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  1. two scenes come to mind... Egwene in Fount of Power from TGS was awesome! The picture in mymind of her standing on top of a blasted tower with the wind blowing through her hair and all that power flowing through her! Wow! The second is the scene (I can't remember whre it is ATM) when Mat is talking with Talmanes about how it would be playing dice with women when the pips show nothing and she claims she won lol. I really laughed at that part had to read it a couple times :)
  2. That's what I thought I just needed to make sure. So why does the dragon reborn have to be the CoL? LTT was the Dragon because that was his title, sort of like...amarilyn right? None of the other CoL were called the Dragon Reborn because LTT, the Dragon, hadn't existed yet. So.. if Rand Screws up, the Dragon Reborn doesn't HAVE to be the CoL, somebody else can take up the mantle. Then the next time.. it isn't Rand Al'Thor reborn.. its some other guy reborn. Man... I had a real thought here and now I'm lost. It had to do with Moridin not ever BEING the Dragon Reborn in the first place. If Moridin hadn't turned to DO then LTT wouldn't have been the CoL, it would have been Moridin reborn.
  3. I have an idea but I need to clarify something first. Help me out with the acronym CoL please, then I can hopefully put my idea into words.
  4. Ok, so I guess I never really understood this viewpoint. Here you have two groups of people using the power. One chooses to learn but has to be taught otherwise they will never even sense the power. The other is natural occurrence during their life. So why are they sneered at? It seems to me they would be the awe inspiring ones! "Wow you did what? You healed a man on the brink of death using the one power without even being taught how?? WOW!! I've been training in the tower for 10 years and can barely heal a paper cut!" Ok so maybe I just hit on it.. is it a jealousy thing? Or is there more to it? I also notice it isn't just a fictional thing... similar disdain takes place in real life as well! It reminds me of how the volunteer armies were treated during the 19th century by the regular army. Scoffed at because they weren't disciplined, never thinking about the fact that when they volunteered it was for the specific purpose of being shot at, not to sit back in a peace time office going over maps... Am I making sense? Did I go to far off topic? I'll stop now.
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