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  1. Aviendha may be pregnant already. We know that Aviendha went with the Wise Ones to Arad Doman, and in chapter 31, The House on Full Moon Street, in KoD, we learn that Rand has been there too. It`s in Elayne`s POV, thinking to herself It seems Rand spent a day and a night in Arad Doman, enough time to make Aviendha pregnant.
  2. That`s very possible, but if Rand survive Tarmon Gaidon with his ability to channel intact, he could live on several hundred years. But perhaps he will burn himself out defeating Shaitan
  3. I doubt Lan will waste much time hunting anyway, if he`ll travel along the roads, he can buy his food at villages. he can sleep at an inn, and save him the time of making camp. Even if he didn`t bring enough gold, I doubt he would get any difficuties obtaining food and shelter. After all, Nyaneve was offered a meal just for being his wife, Lan will be greeted by every noble in the Borderlands, and given fresh remounts, and food if he asks for it.
  4. The Fall of Manetheren can indicate how sucessful a Trolloc assault on Tar Valon will be. 1. The trollocs outnumbered the Light in Manetheren, and will again at TV 2. The Shadow had Dreadlords fighting against Manetheren, and will have Dreadlords at TV 3. The White Tower refused to come to Manetherens aid(which is the reason the Red Amyrlin was desposed), though some individual Aes Sedai must have travelled along with their army. Let`s be generous and say 50 Aes Sedai helped defend Manetheren. Egwene will have about 1500 channelers at TV(more if the Seanchan is present with their damane). Even if we remove 300 of the Black Ajah, and 500 dead in fighting the Seanchan, it leaves Egwene with 700 channelers. That`s alot more than Manetheren had. 4. Manetheren held the Trollocs at a river, no fortification was mentioned, but even if they had any, they wouldn`t be a match to the Shining walls. And River Erinin is wider then any river in Manetheren, adding to the defence. 5. The Manetheren army was already exhausted from a long travel when they begun defending themselves against the Shadows forces. Egwene`s forces have been resting for several weeks, but let`s say they`re exhausted from fighting the Seanchan. 6. The Waygate in Manetheren wasn`t used by the Shadow, the one in TV will be used. Based on this info I would say that Tar Valon has a greater chance of holding the Trollocs on the other side of the river. When we know that Manetheren hold the Trollocs back for 10 days before they were defeated, it seems unlikely that TV will fall, Egwene would send for help within a day, Elayne alone could come to her aid with 100 channelers. With a surprise attack Trollocs may reach into TV, perhaps to the Tower itself, but they will be defeated once the Lights forces(Egwenes, Elaidas, and the Seanchan) turn their attention towards them. That`s my oppinion anyway.
  5. Callandor can only be used safely in a circle consisting of one man, and two woman. Since Logain has bonded two Aes Sedai, and Rand will be using the remaining Choedan Kal, I`ve always assumed that Logain will use Callandor during Tarmon Gaidon. And I doubt that Taim will be dealt with before Tarmon Gaidon begins
  6. I know that the Seafolk sends girls to keep the Thower out of their hair, what I was wondering was whether they have other motivatons for sending girls to the Tower as well. I think it`s a big coincidence that all the Aes Sedai currently alive that`s from the Seafolk, are Brown Ajah, working in the Thirhteenth Depository. Maybe it`s just a coincidence, but I don`t buy it. Do anyone actually think it`s just a coincidence, or are they sent there by the Seafolk?
  7. In Crossroads of Twillight, chapter 21 A Mark, we learn in Alviarin`s POV that the three Aes Sedai that`s from the Seafolk, all work in the Library, in the Thirteenth Depository, where the secret records are kept. The question is whether the Seafolk send girls to the Tower just to keep Aes Sedai away from the ships, and they just happen to choose the Brown Ajah and become keepers of the secret records, or do they have other reasons to send girls to become Aes Sedai? Why would the Seafolk be interrested in the secret records anyway? What else are they doing? Or is it all just a coicidence? Any theories out there?
  8. I don`t think trollocs would survive a seven days long "gallop" anyway. I would be very surprised if the trolloc army moved from Tarwins Gap to Tar Valon in a week, while Lan would need two or three months to reach Tarwins gap from the Worlds End. If the trollocs are going to do any fighting in Tar Valon early in aMoL, they probably were destroying Shienar during KoD. Unless some Aes Sedai or Ashaman happens to Travel to Shienar, noone will know of the invasion before they are close to Tar Valon. The last time someone visited the Borderlands in the books was when Nyaneve spread word of Lan`s trip to Tarwins Gap, and we can`t know that she visited Shienar at the time. But if we assume that she did, and the trollocs invaded Shienar the next day, they could be well on their way as aMoL begins. Who knows, perhaps the Seanchan arrive to find Tar Valon surrounded by shadowspawn, and decide to aid the marath`damane in their fight against the Shadow :) Perhaps that`s what Egwenes dreams meant, that the Seanchan will save the Tower from the Shadow. That would surely shake the foundations of the Tower(and Egwene). Not that I think this is likely to happen, but I expect that RJ will surprise us, so why not?
  9. Can`t be more then two mother-in-laws, Min was raised by her aunts, so her mother is probably dead.
  10. Machin Shin is attracted by living beings, which means that they couldn`t move more then 100 shadowspawn at the time to be sure Machin Shin doesn`t kill them all. It will take a long time to move large numbers of trollocs through the Ways. The Light shouldn`t have any problem stopping this. It would have been much more efficient for the Shadow if some Dreadlords made gateways to bring darkfriends into the city, rather then trying to bring in 100 trollocs at a time, to the same spot. A couple hundred Aes Sedai shouldn`t have any problems destroying the bridges(whether it`s 6 or 8 of them), no matter how many darkfriends that`s trying to stop them. Shadowspawn are afraid to cross water, which makes it close to impossible for trollocs to cross a river 1 mile wide, and then scale a smooth wall, without being killed.
  11. And there`s three Malkieri in the inn Nyaneve visits in KoD. We know that Nyaneve was going to visit several other towns as well, trying to gather Malkieri. If there only was a few Malkieri left in the world, Nyaneve would have needed a taveren to find three in the same inn, and all the taveren is in Altara or Tear at the time... The main population of Malkier was evacuated before the trolloc invasion, only when all hopes were gone did the King and Queen send Lan to safety. As NS proves, several thousand Malkieri have settled throughout the Borderlands.
  12. Didn`t Rand think in a POV(I`ll try to find it) that he had stilled the three Aes Sedai? Egwene thought about stilling as making a shield razor sharp, while Rand crushed them with fists of Spirit. I just assumed that it`s done differently with saidin and saidar, like Travelling. Is there anything that hints that the three Aes Sedai were burnt out?
  13. Lan didn`t say that Myrelle released him, he only told Rand that Moiraine had passed the bond to Myrelle upon death. During this conversation Rand could have asked Lan whether it was possible to be released, or he simply figured out that if the bond could be passed between two people, it could probably be released as well, since it`s not permanet.
  14. There`s only three taveren at the moment. Had there been any more, they would have been drawn to Rand.
  15. Since everyone seem to know the name of 14 men and woman that has been (until recently) gone for more then 3000 years, it`s not a surprise that they know the name of the evil being that was behind the war that destroyed the world 3000 years ago.
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