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  1. this might be crazy but i think Gilad might be a channeler concidering his geneology it is more likely for hime then most people
  2. the three oaths 1.To speak no word that is not true 2.To make no weapon with which one man may kill another 3.Never to use the One Power as a weapon except against Darkfriends or Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme defense of her life, the life of her Warder or another Aes Sedai with oath #3 how are the red adja able to capture and still male channelers, and how is the white tower able to carryout stilling as a punishment to sisters like Siuan, also how was Elida able to beat Moirane in new spring
  3. in new spring chapter 7 Moirane says the green havent fought the shadow since the trolloc wars but it did imply they were involed in other causes indirectly through there warders. The second part of the that seemed odd to me. what other causes would they fight for.
  4. I love this thread. Lukers got a ton of wonderful info and insite into the White Tower. Reading The wheele of time i got to a point where i started to realize the contradictions in what the white tower aies sedai were said to be and what they really were. I almost felt like RJ's world was unraveling with contradictions. I began to reconcile it when reading TGS seeing how infultrated the tower was by the black adja & they caused the decay, but reading this thread and pondering the subject i realize that RJ seems to have created the white tower based on many historical institutions taken down by there own hubris. Now i think that the Hubris is what caused the dacay and alowed the black adja to run amuck
  5. I have herd on 4th age podcast (a podcast recorded well before ToM) refer to a crazy theory that they might be related, theory seems to go that trolocs might have been created using Finn among other stuff. This might be the cause of there violent reaction if a question to them touches on the shadow. This is all theory no confirmation on it yet.
  6. perhaps that philosopher, i can remember the name but he was the one who wrote Min was too distracting, we was dead. he seemed to know much about the bore and the AoL. this is just speculation. ( i hope his murder is explained in MoL)
  7. I Would live in any steading. The Ogeir would make nice neighbors
  8. I dont remember exactly where it is but in some part it say Ishamael (Moridin)surmised that as the wheel of time turns over and over and over that DO will eventualy win, it is simple odds and a win for DO is the final win no more wheel of time age lace pattern ... Ishamael just wants to be on the winning side, and it gives him icreadible power as the wheel turns in the mean time.
  9. Luker's comments on ratio of domani to suldam was good work of deduction. I would push it a step further with Tar Valon, in that it being so close to the white tower that few women with the spark or men for that mater get past the attention of the tower, breading out channeling even more for that location. so perhaps even fewer and few are born in Tar Valon or any major city where the aes sedai are present. The only problem is the amount of trainable channeler, I thought that the sisters could see both with the spark and trainables, or is testing trainables more involed?
  10. "The Lost Tools of Learning" by Saine Tarasind (Mesaana)
  11. Thanks Suttree that really clarified so much, I need to read the interviews, so much information there. anyone have any insight into the Tinkers. Does the way of the Leaf have relevance in a world where the dark one myrdral and trolloc exists. Non violence ethical systems exist in our world but we have only humans to deal with.
  12. I just finished The Tower of Midnight and I have been pondering what will happen in the final book, and I think much of it will have to do with some of the themes of good, evil and morality found in the series so far. I am just making this thread for people to talk Good Evil and Morality in the series and how it might influence the ending The series is interesting in how it has pure evil incarnate and complex moral conundrums that many characters face. I will start it off by pointing out that the societies in WOT don't have religions institutions, no priest no temples... the closest thing to religious institutions in WoT are the children of the light and Messima with his dragon sworn. The people of the wheel do have moral codes like the white tower and the three oaths, the Aiel and Ji,eto. Tinkers and the way of the leaf. i am hoping that the tinkers are some how involved at the end, perhaps they will find the song making crops grow again. I am a little disappointed that Rand making crops grow in ToM didn't involve the song of the age of legends Aiel
  13. my 2 cents on Rand gatewaying a force to SG while the shadow is occupied with Lan at the Gap. That was "hard" Rand's plan. Light zen Rand seems to want to save Lan. On the BorderLands being overrun. We are forgeting the most compelling part of the epilogue. The trollocs using the Ways to invade Camelyn. I think the shadow's strategy is to hit the borderlands making everyone think that is where the fight will be, while sending a large force to Andor and striking out from there.
  14. short term self interest getting in the way of fighting the dark one is a theme throught the story. The sea folk are a bunch a jerks for acting the way they did but they are not much different from the nobles of Tear Cairien or Andor also the white tower factional fighting was short sighted self interest.
  15. one thing is there may also be mor cities not mentions in the book . they might be relativly small but not insignificant like Malden
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