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  1. Well, Waldo- er, Demandred had been waiting there since the early books in complete secret, even from the other forsaken, it's easy to say why he has such a big army. He was pretty much able to do whatever he wanted without the other forsaken knowing, I think.
  2. It was a good book, but I wish it had added some more information about some of the other characters. Guess I'll have to wait for the Encyclopedia.
  3. I had thought about it as well, but in my opinion, he would have talked more about the nature, or more about the stump. Maybe: "And the trees darkened black and they grass died brown, but we continued forward..." I'm not good at predicting lines. I'm so sorry.
  4. Probably Perrin, Rand is very sure he's going to die, and it sounds like something Perrin would says anyways. Faile turns out to be pregnant?
  5. "Humankind did not have days remaining, but hours." Egwene's thought before she confronts Rand at the FoM, believing if the DO is freed, the world explodes?
  6. Aren't the Aiel wise ones who get collared Shaido, who the rest of the Aiel believe to have no honor? I don't see why they (Aiel) want the wise ones to be free, On the alternative, wouldn't the Aiel believe the Shaido wise ones were meeting their Toh? Maybe I missed some things, sorry.
  7. 'Now, Al'ghol! now, Ahf'frait! now, Ghar'gheal and Ghob'hlin! On, Gho'hlem! on, Ko'bal! on, Dha'vol and Ghraem'lan! To the lands of the south! Past the Borderlands' wall!' I laughed until I sobbed, this is amazing.
  8. Nyneave will never die. EVER Seriously, though, I think she just needs to bring back Rand (Rand Resurrection theory), and try to heal the 'wounds' after the LB. I don't see how her death would affect anything, save an emotional traumatized Lan and Mat.
  9. And TWoD is a different world entirely, so maybe Rand/LT, like the Hunters, will be there until incarnated when the world needs him most. Maybe that's what the goodbye was for, realizing he won't be back if he closes the bore? I've only read the series for two years now, and have read more posts than I posted by far, so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Love Perrin. Hate Faile. I love how nobody said Cadsuane, Luckers is gonna get frustrated. But Bela is definitely my favorite character, probably the most active throughout the series, as well as the most determined. Edit: Everyone except Haga, my bad.
  11. Crossroads of Twilight could have been better. If something happened. I like Perrin as a Character. I think he's the wolf king and the Steward of the Two Rivers. I do not like it when he embarks on a 1,000 page quest to save his wife, with repetitive methods.
  12. Yeah, won't the encyclopedia come out Spring 2014? Until then, the Wheel of Time lives on!
  13. About 90% of CoT. The series is great, but that book in particular...
  14. Yeah, I can totally see that from the way you present your arguments in the book discussion forums. For me: You belong to the Gray Ajah! The Gray Ajah seeks to end conflicts by mediation and reaching consensus. They have a strong sense of justice and are knowledgeable about laws and rules. Being skilled negotiators, they understand the value of compromise, and are experts at reaching agreements. It is said that members of this Ajah believe that any problem can be solved by talking long enough about it. This is your result in its entirety: Gray Ajah: 8 Yellow Ajah: 5 Green Ajah: 5 Brown Ajah: 3 Blue Ajah: 3 White Ajah: 1 Red Ajah: 0 Of all 423 times I expected more Brown and less Yellow, but I think I know which two questions skewed the results. A fun test! Gray Ajah: 8 White Ajah: 4 Green Ajah: 4 Brown Ajah: 3 Blue Ajah: 3 Red Ajah: 3 Yellow Ajah: 1 Gray ajah ftw.
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