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  1. The Shadow Rising is easily the best! Perrin's epic takeover of the Two Rivers was one of the best story lines ever. The history of the Aiel and a glimpse of the Age of Legends and the beginning of the War of Power was intriguing. Mat gets his Ashandarei and battle memories. Nynaeve beats Moghedian was the first time we actually get a gauge on how powerful she is. Turmoil in the Tower brought more excitement. Great book through and through. The worst book is easily the Crossroads of Twilight. To rewrite it would take three words. "Egwene got captured." Everything else was BORING!
  2. -Matt and Rand's boasting competition was awesome! -"That's why I still carry a bow you blasted son of a goat!" -Talmanes heroics in Caemlyn. -Matt vs Demandred -Rand lighting his pipe at the end -The People of Hinderstap These scenes all made me have to read it again to make sure to catch everything. Others that you guys have said are obviously awesome, but I wanted to post new ones. Greatest Series of All Time!
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