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  1. Another reason that I doubt my own theories is that I don't have the books on hand and I'm going on memories of what I've read up to two years before this point. My guess is that my attention to detail on certain long chapters waned, and I combined some chapters like the Rhuidean scene and the Portal Stone scene. I think that the "I Win Again Lews Therin" line kept repeating itself while I was thinking of Rhuidean. Sorry about that. But, just out of curiosity, does it ever outright say that there have been no Dragons between Rand and Lews Therin? Or does it keep quoting dates and referencing the breaking and gives Aes Sedai side steps? Also, in the Portal Stone scene, is that actually the DO talking to each of the possible Rands, and that's what "our" Rand is hearing, or is it an imagined response from "our" Rand? And as my last off topic question (I'm allowed to, as I thought of the original, lol) As I understood, there is only one DO that is in all of the possible realities. If he dies in one, he dies in all, and vice versa. So, is there not MANY possibilities where DO wins? Does that mean that TG is destined to only be locked away DO again? And if Rand has a chance at winning, does that not render the Portal Stone scene, and the DO wins, rather null?
  2. The women over men issue began after (or during) the breaking. How did you expect the women to feel? Chummy with men, what with the wars and upheaval? No, they were pissed, and that has slowly settled into mild superiority. Remove that and it just makes the breaking seem to have no social consequences, which would be unrealistic. Plus no Red Ajah, no Cadsuane, and other plot points undone as well, including the kidnapping of Rand. A complete rewrite featuring just the men (or less of the women) wouldn't be worth it in my opinion (maybe less of SOME of the women... *Cough* Faile *Cough, cough*)
  3. Weren't there many other dragons in between? Or was the Rhuidean Time Jump just showing other "worlds" like the portal stones? Like other possiblities. I'm referring to the long chapter where you keep seeing "I win again, Lews Therin" from the DO.
  4. Can someone point me to the Mercedes Crest? Book? Chapter? Page? A quote? Peaked my interest, cause I've never thought to connect our specific world to it, just a similar one. Like the immense glass buildings that I heard about somewhere in the series while Rand is in the Waste, somewhere in, or near, Rhuidean (sp?).
  5. If he was being pulled in and out of Tel'aran'rhiod could it be that while resting, he would "step in" at one location and unconsciously "step out" in another? If he was a little off his mental game at that time, could it be that each morning he just didn't notice the variation in surroundings? Or thought it was another trick of his adversary?
  6. While "guesting" the forums, I had a thought. I'm not quite sure if this is a repost or not as I can't possibly read everything on the forums in a night. So sorry if it is. Seriously. There are numerous occasions where Lews Therin asks for release from the voice within HIS mind. This leads to the question, "Does LT think that Rand's mind is his own, or is it possible that the 'Wheel' is allowing some overlap between times and both characters hear each other's thoughts between times?" Is this a telepathic link that connects similar souls between times? If the link between times explaination is true why can't Rand hear the other dragons thoughts? Those after Lews, but before himself? Lews apparently can't hear them either because he only refers to one voice. Can it be that the two are set apart? Lews being the first Dragon and Rand being the last? Meaning a final change in the wheels overall structure? Or, as its 5 AM, did I miss something in the books that rips this idea to threads?
  7. That actually fits rather nicely, considering all the guess work done here. If its not the real answer, it good enough for conversation's sake.
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