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  1. This question was asked at the AMoL panel at JordanCon today and Brandon said emphatically that there was no Rand/Matt/Perrin reunion. He did say however that the Moraine/Suian reunion happened off camera.
  2. From a conversation I had with Brandon at JordanCon today: Me: At the end of AMoL, that is Nakomi right? Brandon: Well it certainly sounds like her. Me (later): Why is the Creator so absent from the series while the Dark One has such a direct presence? Brandon: Well, we don't think or realize we see him. Robert Jordan was very clear in his notes ... that the Creator wanted to give mankind the tools to help themselves. Take it as you will, but Brandon saying "we don't think we see him" makes me believe the Creator appears innocuously -- and Naomi is certainly a good candidate.
  3. Here's a video I took at LibertyCon of Brandon reading the AMoL opening again: http://youtu.be/Vde9xwGImwk No new text (he actually stops a few paragraphs short) but he does talk about about why he structured the scene as he did. Sorry for the shakiness, it was taken on my iPhone (my arms were pretty sore near the end!). After this but not on video he read the entire prolouge of Steelheart, a novel coming out next year. He seemed real excited about it, saying that it just sold at auction for "a bunch of money".
  4. Although there isn't a concrete way to back it up within the current "physics" of the WoT Universe, I can't help feel that Nakomi is somehow Verin's spirit; their speaking styles are just too similar.
  5. (this is a website for discussing fantasy books what do you expect :-)) Perhaps the Wheel's only real "prime directive" is to ensure the 7-age structure. If that were so, it would explain why it spins out ta'verean counter-measures to the DO; it's not the evilness of the DO it's fighting but rather just his desire to break the cycle of the ages. If the DO was just content with murdering and other acts of "normal evil" perhaps he'd be fine.
  6. I think the DO wishes to destroy all of creation -- after all he is the antithesis of the Creator, and is simply duping most Darkfriends with empty promises of power. Consider all the Darkfriends we've met... how many are actually better off for it? Nearly all meet sticky ends before reaping their promised "rewards". Even the Chosen haven't exactly had a great time of it.
  7. If you accept the premise -- that he's the Dragon Reborn and the hero of prophesy -- then it's not really a stretch to believe that three powerful women would want to have him.
  8. Given all of the LotR parallels in WoT I view Fain as the complete mirror Gollum -- not evil in the same way the other "evil" characters are, but driven crazy by a lust for vengeance, etc. Look for Fain to play a very Gollum-ish role at TG in AMoL! (I wouldn't be suprised if he wasn't integral in the demise of the DO)
  9. I finished my first read this week. I understand how frustrating it must have been to the long haul fans who had to wait for each next book in the series during the "middle" (basically up to KoD?) part, but as someone who can read all of them at once, it's much better to consider this entire span as "one book". If you ignore where one book starts and another begins it changes from several unresolved plots to one flowing, fluid, dynamic narrative going from Rand (and the central characters) finally realizing the scope of their challenge at the end of TSR to, well, where they are at the end (trying not to ruin anything!) As far as my favorite books: TSR for the beginning, LoC for the middle, and ToM for the end (this may just be because Mat is my favorite character).
  10. Consider the wording of the Three Oaths -- "To speak no word that is not true". To me this almost implies an Aes Sedai is forging -- they are not SPEAKING any word that is not true. While this is an almost Ealfinn level distinction, I've always thought the wording of the oath, including the usage of the direct verb speak and the curious phrasing "not true" instead of "false" encourages such nuanced distinctions. Think of how different Aes Sedai behavior would be if the oath was "To never communicate or imply a falsehood",
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