling, Plus he will eventually be killed, probably by her own assassins and.....well, it was just sad thinking how everyone else had a bright future ahead except him." I don't think he will end up badly. Remember the scene when he says to Artur Hawkwing to go to Fortuona to meet her and to say that he sent him. I guess being a friend with Artur Hawkwing means something for the SEanschan.:)
  7. Davram and Deira Bashere because they were said to be darkfriends. That scene when Deira steps beside Davram when he is being accused of being a darkfriend is really strong. They died to wash their names.
  8. Sadly I say I've just finished the book. I'm rather sad right now because it has ended, but I keep repeating to myself all things must end someday. I'm very grateful to both authors for giving their best to complete this astonishing saga. They are modern day skalds.
  9. I believe Fain is going to kill one of the Forsaken during T.G. OR he will stand between Dark One and Rand and he is going to be killed by one of them.
  10. Both him and his son, Dain, are good people deep inside. Dain killed Jaret Biar when he attempted to kill Perrin whom he blamed for he death of his father Geofram. HOWEVER being a Whitecloack is for shallow-minded people. So, Geofram and Dain are basically good shallow-minded people.
  11. Hm? I'm not sure. In Slavic mythology there isn't Last Battle, as in Nordic mythology is "Ragnarok". You're right about Thor and Perun. While Thor wields a hammer, Perun wields an axe, but I'm not sure about more similarities with Perrin.
  12. Do you have any idea how many people are there in the world? Maybe 3-4.000.000? And how many trollocs? Couple of millions too? I know this is irrelevant for the story but I want to know if there's info on that. I just want to know it because of the whole picture I have in my head. I was wondering about this after waves and waves of killed trollocs in various situations.
  13. I think Asunawa was crazed by power and his beliefs just like Masema was. They were no real DF's but some kind of "fanatics of light" which is almost the same as being a DF. You torture and kill people in the name of the Light - in my opinion you're a friend of the Dark. Agreed, its something that transfers over the real world. Sad but true. A good writer knows how to create good characters with implemented characteristics from "real life." there are no totally good and totally bad persons. Good and evil are inside all of us, and it just depends on ones personality which one will dominate.
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