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  1. "She folds her arms beneath her breast". Remove that phrase from the book and you would lose one book worth or writing =p
  2. Wasnt that boldly spelled out by the Author which is as good as being spelled out in the book?
  3. Well Rand and Perrin maybe heroes, But in the books the word hero is tied to Mats story all over the place. You get the first hint when Siun mentioned he is just like her uncle who died in a fire saving people. He constantly says heroes do this or that and he isnt a hero but he does it all the same. Hell one of the chapters about him is called "hero in the night". Thom tells his tales painting him the hero, his adventures are known and probably will be sung about (Prince of ravens, Lord of luck blah blah). How many damsels has he rescued braving impregnable fortresses, Legendary towers 6 story
  4. Each Taveren in the book tends to have a theme. Rand would be the Chosen one or the Matyr or a blend of that or even the conqueror (Rand is shown conquering kingdoms, Collecting incurable wounds and fated to die and save/break the world) Mat would be the Hero (its been referenced so much, also how many Damsels has he rescued [Egwene,Elyane,Nyneve,Aludra and Moraine]) Perrin would be the Leader, Lord, Beloved by the people (awww look at the cute little puppy) Each has their own skills like, Great general, Wolf Brother and Superman and each leads armies, But how they got there a
  5. An untrained man with a sword is more likely to cut himself than cut his opponent. Between 2 untrained men..the man with the stick has a better chance of winning due to reach and the fact that he will not cut himself if he hits himself with his stick. Perhaps you are confusing untrained with retarded. 2 untrained people 1 with spear and 1 with sword saying the spear wielder must win is hilarious. Ill take the opposite stance the wielder would win. The spear wielder doesnt have to skill to kill his opponent at optimal spear range and is stuck having to defend against a non retar
  6. maybe he is the wizard that did it.
  7. i never said that. I said you would never seen gawyn giving allegience alongside his own troops to some fool like perrin. as for the second bit of your answer, you also forgot she's sexy, attractive, powerful, stubborn, and million other things. I too would have become a doormat to her No one should be a doormat for anyone else the fact that you are will well maybe you romanticized it abit, But being a doormat for someone would bound to wear thin after awhile. Sure I guess some people may like it having someone else take take control of your life leaving you with no need to make ch
  8. Doh I keep putting that I in his name its like automatic for me and I end up have to edit it all the time.
  9. I will be stepped on by a elephant while making love to triplicate cheerleaders.
  10. Could that mean Oliver is the reason Mat has the dark ones luck?
  11. That is cause your heart is out of balance my friend search deep within your self to find that balance.
  12. Maybe its cause they are assassins sure a bloodknife is a demon in combat with enchanced strength/speed etc and could beat most people in a fight but normally you just dont see them coming. When a bloodknife is after you die without knowing the fight has started lol (Back Stab for 20d6) =p. They are good but not the best in open combat. Like the age old Ninja vs Samurai debate: In open combat a ninja would probably lose to a fully armed and armored Samurai, But how often would that happen the sneaky bastard would kill him in his sleep. This is just a theory thats all.
  13. Olver is the creator! and its all one big game to him. You can think of the trip to the tower was like a mini game with Mat and Co being his pieces. Its no wonder Mat is always hearing dice as he is the taveren that's closest to the creator playing his eternal game of life. =p
  14. There is room enough for all in this world. Isnt the AS symbol all about that ying/yang little darkness in like and alittle light in darkness and it is all balanced out.
  15. Im sorry how is having abunch of people with sticks pointed in the air going to be "Pretty good defense against arrows". Also same could be said with a sword give any moron with 2 hands a sword and they can kill another man. Honestly give a untrained man a spear and another a sword and I wouldnt bet on one side definately beating the other same goes for trained people too.
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