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  1. A browny green with a hint of black! =D
  2. Overall I am most like Elyas, as a woman I am Aviendha. For opposites it would be Moridin and Sevanna. And of course 'non-opposites' my soulmate's are the same as my personality.
  3. I can't stand Nynaeve. From the start I thought she was too big for her boots and needed a severe wake up call (Yeah I understand that she would be so after having been put in such a powerful position at such a young age.)Having said that I agree with what many of the others have written in that she shows far less maturity than Egwene and Elayne. She is unable to control her emotions and seems to think she is the be all and end all. Elayne I am rather indifferent to. She has her moments like with Mat towards the end of Ebou Dar (her snobbishness hasn't annoyed me...yet!), otherwise she's just sort of there. I didn't like Egwene at the start- the way she carried on when leaving Emonds field and immediately after becoming accepted etc- but since she met the Wise Ones I have truly come to appreciate her as a strong and able character. Overall though, I probably don't pay much attention to them. You should probably have included a 'like some hate others' option!
  4. Having things turn out how you want isn't necessarily luck e.g people popping out with things they wouldn't usually have said- more a Taveren making the pattern give them what they need/want. We need to remember Taveren force the pattern- if they want something enough it will probably happen. I agree with Rand being lucky in that he comes out alive where others would surely have died (perhaps it's prophecy working there), it's just that he and Perrin don't have gambling to show just how lucky they are.
  5. I don't think that's so much luck as the Taveren twisting of the pattern. Mat's obscenely lucky in that he wins at gambling etc other lucky thinks that happen such as the board creaking in Ebou Dar may have simply been Taveren twisting at work. Having said that we really don't see Rand and Perrin gamble much so maybe they are lucky!
  6. Had never heard of Eragon until a kid came home with KFC which contained an Eragon toy; even then I thought it was just a movie- know I've discovered it's a book I may read it but from the comments I've been seeing/hearing; hmmmm... Perhaps (If they made a WoT movie)instead of ending where the book does they could end before time- I mean perhaps turn one book into a two-part movie. I've often thought they should do that with several book to movies because time just doesn't allow for including everything and sometimes the movies really suffer from what has been cut. I s'pose we should also consider that a lot of WoT is made up of clothing descriptions which should be covered in costumes! :P
  7. Here's some more: I agree with Steve Buschimi as Fain. (Good choice!) O.k Nicole Kidman as an Aiel (I don't care which one but she was born for that race!) James Masters as Byar (I think that's him you know the White Cloak!?) Jensen Ackles as Mat or one of the Andoran princes. Dichen Lachman as Faile.
  8. 'Traveling companions' who liked to kiss and had admitted feelings for each other? Yeah, I just think it was unjustifiably mean. Perrin was doing what he thought right- he was trying to protect her (and really didn't Faile do the same when she tried to warn Berelain off?) while she did it out of pure spite. And lets not forget Loial, he was simply a means to an end- appparently she didn't even take his feelings into account. I understand that she is strong willed, but like I said before she didn't have to go about it the way she did. If she had just gone along too she would have been aserting her dominance in the fact that she did what she wanted not what Perrin wanted. There was no need to be so cruel unless she really wanted to grind Perrin into dust. To summarise: I'm not character bashing Faile I rather like her except for the above mentioned incident and I think that part should have been written differently.
  9. Yeah, point taken but did it really have to be written in such a way? She was cruel and manipulative she could have told him to stuff it and just followed him rather than using Loial and hurting Perrin just because she's annoyed about Berelain. Maybe she should try showing some trust in Perrin.
  10. It's not that I don't like Faile, it's just that particular part. It was completely unnecessary for her to do that no matter how proud she is. I haven't come across Cadsuane yet so I won't comment. Oh... and yes I totally agree about the spam, that sort of thing has been popping up on a few sites I visit. Maybe it's me!?
  11. I was born with red/blonde hair and had it most of my life but recently I started cutting my hair short and it is now a very dark blonde- so maybe it's just environmental factors.
  12. O.k I'm only part way through LoC but so far the part that annoys me the most is when Perrin wanted to get to Emonds field and Faile acted the brat. I can't believe she would do that to someone she loves. I know Faile is head strong and all that but knowing Perrin's family and friends were in danger why would she hurt him so just to prove a point? And using Loial like that, it was cruel.
  13. Typical! No one ever listens to the authors! I have finally discovered how to pronounce Taim; I didn't pronounce it Tame because that seemed too obvious so going with the 'H' theme I inserted a H and pronounced it Thaim (Time)!
  14. I still think Egwene acted like a spoiled brat towards Nynaeve after becoming an accepted but the Wise ones laying hands on her seems to have really forced her to mature! Actually I seem to be finding the women slightly more agreeable further in the series, even Nynaeve seems to be learning she isn't all powerful and perfect! I had a revelation! I've been thinking the women are awful because of the way they act and speak towards/around the men but obviously they don't have the luxury we do of being told the men's thoughts and can only react according to what they see. Duh! :roll:
  15. Yeah; I've always sort of imagined the clothing as Victorian era in style. As to the shift question I've sort of thought of it as a nightgown- that's probably ore to do with them always wearing it to bed so maybe a full-body petticoat!?
  16. rd2000: Hee hee. I agree, while I try to get my spelling and everything right; my punctuation and grammar are not the best! But sometimes there are thoroughly obvious mistakes and I can't help but want to fix them! :P What's going to be really embarrassing is all the mistakes I've probably made in this post!
  17. Yeah. While I agree with most of it (The women being [insert appropriate word here.] And the miniscule detail- maybe if RJ hadn't spent so much time on the clothing he could have included more of the Lan/Nynaeve saga in the first book.)but it does get a bit repetive. I try to search for similar topics before creating a new one. The hero worship I agree with totally. I hate it when people bash another character simply because they oppose their favourites.
  18. *Nods head vigorously!* I fully understand and agree with the power issue; but women truly are not portrayed in an agreeable light. I love Verin she is one of my favourites! Surprisingly I have come to like Nynaeve, I don't think this truly due to a character change in her but more Egwene's change after becoming an accepted- sure I never like Egwene either but she seems to have become worse!
  19. I like edman first thought of Birgette as Brigette. A few of the pronunciations (like this one) could be explained by the fact/theory that the human mind does not read each letter but the entire word. Apparently as long as the first and last letters are the same and the letters in between can be in any order and we can still know what we are reading: E.G. I cdlnuot blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht i was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deson't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey ltteer by islef, but as a wlohe! Oh, and I noticed a few people have voted but not posted, come on guys tell us your mistakes! :lol:
  20. Vincent Regan as Lan, Timothy Dalton also works for me and I agree with Tom Welling as Perrin.
  21. It's nice to know I'm not alone! :) It has taken some training to get into the rythm of pronouncing things properly after doing it wrong for so long!
  22. I know, I know; you say Toe-mart-o I say Toe-mate-o. Anyways I was looking through the glossary and I realized how badly I've been pronouncing things! Here are a few examples (Glossary spellings are bracketed): Egwene= Egg-ween (eh-gwain)and I have a friend who says it's eh-wain. :? Nynave= Nigh-na-eve (nigh-neev) Caemlyn= Kay-em-lin (kaym-lihn) Birgitte= Ber-jit (ber-geet-teh) Cairhien= Care-hi-en (keye-ree-ehn) Damane= Da-mane (dah-mah-nee) Gaidin= Guy-din (gye-deen) Moiraine= Moy-rain (mwah-rain) And the al to me it's just al but the glossary says Ahl- I feel swamped with h's! So how do the rest of you pronounce things?
  23. Thankyou Xeonicus, you put it much more clearly than I have been. Perhaps Nynaeve's little annoyances and flushes etc could be attributed to pride. Once you reach the end of TEotW it is clear that it isn't but until then... I'm only halfway through GH so I won't comment on the rest.
  24. O.k 'undying love' was a bit strong, perhaps strong affections!? I mean suddenly, practically out of nowhere Lan is announcing he would be jealous of whoever she married. I still get the impression I'm not going to start liking Nynaeve any time soon.
  25. Perhaps I should have been clearer, I meant in the first book. I first noticed the affection after Shadar Logoth, when Nynaeve was pissed about being noticed. I saw Nynaeve being annoyed at being spotted, then Lan hesitating when they freed Perrin and Egwene. The next I know they're in the blight and announcing how much they love each other. Maybe I'm just dense, there just seemed to be nothing before that. It seemed like RJ has thought 'oh, I need a relationship! Those two will do!' I'll take your word for it about her growing on me... (Bolds are edits.)
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