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  1. Here's a left-field suggestion. One of the female Forsaken will do it. One of the victims of his little punishments.
  2. My initial thought is someone disguised as Asmodean. Either Lanfear has told Moridin about Asmodean, or she's taken on the disguise herself, and they're trying to distract Rand at a crucial moment. Either that, or in an attempt to unbalance Rand, someone takes on the appearance of a Balefired Forsaken to try and 'prove' that "Even Balefire cannot stop us" and kick morale down the stairs and jump on it.
  3. I'm picturing Egwene/Bela as Gandalf/Shadowfax at the breaking of the siege of Minas Tirith, tbh. Egwene, at a point where hope looks lost, grabbing her sa'angrael wand (can't remember the name of it off-hand) and riding Bela into the frey in what should be nothing more than a suicide mission, but is actually a turning point and breaks the opposition army. And then she'll sniff and smooth her skirt before blaming it all on men. The end.
  4. I've been having a browse, yeah. The Arists section could be interesting - I'm no artist (believe me!) but I've been thinking of making myself some self-designed t-shirts around the theme of WoT for a while and might put some designs in there to see what folk think. Otherwise, I'm enjoying some of the discussion - nice to see some random theories that I've not come across before - and throwing some of my own in as well. As for the books - I'm a big fan of epic fantasy, and big sprawling epics are where it's at. WoT is one I've been reading since I was a kid, so I feel like the series h
  5. I'm divided on this one, but I think e-readers will eventually win out, for a few reasons: 1) The quality is now such with e-ink that it doesn't cause eye strain in the way that reading on portable backlit devices always used to. 2) The ease of use is staggering. I'm able to carry, for example, the entire WoT series in my coat pocket, which has meant I've had more opportunities to read of late than I did when I was constantly carting around whichever novel(s) I was reading at the time. 3) Where I live, there is one bookshop. If I'm reading a multi-book series, it is pretty much fat
  6. Taking into account the 'pro' point number 11 in the original post, namely that LTT raves about killing Taim and this could point to him knowing who Taim is. Now that Rand has absorbed LTT's memories and is at peace with them, he would then know what LTT does re: Taim. If, by extension, LTT knew Taim was one of the Forsaken, I doubt Rand would rest on his laurels at this point in dealing with things before it's too late.
  7. I don't think that's the case for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm sure there's a line somewhere that states no man/person can be so deep in the shadow that they can't be turned to the light. Might have been mentioned more than once. 2) If Logain's been turned by force (seeing as he's missing, presumed Taimed, at the moment) then he'll need to be capable of being turned back in order to achieve the glory Min spoke of, surely?
  8. Yeah, but it would be quite strangegiven the large distance between them and the Blight.. Travelling, Waygates (being capable of use by Dark forces) and Portal Stones mean that distance isn't the factor it once was...
  9. I started mine about a month or so ago and finished it yesterday. The difference being that this was the first time on my Kindle, which added massively to the amount of time I could spend reading as I can carry it around pretty much anywhere and whip it out (ooh-er!) at a moment's notice - hard to do that with a hardback the size of a small car! In the weeks leading up to AMOL, I'll probably read ToM again, just to get into the zone. :)
  10. Maybe it's revolution - maybe the Trollocs decide they're sick of being a slave race and turn on their masters. Stranger things have happened! Here's a few random crackpot theories I thought I'd throw in. I'm sure someone will have come up with these before me, right enough! 1) He's in another world (via Portal Stone) amassing an army there. 2) He's in the Ways. Machin Shin is his pet, designed to keep prying eyes away while he works. 3) He's disguised as a leader of the Ogier Gardners.
  11. I have absolutely no idea. I'm now even more worried about Canada than I was before! :p I'm sort of from all over Scotland, really. I'd say Glasgow is my home, but Edinburgh's where I mainly am now. District 9 has destroyed all my South African friendships (all two of them!) as I have to continually ask them to quote choice lines for my amusement.
  12. Maybe whichever of the Red took his nephew first? Oh, here's another Arthurian one: Moridin = Mordred?
  13. I've looked to see if this has been covered, but couldn't find anything, so apologies if I've missed it. Just thinking that we don't really know a huge amount about the Stedding, and I have a few questions that maybe you guys can answer: 1) Do we know why/how Stedding came to exist? Are they a natural occurance or created somehow? 2) If they were creatable, could this potentially be a way to seal the Dark One away forever? The Power (inc the True Power) doesn't work in a Stedding, and shadowspawn react badly to them. Could a stedding be created around the new prison (if TDO isn't a
  14. Maybe it was a knock-on effect of the Balescream caused at Natrin's Barrow?
  15. If you think about it, Perrin is the only one of the Ta'veren Three now who doesn't have memories from previous lives. I can't help wonder if these will somehow be provided to show us that he is actually a major player from the past. Someone with the stature of Hawkwing? One of the former kings of Manetheren? That aside, however, I think Perrin's real role is how it appears - the Blacksmith and the Wolf King. He'll arm the major players who don't already have power-made weapons so that they can stand toe to toe with the Thakandar-made blades on the other side. His responsibility will b
  16. Maybe, in the same way that the dagger was inextricably linked to Shadar Logoth, and the power that came from there was capable of destroying evil (fire fighting fire, so to speak) perhaps the wound from Fain's dagger could split and the blood from that, being tainted by Shadar Logoth, creates a sort of conduit along which SL's power/force/etc can be sent. I have a really strong feeling that Fain is going to be WoT's Gollum - with his selfishness and evil inadvertantly saving the day when all else has failed. Whether that's through being the thing touched to the DO to seal him up or in
  17. Hullo all, I'm 13 (aged 30, just to avoid confuzzlement!) and I've been a WoT fan since stupid o'clock, so to speak. Currently having just finished my most recent readthrough (and thanking the Creator for my Kindle - what a difference to the commute not having to lug around a 1000 page hardback on the train!) and decided I wanted to talk to people about the series. I've managed to finally, after years of trying, talk my soon-to-be wife into reading the books (sidethanks to George R R Martin for providing an entry point to get her into epic fantasy), but she's only at TDR at the mom
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