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  1. I loved Mat's character arc in AMoL. I know some people have addressed Mat's running away from the Tarmon Gaidon, but I think the way RJ and BS progress Mat's storyline in the early part of the book, I saw it less as him running away and unconsciously/having the pattern push him towards helping Rand garnering the Seanchan's support tpwards the Last Battle. Also, I freaking loved how Mat evolved from third in command of the Seanchan military, to commander of both the Seanchan and Aes Sedai armies. Finally, to full on Last Battle commander. I had hoped for a storyline such as this for a long, long time. And it didn't disappoint. Mat has been my favorite character ever since book three when he kicked Galad and Gawyn's asses with his Quarterstaff. Especially after he had the holes in his memories filled with thousands of battle memories, this final book gave me what I have always wanted for Mat's battle genius in a full out, large scale. For a post-book theory. I think Mat having theoretically no more wars to fight, unless upon his return with Fortuona to Seanchan. He will create a game similar to modern day chess, to rival that of stones. As much as Mat loves to gamble, he also needs that thrill of a strategic battle, thus the introduction of chess to the Fourth Age.
  2. I was thinking the other day, years ago, when I first read the Wheel of Time series I listened to the Beatles Album '1' over and over again. And since then, when I hear most Beatles songs they transport me back to the world that Robert Jordan created. For the release of Towers of Midnight, created a complete anthology of all 240 songs released by the Beatles to listen to as my "new" soundtrack for future re-readings of the series. My question is: Is there any particular song(s) that similarly transport you back to the Wheel of Time series? Also, do you listen to a particular band or artist when you read the books?
  3. I would agree with the majority of people who have commented on this subject, I have always intended for him to read Eye of the World first. I guess as a part of the minority who enjoyed the background story behind Moraine and her search for the Dragon Reborn. So, my problem was as a person who enjoyed the book, assuming my friend probably might never re-read the series like a majority of us have done a multitude of times already. And with A Memory of Light being published by the time he gets that far in the series (he's a slow reader), I was trying to figure out a good place to interject that short story upon him. Going by what others have stated/done...I think I'll recommend around books 7 or 8 for him to read New Spring, I feel once he gets to Winter's Heart there should be no more interruptions in the journey to Tarmon Gai'don.
  4. That's an excellent point as well. It's a toss up, but I suppose somewhere around 5-7 would be a good spot to insert it in. I've just become so ingrained on reading the series as a whole, that my brain has melded the story as one.
  5. That's a good idea 2RiversFan, that's pretty similar to what I told my friend. But I guess for me, after it came out, after the third re-read, I usually just read it first. I might just end up having him read them in chronological (by publication) order this time.
  6. I have a friend that will shortly be reading the Wheel of Time series for the first time. As a person who's re-read the series five times, I'm having a hard time deciding when's a good time for him to read New Spring, as a first timer. Should he: a). Read it before Eye of the World? b). Wait until he's read the entire series (he won't be finished with the books until well after A Memory of Light comes out)? Or c). read the first 6-7 books, read New Spring, then finish the series? [i'm having a hard time deciding when he should read it considering, to me anyways, reading the series all the way through and then the last book he reads after Tarmon Gai'don is New Spring, just seems a little awkward]. What would you suggest would be the best place to interject New Spring for a person new to the series?
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