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  1. Sorry, but Where does it say Luc(who is Isam) is Rand's relative, which would make Lan is relative too. And where do you get that Galad is his relative also. That would make them all family. If you see this please tell me what books you read =P unless you have some unseen meaning by what you mean
  2. I haven't been on here in awhile and I didn't feel like reading all 187 pages, but has anyone considered Dashiva(Osan'gar)? He was not dead(Correct me if I'm wrong here, It's been about a year since I read through the first time, and I just finished reading 1-4, so I haven't came to the part where Asmo is murdered, yet. I can't remember if aran and osan are reborn as they are yet). But anywho, He was not dead(as Osan'gar) but not with Rand as Dashiva(I don't think, again correct me if I'm wrong.) So couldn't it be a possibility that he done it himself?
  3. You hope he dies? lol Explain? I think I might know why you say that just want to see what you say =P
  4. Yeah Lan is my favorite character also. I agree with that he will rally the borderlands to him. I just wonder if the Malkier that are in the borderlands are as great of warriors as the one's that fell with Malkier and the one's that raised Lan, my guess is not all of them but the heart it will give everyone seeing the Malkieri united under the Golden Crane once again will be unlike anything since the Aiel uniting under Rand
  5. Don't you think if they were to talk to her enough, that they could talk about what she said about Graendal. Even if Rand isn't going mad, they could try and see if Lew Therin being in his head was meant to be or just Rand going crazy.
  6. Well this is just a random thought I've had ever since I finished KoD. When I say random, I mean random like; How much of the population in the Borderlands have a Malkieri heritage. Will they all react like Aldragoran, Gorenellin, and Managan did? If Lan were to get a sizable force, do you think he would tell blacksmiths how to craft the traditional Malkieri armor. What kind of impact will it have on the shadow when they see the flag flying and an army behind it. I know there is no way to assume until Lan is mentioned in MoL, but it's just something I think about sometimes. I just wanted to see some of your thought's on this
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