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  1. I also remember that scene where Perrin sees Lord Luc entering the tower, so I think your conclusion is accurate. I believe it is also in this same scene just moments before that Birgette is talking to Perrin in the world of dreams, how come Hopper is unable to see Birgette? He thinks Perrin was talking to the wind, and was asking him what he was stairing at. Did anyone ever comment on that?
  2. Yes, but Rand still remembers....and if he'd not used balefire everyone would remember. I agree with Luckers. That was Rand channeling, though it was also being taveren and getting what he needed. Torn Shadow, where was that confirmed? Sorry, I can only look things up when i go to the library. Seriously folks, am I the only one who thinks lightning is a reference to gunpowder? And BrainFireBob, Odin was not the Norse Storm God. That was Thor. He (Odin) was the war god, the death god and the chief god. Sort of a Zeus/Hades/Ares. He was also (at least in Harry Harrison's work) called the Betray
  3. The first two themes you mention are related directly to the Black Tower wich I feel is the biggest Pro when discussing Taim = Moridin. However, we are still lacking the neccesary information to draw a conclusion, but I will add what I think might be another fact to this theory. In chapter 5 of TOM Moridin brings Graendal to a "black stone palace." He then proceeds to take her to another room in the palace, "Moridin led her to the nearby door, set in the same black stone walls." He takes her into a room that seems to be very similiar the the storage in of that of the white tower. Only one
  4. I have been casually re-reading the wheel of time novels in anticipation of A Memory of Light, while also reviewing some of the old interviews with RJ. He mentioned that he had extensive notes on each of the main characters and would re-read these bios each time he began writing one of these characters into the books. This gave me an interesting idea, and about half way through my re-read I decided I would read each characters storyline instead of the whole book (giving me a different perspective on things). After reading COT and KOD I noticed something about Matrim Cauthon that I have neve
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