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  1. Hi Well done with adding the link to the photo. I don't know who he is but he could be Rand if he had red hair and had the physique. Need grey contacts too. But his face has the right amount of youth and 'pleasantness'for Rand.
  2. yes, he would fit the role. I'ev always struggled with seeing Thom as old but some how attractive enough for Elayne to flirt with and possibly Moraine to fall in love with. Sam Elliot would fit the role well.
  3. I've just looked at her and she is very beautiful. the images were not great but I could see her as Lanfear -she looked a bit cold in the pictures which is how lanfear she be - in my view. I am trying out this to see if i can do a link to the guy I think of when I am reading about mazrim Taim. Not sure if this will work. He's not in costume, which usually makes him even more Taim like but you should get the picture http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0800101/
  4. Let's not say rip off - he was heavily influenced by Anne McCaffrey and she actually gives him a great review. I don't see any resemblence to WOT, except in a very generic way. If Anne can be magnanimous(sp???) then who are we to critise a young man's first book.
  5. As with most, if you've read the book, the film never does it justice. LOTR and Schindler's List are the only films that didn't leave me feeling dissatisfied after watching them, having already read the books. Personally i think lots of things are better as mini-series. It gives you much more time to explain and you don;t have to drop characters and chapters. Also, nowadays you can 'get away' with very different TV formats. 24 hrs for example. And a lot of people wait for the DVD sets to do it all at once. My husband likes Eragon but he's no fantansy fan and hasn't ever read a b
  6. no Galina deserved it and I really enjoyed it too!
  7. I have just seen a similar and huge thread in the less general WOT discussion. Sorry for sort of repeating something, however, people are suggesting huge lists for a 'film'. I want to know when people really visualise that character as someone we see on TV/cinema. On the other postings there were a few that stood out. Angeline Joly as either Lanfear or Berelain. I;m going to toy with lanfear and see if she fits.
  8. I think she's great. I don't see her going after Perrin as Perrin centric - she does it to wind up Faile. It's a competition bwtween her and Faile not because she wants Perrin. I can't wait until MOL as Min foretells a man in white will - can't exactly remember what!!! but sure it means romance. To me that means Galad and I think Berelain and the prudish but honourable, not to mention gorgeous Galad will be a great storyline.
  9. well I've just re read all 11 and I not sure i am any the wiser. But, it does seem like someone close to Rand or Elayne must be a DF as there are some strange coincidences - sorry can't name them. Verin is highly suspect but I don't want to think she is and too many POV's seem to indicate good. I think the characters that seem slightly suspect, like verin or cadsuane have secrets that i really hope are revealed in MOL. The key characters are definitely good and you can notice that RJ gives the 'goodies' honour. So, even little things like Taim staring at Elayne's bottom, put him
  10. I could see Kevin Spacey in that role. The other one I can't shift in my mind is Dobraine. He's Julian Glover. I had to look it up and interestinly the wikipedia site had a totally inapproriate picture but then the one of him in Star Wars below which is how i see him. Well, not in that costume, he needs the powdered and shaved head. i'm not saying i get this right. Sometimes i realise that I've not read the description right and seen them as a blond when they're dark - Logain for example.
  11. I can't really order them as they change depending on when i read them. WOT LOTR Robin Hobbs - all her work so far is great. Stephen Donaldson - in particular Mordant's Need Raymond E Feist and Janny Wurts - again all of their work but in particular the daughter of the empire trilogy. I noticed a lot mention A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. I haven't read that. i checked out his website and he seems pretty amazing and i liked what he was reading so i'll put that on my christmas list. there are so many great books!!!!
  12. This post went missing so doing it again... I'm no good at drawing but of course I visualise all the characters. Sometimes i find that a character is visualised as a real person and it's so strong. In particular i see Mazrim Taim as Baal from Stargate SG1. He's played by Cliff Simon and has just the right amount of good looks, with cruel arrogance. I have a link below but not sure if it will take you to the right bit. http://www.gateworld.net/omnipedia/characters/index.shtml Anyway, I wondered if anyone else thought of the characters as actors on TV or cinema... maybe even a news re
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