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  1. Lanfears serve and die, but serve still could mean some continued connection in the dream world, or something Rand sets in motion contines (or triggered by) after his "death" that aids her in some way.
  2. I have long hoped Nyneave and Lan were, tied to each other, but in this life their path was to be more hidden, protecting/aiding fate, while protected as maybe failsafes by not being on foretellings. I wonder if her block could have help hide her soul from being know, otherwise Moggys knowing who Brigette was in tAoL is problematic. I have so many ffic ideas about this....arches that make her remember who she is, peace to plan her/Lans death, not ok with her living if he doesn't, I see the Queen of Manatherns end more likely (their most recent life?). I always wondered if there are ages w/o channeling. Also maybe hoh channlers are more common in some ages, or plan different kinds of roles, not just battles, so in this age not as recognized. As to Mat...his strength comes in part from other souls, weakens his canidacy imo.
  3. Portal stone time travel accident? Some character is in time twice, hidden so as not to tear the fabric of time apart, yet they can do what their past self (ahead in linear time) knows has jappened. Dissapearances all organized by one for a time yet to come.
  4. Oh, why can't Moraine/Suian their husbands..and eachother :)
  5. Back when Mat and Nyneave were first interacting, I loced that though Rand hadn't mentioned Nyn, Mat was clear on including her. Instead of the toh bit, wish they'd had a talk just them, she wouldnt apologize b/c wouldn't encourage him to risk himself for her, showdown on respect/choices to risk eventually have to be both ways, would have loved an understanding (slowly gained) even with humourous annoyance still there. Part of that tho, would have been funny if came out Mat's issues started from once having a crush on her, Nyn would be lost, lol. Don't want them, but funny if an awkward onesided past tense bit came out, back in book 7(?)
  6. I haven't finished reading the last couple. I always loved Nyneave, though the whole her traveling with Elyane bit pre-Salidar did get tasking, but for me the book was amplified on the painful reading factor by the fact I couldn't stand how Egwene developed with the Wise Ones, and how she ended up treating Nyneave I just felt pain for the girl all the more, she was trying to fight for the light with everything she had, and less personal/power motives than most. Yeah, Nyneave had/has some things to work on, but the way Egwene went about things, SHE was the one breaking a full oath, and the whole first scene she was riding on Nyneave, Nyn was actually trying to be honest, even when it hurt, but Egwene....if she ever thought of Nyn as a friend, to do that to the woman who saved her, and was who she would ask to stay with her when she was afraid, etc. would take a lot for me to forgive her, and sounds like doesn't happen. Then throw in some other things with Brigette saying she'd drive Nyneave away, Luca, not all her fault (then we have to add in snoring, cooking, lol, ouch!), whatever Nyn had to work on, so much other stuff going on to her, I had to take a few breaks through that book. Anyways, from the sounds of it, Nyneave gets even better, yay, and Egwene worse, ugh. And now Gawyn is bad? Oi, with the Eqwene/Gawyn....thinking there might be a good bit I'd wish I could skip. Eylane I'm neutral on, Faile too so far...but I could see where it could go bad. Moraine I like, but mostly through seeing some other sides of her via Lan, otherwise I wouldn't, and with my love of Nyneave...I'm hoping there will be some great resolution there, I think if Nyneave ever got inside Moraine's head, they could really understand each other a lot better. Some of the other names people mention...they're too minor (perhaps just a "so far" issue) for me to worry. Smaller characters, even if evil, or flat, or whatever, they aren't around enough, especially in terms of having POV chapters, never gets to a hate level for me, overall, variety keeps me interested...which sometimes the lack there of with the girls-Egwene, Elyane and even Avi, at first more of an issue.
  7. I just had to respond that I have long held the fantasy that Nyn&Lan were HOH, with Mantheren their last life. And feeling a connection to her, though not knowing why (power of the wheel/creator, etc.) is what originally pulled Bridgette. I hoped that her block would somehow have long hidden her true potential, and she ended up strongest again. If Lan dies...I could see her burning out like the Queen of Manethern, I can't stand it if only one would, and then Rand, in his "end/near end" sees something to know them a HoH. I'd rather they were HoH and lived...but it's just funny that this random thought of mine as them being the last King & Queen of Manethern was felt elsewhere. Just odd and funny. I really would like to see her have some battles beyond what's expected, maybe not with Rand for some reason (she's elsewhere when he has to go to the bore), and she and Lan come in fighting around Rand/Moraine/whoever he's bonded with, just something different.
  8. Of all mains, I can actually see this one. However, I admit to two things: I haven't finished the last couple of books, and I haven't like Egwene since she split off from Nyneave/Elyane and was being a worse hypocrite than Nyneave, breaking her oath to the Wise Ones, and being cruel to her "friends" to cover it up. I know Nyneave isn't always right, lol, but she beats herself up a lot too. Overall the book where Bridgette got torn out and Nyneave in that section was the most painful book for me to read, with Egwene in the mix too, so I may be extra sensitive, but oi, I haven't felt for her in ages. But I don't "hate" her so much that I wouldn't mind some redemption, or glory...or nothing either. I wouldn't mind some realistic meaningless deaths...or it coming out of her own fault regardless of well meant, after seeing inside her mind, enjoying seeing Nyneave so she could intentionally "play" with her and overpower her, very very hard to come back from something like that. So I can be bias...but really, I could see it.
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