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  1. If you accept that Nakomi shows up in the end when Rand leaves the Pit of Doom, all forsaken incl. Taim are impossible: they are all inconvenienced at that time.
  2. All eleven clans have blood feud with the Shaido. It's possible they will work their shit out and become a real clan again but I doubt it. Both were allowed to wear their own mindtraps. They were still bound by them, but not controlled by them so long as no one else was wearing them. That's going to make things .... Interesting for Moghedien the damane, who will have no choice what happens to her mind trap! No doubt the sul'dam will take it, but will they destroy it? ( on their previous history I would say it will be in pieces before the day is out- who would keep something t
  3. I still believe that was Graendal. Can you see your own MoM in a mirror? Already is. Lan was sworn to his sword as a baby and carried out by Bacuma after the fall of Malkier, cf. NS Caemlyn is lost. In chapter 1 it gets evacuated.
  4. I don't think so: it usually takes 8-9 months between conception and birth. Since TG is around tomorrow, Avi will live for at least another 8 months. I doubt very much that AMOL will cover that timeframe.
  5. Well, army sizes of Russia, China, India and North Korea are above 1.000K, Iran has 500K. It may be true that only the US can bring that numbers to any field on the earth. Unfortunately for you, on most fields you'd want to bring those numbers to, there's already an army of that size present. ;-)
  6. I interpreted it as a curse referring to a lost battle: fallen banners and having to hope for mercy (grace) from your enemy. As with many curses you invoke the things you do not want. And in that situation he doesn't think of the last battle but of loosing Caemlyn.
  7. Btw, we still have only circumstantial evidence that Taim is a darkfriend! :-)
  8. And additionally I doubt that the shadow has tried to retrieve the seals before. In the above quote, Moridin doesn't seem overly enthusiastic about it, and why would he explain "there are three left, all in rand's possession" if he ordered to retrieve them before? I used to believe, too, that the attacks on Bashere's wife and on Dobraine where carried out to get the seals. But recently I looked at the timeline and realised that both attacks happended exactly after Rand revealed his plans to cleanse the Source and before the Cleansing itself. Now I'm pretty sure that it was Moridin sending
  9. Ah, wicked forsaken! But Zarine and Mat can't even channel??? "Teach your kids right - mutual respect and empowerment as foundation for a healthy parent-child relationship" by Mesaana
  10. I got hooked on WoT by NS the short story (as published in "Legends"), and I would recommend the same to new readers. It's powerful, emotional and well paced. If you only have NS the novel, I'd read it after the first books of the main series. The short story is basically the second half of the novel; the first half of the novel plays in the White Tower. I always thought that this part must be tedious and confusing for someone who isn't already hooked on WoT. I don't think there's spoilers in either direction. It might be preferable to read NS before too much about the "vileness" is r
  11. Mat when the shows drop: first when he kidnaps Tuon, second when they part and she speaks the marriage words. Also Egwene's MoA on the ice (well, I guess i'll be alone with that one )
  12. Definitely Dyelin. My theory is that she got a foretelling from Gitara Moroso that kept her from claiming the throne and supporting Elayne instead.
  13. Just a few minor corrections: ;-) Lan's death/rebirth are unnecessary and would just lengthen the book. Too complicated and doesn't fit well with "three women around a funeral pyre" They already got married right after Moraines rescue. Not bad, but my guess is that BS will cut down on the epilogue and will find different solutions for Rand/Seanchan truce and TG battle dynamics. :-)
  14. Hi, I'm a long time WoT fan and fresh member at DM. I can report that "matrim" worked in my registration form. Anyone else thinks it funny that GoogleAds puts "Jordan Adventure Holiday. Discover ancient civilisations & unique architecture on in Jordan." on this site? :-)
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