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  1. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is Rand, Moiraine and Nynaeve linking through Callandor.. I'd like to read it from all 3 points of view. I'd like to see reunion with Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Moiraine, Thom and Lan, though I don't see Lan being there.. Maybe that is how Egwene gets convinced to back off on breaking the seals. Anyway, I'm certain the ending is going to rock, and it won't be how any of us expect! Best Regards to All. (people who haven't read this series just don't understand...:-))
  2. I think, after the wise ones freak that she went through the ter'angreal a 2nd time, and after some stumbling about, Avi will hear or learn of a song. It will be the song the Tinkers are searching for. Avi will come to the conclusion that the aiel must return to The Way of the Leaf and re-unite with the Lost Ones. That will be very difficult for most of the Aiel to deal with, and the Aiel will split. Aviendha is right, and the remnant of the remnant saved will be those who actually listened to her. I think a lot of the rest of the Aiel, unfortunately, will be used up in the Last Battle.
  3. I completely agree with your evaluation of Nynaeve, Jarlaxle.. She is an awesome character.
  4. I just realized that all 5 of the original Edmons Fielders had a major victory or accomplishment in ToM and all were great moments. Rand's A Storm of Light and return to Bander Eban Mat and Co defeat the Gholam then rescue Moiraine Perrin and the Whitecloaks and destroying the first dreamspike. Egwene defeats Mesanna. Nynaeve heals Naiff and her testing.
  5. Oh! 10. Verin's visit to Egwene. After that happened, I went back and read every part that Verin was in or was mentioned (thank you encyclopaedia WoT for your existence!) She was really busy. Remember PoD prologue? 11. Egwene's defense of the tower with the novices. Awesome! 12. Perrin showing up Egwene in the World of Dreams "It's just a weave." Shrugs off the ropes. Leaves her stunned. It's because of Perrin that Egwene was able to defeat Mesanna. I wonder now if she will admit that to him when they meet at Merilor?
  6. I saw many moments reading above here that I especially love, and a couple of ones I didn't see. 1. Mat vs. Galad and Gawyn 2. Egwene and Elayne learning just how strong Rand is, (that was awesome!) 3. Rand saving Min and destroying Semi with the TP in TGS (took my breath away and I had to put the book down, thought it might be the end of Min!!!) 3. Cads getting put in her place anytime. 4. Nynaeve's entire story arc from the beginning. What a great character she is! I'm anticipating the humor later on when she reaches for her braid that is gone? Already happened once and she thought that would take getting used to!(whew!) How far she has come, and what next? She'll restore Mat's eye and Rand's hand maybe?? Seal the DO's prison with Rand and Moi?? Restore full power to Moiraine? (oops, need an Ashaman for that) 5. When Corele suggested to Cadsuane that Alanna may have invented flying, to leave the Stone, given what has been happening lately... :-) 6. One I didn't see above.. When Rand erased Natrin's Barrow, and Graendal's escape from that balefire attack! Awesome! Didn't even realize that I had to wait for the ToM prologue for that outcome! 7. Elayne getting hauled up the city wall while still in her bed (poor gaurdsmen!, I didn't notice that any of her female guards helping haul that bed up) to witness what Aludra's dragoons could do, and Birgitte's wisdom regarding them. 8. ToM Ch. 40 "A Making". The entire chapter. 9. Moiraine's rescue and aftermath outside the ToG. Moiraine will have her tea after all! I cried. there are many many more.
  7. I thing Cads is an awesome character. I think both authors did a great job with her to wring such a strong emotional emotional response from we readers. Loved it when Rand finally put her in place, told her he was the only living male Aes Sedai that was raised properly and not turned to the shadow. That set her back a bit! And then scared the crap out of her during the meeting with the Boarderlanders, and she is pretty unshakable! Should be good when Cads meets up with Egwene (who also needs taking down a few pegs now), (I think Perrin will do that BTW, with help from Moiraine). What do you guys think?
  8. **and** sheesh! can't get anything right this morning...
  9. Please forgive my lousy grammar spelling...
  10. Congratulations on your choice of fantasy series! I have been reading fantasy since I first picked up The Hobbit in 1971, and I've been reading WoT since The Great Hunt came out in 1990. It's been a long wait for the conclusion. For my part, I think Brandon Sanderson did an awesome portraying Mat in the last two books. BTW, RJ wrote in Tuon's point of view in Knife of Dreams when Mat and co. finally met up with the Band of the Red Hand near the end of the book, a nice little discussion with Selucia. Mat, I think, will pay a huge part in bringing the Seanchen around to Rand's thinking. Also, it seems to me that the ta'verren (sp)? effects emmenating from Rand, Matt and Perrin are getting much more pronounced, especially from Rand..really.. rendering all those Aes Sedai speechless when he visited the tower? That would be remarkable with a large group of ordinary women, much less a roomfull of Aes Sedai (I loved that scene!). This is my first post with this username, but I've been following these forums for years and it's great fun. Regards to All!
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