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  1. The entire scene where Mat is using "Boots" as an analogy for describing how to evaluate someone. Perfect Mat logic and character summation. Loved it when he pulled his boot off to hold down his papers. Lol
  2. I look at VoG as two deaths. Rands and LTT. As TRs Rand can no longer be because of the demis of the sniveling, sad angery LTT. "TWO BECOME ONE". Mins viewing. She also stated that one dies but she is unsure which. I'm just grabbing at straws here because there were two people involed in VoG but we tend to focus on Rand because he's central to the story. Just my take.
  3. THOM!!! He has been described as being able to make the listener, see the battles that he sings about. And his nephew was genteled so the ability could be there for Thom. He is very passionate about singing in high chant versus common voice. All the main characters have rediscovered lost abilities or found new.
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