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  1. Ok clearly you've never had a bossy meddling older brother. It IS annoying. Galad constantly nags her into doing what he thinks she should do, and because he has no authority to force her to do what he wants, goes to mother and tattles on her constantly. Then they grow up and he does the same thing, only whitecloaks are the mother. Well, similar anyway. Anyway, it's constant nagging. Constant trying to impose his will on her. And by just another dude that she doesn't see as his brother, takes it to someone elses authority to force her to do what he wants. It would annoy the bejebus out of anyone.
  2. That dream Egwene had of Logain stepping over a black rock(black tower, or black dias taim's throney chair rests on) that turned to Rand's body, which broke as he stepped over it as a mask being broken through, Logain's ability to see Taverin(he saw Rand and laughed in Caemlyn because he knew Rand would do more damage than he) and Min's visions of glory for Logain... I think Taim will try to impersonate Rand, perhaps when he disappears doing whatever the heck is going to happen after seeing Lanfear in the last book. Taim will try to control the black tower by impersonating Rand with illuion, Lain will see through it because of his ability to see Taverin(and break the mask of Rand) and kill him and his darkfriends and those that pretty clearly seemed turned by channeling through myrdraal, and atain glory by becoming leader of the black tower. I rather think it will be something like, Taim impersonating Rand, making proclomations to attack the white tower or some such with all the ashaman gathered, Logain breaking the illusion and rallying the rest in a big battle that kills Taim and most of the baddies. Ge's got some 50+ to wipe out in a purge to mirror Egwene's "Great Purge," as Jprdan so liked to mirror things like that. And i don't think he'll kill them all himself, or gain power without exposing Taim and his baddies as darkfriends or traitors, so a public exposure and pitched battle such as this scenario is what I think must happen. Plus, something like this would bring them and the white tower together in the aftermath in a single page in one way or another. Beyond that, who knows what the last battle will be like, but it looks like everyone is marching to SG or else maybe something like the Eye of the World end battle where they hold everything off while Rand and his groupies go fight alone, but sure will see logain in some fight scenes following and little else, but these in themselves seem a lot of pages. Lots for logain to do in the next book. Anyway those are my predictions. Possibly something to do with his house and lineage which are referenced a few times, but doubt it, and little else beyond that.
  3. Think of the wounds...fain's and dark ones evils sealed, neither spreading, hopefully destroying each other....now think of Fain and Dark One sealed together. That's my prediction.
  4. Ah....not my idea, but one that i fully believe is correct, is that Taim is going to impersonate Rand at one point by his mirror of the illusion thingies, and Logain will see through it(with ablity to see Taverin) to kill him and rally everybody around to whipe out Taim's darkfriend groupies, and become head of the black tower. One of Egwene's dreams is of Logain stepping over a black rock(black tower) and the Rock becomes Rand's body, but a mask breaks off when he steps on it or something. Plus, Min's viewing of glory, what else could it be? I don't think he's going to become the Queen of England or something. And then Aes Sedai and ashaman will become friendly, and whether they move in together and share shower rooms I don't really care, that will be epilogue stuff that is no consequence, because i doubt the last book will be filled with 200 pages of pulling braids and smoothing dresses over frisky coeds in white tower.
  5. My favorite scenes are all the ones where Egwene was getting beaten in the white tower after she was captured.
  6. I think Rand is called lord of the morning or prince of the dawn because the freaking sun comes out wherever he goes...as far as him turning to the dark side...he never did, Baalzamon only said that he head, then tried to kill him when he finally vehemently denied ever serving him. Besides, Jordan steals from every other religion, why not temptation a la Jesus or Luke Skywalker?
  7. You know, it's not that she's a bully that bothers her. In fact i think my favorite scenes were when Egwene was imprisoned and they were beating her. I could read about Egwene's beatings for hours, and wish there was more of it. Phaw! But i guess it's hard to create a character and introduce her as a legend, and live up to her legendness, so he instead made her an angry redneck kind of person to sort of contrast the legend he introduced, because works better than not living up to a legend. Still, she annoys the ever living hell out of me and i hope she dies painfully. About as 2 dimensional as any character in the book, just barks orders, makes stupid expletives, and knows everything. Thankfully, most of her appearances are dispersed through Egwene being totured so I was able to bear with it somewhat.
  8. hmm darkfriend wolf brothers, i guess since wolves hate darkfriends, that would be like this: Ok can talk to wolves but they hate darkfriends and want to kill you because they can read your mind, so wolves are always shouting insults to you and attacking you, so you'd be the exact opposite of Perrin and Elyas. You'd go wherever you can to get away from them, probably the biggest city that you could find, wax all your body hair, who knows. Unless there were wolves that sell their souls to be leader of a pack or something, so there not, so maybe ratbrothers would be most likely, and you could start the rat pack. No I think that's kind of silly.
  9. I just kind of attribute it to the fact that this is just one big girls school, where novices are pulled in in and their teens, and stop aging from there, and as everyone knows, high school girls are all nuts. And if you lived 300 years as a high school girl stuck in her teens, you'd be even more nuts then that, and this is just one little outlet. Just accept it.
  10. Jordan often seems to have prior events foreshadow the same thing happening somewhere else on a different scale. For example, Moraine swearing fealty to Rand because she remembered how control Saidar by surrendering to it. Or Elaida's catastrophic attempt to be "hard" mirroring Rand's own attempt, at same time Egwene is getting tortured in the tower. I can't think of good examples off the top of my head. Fain, I think, will be sealed with the dark one. Rand's wounds are not healed, but isolated/sealed together, and the two evils, hopefully, will destroy each other. This, along with cleansing of Saidin, foreshadow Fain being sealed with the dark one, where their evils will consume one another. I don't think he will have any role in sealing beyond that, or that there will be a new dark one; I think he will be the death of the dark one. Min's theory that the Dark One wants to destroy time/pattern/whatever so that he can die also foreshadows that he will die, I think. I think the Dark One will die. I know Jordan's world has some principles like time being a circle and repeating itself is pervasive, that's kind of anticlimactic and pointless, and I expect the end to be very climactic, not a repetition of wind bouncing off stuff for 3000 more years and 2 more generations of writers where the dark one's name is instead the evil peddler and the last battle is prophesized as Death of a Salesman with Mallrats being his new spies or something. Ishmael became a darkfriend because he's a depressed existentialist I guess so I kinda don't think that's the route this series will take, since this was pointed out, no offense to Martin Luther King or whoever, not that he's a darkfriend because that would be racist, and i'm rambling now so end of rant. I editted this post 3 times to be this incoherent so don't be too hard on me. I made an effort.
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