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  1. Not the biggest fan of the, I read them but not my cup of tea
  2. definately gotta agree with you there, I enjoyed songs of fire and ice, but to be honest I cant see him ever finishing it and if he does it will be another decade or so for a couple of books, which I dont think will be enough to cover the story fully. In a way he's written himself into a massive writers block. I'm reading them at the moment, have to say that they are amazing..!!
  3. As Wheel of Time is soon coming to an end, what series are people moving onto. So lets see if we can help each other out and give people an idea of a new series that is not finished and is going on at the moment. I'm quite picky when it comes to choosing new series. I only seem to like High/Epic fantasy, even then can be very picky. Any help would be great!!!
  4. I really hate when Elayne pretends that she has a thing for Hanlon whatever his name is. I hate his character and just despise everything about him.
  5. VOG was always a emotional kind of part for me, not sure why it just shows a major transformation after some pretty horrific times for Rand.
  6. VOG was always a emotional kind of part for me, not sure why it just shows a major transformation after some pretty horrific times for Rand.
  7. Thus, the Shadow will be so influential and powerful that the Light seems a distant memory. The Karatheon Cycle gives us evidence of this. And also the Dark Prophecy, which will come true, remember, even if it is from the Shadow. Okay, when the seal break (or are broken), wouldn't the shadow's strength be restore to what it was in the War of Power? These prophies, and the characters, seem to think that then the seals are broken the bore will grow/expand to envolpe the entire pattern. Am I misreading this? How will the DO be able to have a stronger influence this time than the last time he was freed? I think of it like, this if a fabric rips an u put sew it then when it rips again through the stitching then the whole will be bigger...but that's just my thinking. Not even sure if the Bore will be any bigger, but I expect it will be
  8. I think that it is basically sayin that Rand a we know him after VOG is a model of what a person in the light should be. And because we know he has to die it means that the people will not find out if he is reborn or whatever...Thus they will remember him as the champion of the light an their saviour and will not slander him as was done to LTT. This also helps with my opinion that Rand will not die near the beginning of the book but at the confrontation with whoever at SG
  9. Yeh i have looked everywhere for the whole series together but cannot find it and yeh i want the euro covers as well. if anyone finds a link then please let me know
  10. Its hard to pick anything really, FOM, Moiraine and Rand metting and the trio, i could go on all day. Just cant wait for the book!
  11. She got her braid burnt off in ToM. Oh yeh thanks for the reminder...
  12. Is that Nyn though because it looks like her hairs not in a braid
  13. I can imagine it happening on the FoM. Rand will be addressing all the leaders and telling them what he proposes, then will look up and see Moiraine entering and will fall be awestruck and fall to his knees. It would just seem so right, in front of everyone.
  14. Your missing one of the main people of off the women list: Moraine. Min said that without her Rand is doomed to fail.
  15. Just asking but where does it say that there are no channelers connected to the Hero of the Horn? And it is possible that Hawkwing was only ta'veren in his latest encounter with the flesh world. It might be that a lot of the other times he was not ta'veren
  16. This one is a definite no. Souls can not be split. As for the rest, impossible to say, but hopefully not. And Birgitte knowing Nynaeves name...IF Nynaeve had been a Hero, Birgitte would have known her under a different name... Yeh I thought so but thought lets just put it on.
  17. We all know that Rand is a Hero of the Horn, is it that Nynaeve is also a hero of the Horn. This thought only came across my head while re-reading The Shadow Rising, in chapter 52 "Need". When Nynaeve is talking to Birgette, she wonders how she knows her name. Ok Birgitte replies by saying that she had heard it and seen her before. But what if is possible that she is a hero of the Horn and Birgitte recognised her. Also who else would you say might be a Hero of the Horn and who might become a Hero of the Horn. I think that the following might be a Hero of the Horn: • Obviously Birgitte • Mat • Perrin • Moiraine • This one is a bit odd but could you have Elayne, Min and Avindha actually being one person from the TAR but separate in this birth. • Lastly maybe Egwene because all of the super-girls just seem to good to be true and come in the middle of a dip in Aes Sedai form. Your ideas will be appreciated....
  18. Ok I was thinking that as the release date for A Memory of Light is very close to the release date of The Eye of the World (7 days). Why do Tor not just wait and release it then. It would give the series a nice ending in my opinion. If we have to wait nearly a year then another 7 days would not really matter. We're going to be waiting nearly a year to make the book perfect then having the release date on the 15th instead would just tie up the series perfectly. What do you think?
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