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  1. I don't think Brandon hated Egwene. He has been on record stating that Egwene's death was the hardest on him. I hated that Egwene died but what was worse for me was the fact that she didn't get the same send off that Rand did (even though he didn't actually die). There wasn't anything with Elayne, Aviendha or Min mourning Egwene. But the thing is that I don't think Brandon did this out of any dislike for Egwene but simply because he ran out of time and pages. There were too many things left unsaid. Although, I really enjoyed Androl and Pevara's side plot, I don't understand why they were given so many pages when some of it could have been spent on closure for the main characters given that this was the last book in the series.
  2. Of course I don't know any of them personally and I took Brandon and Team Jordan's word on it. I read the twitter answers and there didn't seem to be any ambiguity in what they said with regards to the Epilogue. This is what I found from theory land where they compiled few of the question answer sessions - JAMES STARKE Robert Jordan wrote the entire epilogue. BRANDON SANDERSON Almost all. There were a few small inserts by me. Perrin was mine in the epilogue. MIKE COX I would like to know, how much of the last chapter was written by RJ and how much did you do? BRANDON SANDERSON I did Perrin and some of the in-between writing with Loial. RJ did Mat, Rand, scene exiting the mountain, and others. BRANDON SANDERSON There are places where I tweaked bits, per editing, and places where I slipped in things he'd written to my sequences. ----------------- I gather from the above that Tam's funeral scene was not edited by Brandon and therefore Egwene's death was intended by RJ. Of course I can't know anything for certain but this is what I inferred.
  3. Uhmm what? You mean aside from giving Rand the crucial piece of information needed to defeat the DO? RJ wouldn't have made that decision based on negative feedback from the fans. Further as stated Brandon added a number pieces beyond those you mention to the epilogue as well, so your point above is moot. Yes Min did help Rand with the info. Like I said, she is likable but from a character development point of view there was hardly any time spent on her. Faile had more character development with her time at the Shaido camp. Min has always been in the background and pretty much constant. This obviously doesn't make her expendable but if he had to kill someone Min would have been less of a waste compared to someone like Egwene who went through a lot of hardship in the last 3 books at least. As for the Epilogue, Brandon and Team Jordan have specifically said with no ambiguity that almost all of the epilogue was written by RJ except perrin and Loial's POV that Brandon wrote. I am sure RJ would have at least written Tam's POV at Rand's funeral and in there Tam mentions Egwene. I refuse to believe that RJ tried to paint Egwene in a negative light all along just so that he could kill her off in the end. If this was the case, he definitely failed since she doesn't come off as that negative at all especially with all her achievements in the last few books.
  4. RJ definitely intended Egwene's death since Tam mention's Egwene as well. - "The Aes Sedai were planning an elaborate memorial for Egwene; Tam preferred a quiet affair for his son." There are too many references to Egwene's death in the Epilogue which everyone said that RJ wrote except for perrin's and Loial's POV.
  5. If that was true, it clearly didn't work on me. She is my favourite female character throughout the series. Yes, she was annoying at times but so were Nynaeve, Elayne and Aviendha. Min was likable but she was pretty much a non entity throughout the whole series, mostly arm candy for Rand. Egwene was strong and she struggled through so much. All that hard work just to be killed in the last battle. Yes, you could say that this is the last battle and people die suddenly in war. But this is a fantasy story. I don't want a character that was developed so well throughout the series to be discarded at the end, especially one with so much potential for good. I really expected Min to die. She can see other people's future but not her own. She hardly did anything throughout the series and would have been okay dying. Killing Egwene off was pointless and may have been decided by RJ based on negative feedback from fans. He clearly wrote the end with egwene's funeral being mentioned in the epilogue and did intend her to die. I just think it was sad and pointless and I'm really disappointed.
  6. Well damn me for not reading right...thanks. Sorry. I'm just re reading WoT after a long time and came across this since I seemed to have passed over it without paying much attention the first time I read it. I understand why missed it as well because Sorilea teaching Cadsuance was in Path of Daggers where as Egwene teaching the wise ones is mentioned in Winter's Heart prologue which is the book after Path of Daggers. Understandable that you would miss it like me if you were reading it in the right order. :)
  7. macaroni wrote macaroni, Sulin was in the wrong place? I completely missed that !!!
  8. Wow. I wouldnt mind another 10 books in the series. Sadly, that isn't going to happen. I still don't understand how theres just going to be one more book. There seems to be so many things to tie up, one book doesn't seem enough.
  9. I know this is a year late but I just read ToM. I've been searching the Internet for an explanation of the chapter as soon as i finished it and this explanation is exactly the same thoughts I had about it. Either Brandon screwed up or Aviendha mistook her fears for a foretelling.
  10. I'm a little confused about the timeline, Aviendha's daughter and Rhuarcs son are not that old. The wise ones and aes sedai are meant to live for 100s of years even with the oath rod for the aes sedai, so how come no one from the main story line is alive? Even if everyone else died at TG, at least Aviendha and Elayne must have survived the last battle in order to give birth. I doubt the last battle happens after they give birth.... That would be too long. Everything points to the last battle being impending, maybe a couple of months max. So the ter angreal visions don't take into account Aviendha's and Elaynes longevity. I would have thought Elayne would still be queen when Aviendha's grand daughter visits Caemlyn. As sad as the story was, I think Sanderson may have messed up the timing a little bit?
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