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  1. Bah it'd be more interesting for you to actually READ THE BOOKS.
  2. Well life as HIS might have been in danger and maybe that sort of count, anyway my point is that Perrin did not save Rand's life at Dumai's Well.
  3. Hi all, when looking at the battle at Dumai's Well I can't help thinking that Perrin's action weren't really important in saving the Lord Dragon. I mean the AS holding Rand start tying off the shield before Perrin and his troops get close to them, therefore they must have been distracted by the Shaido and their WO. Then the Ashaman's arrive to the rescue, by then Perrin's force is very likely to get quickly overwhelmed without support and Rand has freed himself and he is clubbing AS right and left. So can this really be the first time Perrin is meant to save Rand? Isn't Taim more likely to be
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