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  1. Yes, I think it's possible that Gaidal Cain likely is the baby saved by Logain and co. Or, the only other possiblity I can think of is the toddler Nyn healed on the streets of Bandar Eban at night.
  2. I wasn't aware of all the RJ quotes on the subject. Still, to me it makes the most sense. If not the creator, than as the majority of voters feel, an avatar thereof. Now we could get into a philosophical discussion about the nature of avatars and whether they consitute intervention by the creator, but there would likely be no consensus on it. Personally I feel an avatar is as good as the creator in that they are fulfilling the creators wishes. What about the entity that spoke to Rand during the finale in tEotW? Again, I'm not completely up to speed on interviews etc, but I th
  3. I seems obvious to me that she was the creator. She provided guidance to Avienda in the form of causing her to question her assumptions about the Aiel's future, in preparation for what she would see in Rheudian, thus allowing her to work towards a positive future for the Aiel. She helped Rand switch bodies. After all the crap he went through, the creator was there to help him out. Any attempt at mystery from team Jordan is merely a tool to keep the fans engaged and talking.
  4. I've lurked on dragonmount for years, for all the various WOT news, release dates etc. I've often thought of registering but haven't because I've never really thought I've anything to say. News of this release date has finally done it though. I've been reading the series (like a lot of people) for over half my life now. I started in 1992 and have eagerly awaited every book ever since. It is by far my favourite set of books, and I’ve been listening to the audio versions over and over again on the way to and from work for years. I never get sick of it, and I know it back to front.
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