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  1. No no no i am staying to prove you wrong Empy remeber.
  2. They were saying something on Larry King about him investgating underground/secret martial arts soicites or something along those lines. I also dont buy for a second that he killed himself.
  3. Well i shall have to strive to make myself more interesting then a lunch somehow.
  4. Cool i hope to mkae it over that way for at least a visit at some point in my life but lord knows when that will be. Got to make it to North Carolina for my wife first though.
  5. Nope dont know you either but as i can see you are a Wolfkin we will get along just fine.
  6. WOW sweet and congrats all at the same time! So how u likig it on the other side of the pond? I always aid if i moved somewhere that far i wanted to move to scottland.
  7. Yes i read that well u deserve the break but i meant more non DM related life lol. For example my son will b 3 the lastday of august, the wife is in Nursing 2 and i am currently looking for a job (although i am 90% sure i have something). Oh and this wednesday we will have been married for 3 years!
  8. Lilliath!!! *pounce hug* Long time no see eh...Lord what was it DCon many moons agao wasnt it?
  9. *sniffles* That hurts right to the heart. :-[ j/k So hows u been Kat.
  10. its been a while but i figured i missed you all so i would drop back by again and stick around for a while. Plus i miss messing with Empy and that is just something that is hard to give up kinda like crack. Anyway I remeber some names and hope they remeber me as well considering a met them at DCon and in Chicago ( i am looking at you Sergent and Kat and Ben and Mattalian as well of course).
  11. Good to see things come full circle. I remeber when the boards all moved away from each other and everyone was mad about that. Also good to see things have not changed much over the years.
  12. *chuckles* Ah yes the Plaid how i remeber that time. Seems i recall kat coming and trying to take Darks place and he went to the Tower as well for a while. Took a while to get ride of all the pudding from the Stedding no less.
  13. Ah yes but did you get to sit in the back of a cop car to meet them? You only get to do that when we go to do something apparently.
  14. I am impressed you remebered my real name but not my other one. Oh and of course that was the PERFECT way to meet you for the first time. I think one of us even meantioned something to that effect when we came you get you even.
  15. Oh Lord first time i joined had to be back in late 99 early 2000. It was when we moved from Bravenet boards to the ones Mazzy built i think it was.
  16. and see how you all were holding up. Seems either i cant remeber the pass i used with my old name Nighteyes or someone liked me so much they took my name with the new look the site seems to have. But either way this is the original Nighteyes.
  17. I did a search on AOL for WHeel of Time stuff and i ended up here. Went into some java chat and met a bunch of crazy people named Rune and Jae and Mike. For soem reason i decided to stick around and met even more crazy people named Emp, Justen Diablos, Turi, Mazzy, Persy, The Don, Seggy, Kat Darks, and many many many more and yet still for some odd reason i stuck around and even met almost all of them in person a few times.
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