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  1. Why wouldn't you wan't to use a Katana from horseback? Samurai usually went to battle on horseback. The weapon most like katana in europe, the swedish saber, was made for use from horseback. I would probably prefer a blade like that if I were on horseback.
  2. In ToM Moridin listens to the DO, why can't he talk to him? Greandal wasn't giving complete access to the TP, so maybe Ishy wasn't either. DO is distrusting enough to hold out on some power as something for Ishy to have to earn. It doesn't seem off to me.
  3. From what I understand, the edges look much like the elevator. But the rotation, I think, is inside the gate. Imagine taking a large 7' by 5' picture in front of you, sideways, so that it looks like a line. Then rotate it so that it is facing you. For a moment the image will be horizontally compressed until it faces you. I think that is what it looks like, so it feels like it's rotating, even thought it's not.
  4. Nynaeve and Egwene's faults are the same. Nynaeves are so exaggerated that we laugh. Because Egwene's aren't that exaggerated we take them seriously and are horribly offended.
  5. You probably didn't bother to read the rest of the evidence, did you? This person just asked what she had done to further the Shadow's cause. You couldn't list so much for even Sheriam. The rest of the evidence is in a post I linked upthread. And it's only 'weak' evidence if you have a weak mind. Actually I read every post, and all links. Assumption is the sign of a weak mind, by the way. And I was saying that what they are listing as "helping the shadows cause".... isn't. It was simply a wise and wary women making wise and wary choices to protect the Aiel and the chief of chiefs. The o
  6. It takes a few acres of farm land to support ONE heavy cavalrymen, count the thousands, and then realize that still more land is needed for civilians, and all the infrastructure needed to suport the farmers (ranchers, black-smiths, weevers, tinkers, Coopers, Wagon-writes, minters, miners, smelters, Charcoal makers, wood cutters, Brick makers, Brick layers, masons, ship wrights, sailors, etc...), and, in circular fashion, enough farmers and farmland to support them.... you shouldn't be so surprised to believe that there are LOTS of people in Randland. A few hundred Million may be high.... or it
  7. I would then hunt down BS and put an end to fans hopes of another Stormlight book.
  8. My guess is that RJ picked a basic location, northern Shainar and closish to the Gap, and BS found it strange to tell Egwyne to meet him without giving her an exact location. So he just made up a likely sounding name, FoM, for an otherwise insignificant location.
  9. Yeah, and not only that, it's the sort of foreshadowing RJ loves. And everything fits. One thing I mentioned is that she was very instrumental in leading the Wise Ones to break custom and use the Power at Dumai's Wells, and before then with Aviendha at the Battle of Cairhien. Dumai's Wells was particularly important because she had a long, drawn-out battle for control with Amys on the issue. Why is this important for the Shadow? As we saw with the Shaido, after their break with the other clans on the issue of the Car'a'carn, they started dropping customs like hot potatoes. Since ji'e'toh
  10. See BS's quote above. I doubt it dies of starvation after a few minutes... The concept of "falling through a gateway" or "falling endlessly" once inside a skimming gateway implies gravity and thus a great mass somewhere within that space and below the point of origin. There's also air to breathe while skimming. So whatever the area between the originating gate and the terminating gate is, it is not totally outside space/time. Laws of Physics do still hold. Though it's been a hard-and-fast rule that no Channeler can levitate or fly, what is transport via "skimming" except flight?
  11. If women try to travel the way men do (boring a hole) they are sucked out of the pattern. Purhaps the TP allows them to step out of the pattern and survive. I think this is how one travels with the TP.
  12. Again I ask, give us proof of where Gawyn is shown to the better fighter. Galad beat Valda and single handedly destroyed the mob in Somara coming out unscathed. On top of that we have all of the characters who says he is better, we are told he learns faster and is more skilled and we have him faring better in two objective results. Now for Gawyn we have no idea how he defeated Hammar and Coulin and he came close to being killed against the Bloodknives a fight in which Brandon said he was "luckier than he thinks". You keep saying the authors show Gawyn to be better. Well prove it. Ace.
  13. LOL...great question! But, IDK...I'm not even a citizen of the US, so I guess I wouldn't even be qualified to answer it, though. Thanks, though you also make a great point, IMO. I understand that Logain and his charges were wrong to have bonded sisters against their will but, I agree 100% w/you: other than bonding Asha'man as Warders, the Aes Sedai are overlooking the potentials of the balance that working hand in hand with the males (as equals) would provide for everyone concerned. Plus they have to do it, if they want to win the Last Battle, I would think. Not to mention to continue
  14. watch out guys, she'd demand to be on top! Also Aviendha, mean? I think some of you are doing Avi a disservice, it's not like she's some malevolent dominatrix She's not? I might have to change my vote now... Being serious. Elaine is out. She is just not interesting enough. Min is awesome, I really like cheeky people, and she is sex incarnate. Avienda is just amazing, and you know she has an amazing body (if you like lean, cut women), and I really like red-heads. So I'm kinda lost. But I'm slightly leaning towards Min..... by a hairs breadth.
  15. Or it could be "The Dragon kneels before the Crystal Throne to bind the nine moons to him." Except doesn't it say the he will bind the nine moons to him to serve him (paraphrase)?
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