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  1. One of my favorite things about wot is the fact that it technically is our future and past, so I love picking up little clues of things that exist in our universe (such as the mention of rifles in one of Rand's vision with the Dark one). On page 712, Tuon, "was the only one who saw the twin lines of smoke rising exactly behind him from the Heights. An appropriate omen for Knotai: a large gamble would yield large rewards. Or a great cost." Obviously, this would be really controversial, but could that be a reference to the world trade center. It might be a stretch, but that would be really inte
  2. I always found it peculiar that his children are barely ever mentioned in the series. Lews goes on and on about Illyena, but he never even mentions that he has had children. I suppose it could be cultural, but because people had the potential to live for hundreds and hundres of years, one would think the horror would be greater when a child died.
  3. What if there are Dragons in the blight? Is that a plausible theory? I suppose it's a little late to introduce real dragons, but that would be interesting.
  4. I also agree that Sorilea is PROBABLY not a darkfriend. I also believe that someone who is very close to Rand will end up being a darkfriend just because it makes Verinesque sense. I also sense that this will be either Bashere (I can't remember if he has any POV's which prove this not being true) or one of the Aiel. Sadly, for the purpose of a great shocker, Sorilea makes a lot of sense.
  5. This is exactly why I find this topic frustrating. There's too much about the Ages we don't know. There's nothing to indicate that there's any sort of average length of time for Ages. Who's to say "they remember too much of the AOL for it to be a previous Age"? Like what is that based on? There's certainly nothing to indicate that everything is forgotten from one Age to another. In fact, the infamous opening paragraph only indicates that myth will be forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again...ie, a complete turning of the Wheel. The point is, we don't have much to compare.
  6. I agree and I am actually arguing the opposite, that Robert Jordan takes a look at the sexes, saying what if on top of actually being equal if they had all this really good evidence that they were in fact nothing alike because of the taint on the male half of saidin and because men were the source of the breaking.
  7. Positive. I mean, think about it. They live in a world where they believe--and even have pretty strong evidence to back this up--that there are internal inherent differences between the two genders (with saidin and saidar and any sort of equality is destroyed by the taint on saidin). Living in that world, people would be so much more rooted in a belief that binary oppositions didn't exist, and therefore the two sexes do not trust one another and do not believe how similar they can be. And deconstruction--circular time represents circular thought and the deterioration of that t
  8. Does anyone else see the WOT as a huge comment on structuralism and deconstruction?
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