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  1. I just got bummed out reading this thread, realizing we'd probably be reading Infinity of Heaven Book One right around now if he'd lived :(
  2. It's a really great book and a classic?
  3. I love that site but I'm talking about a physical book :)
  4. She wanted the last book in the series proper to debut in print on the NYT bestseller list as previous volumes had. She was afraid that making the Ebook available same day might prevent that. I think she can be forgiven wanting to give that to RJ In Memoriam. Not sure the WOT Dict. has any chance of doing that.
  5. I was really enjoying that site too! I wonder why they stopped updating?
  6. We're finally getting the dictionary but I hope that's not the end. Just some ideas for books I'd enjoy: RJ Biography Letters "Reader" of errata not included in the dictionary & other RJ writings, like articles & such Essays about WOT from different perspectives (literary analysis, historical parallels, philosophy etc.) More comics!!! Inexpensive trade paperback edition of the old Companion with good black & white line drawings replacing the garish originals Book of maps Illustrated editions :) The "complete" Ebook lacks Strike At Shayol Ghul & Ravens :P But
  7. I've been reading Michael (and Jeff) Shaara. I can't help but notice a similarity with the prose style RJ used for WOT; also in scene settings, choice of details, characterizations, dialogue etc, Does anyone know if RJ was a Sharaa fan?
  8. Delete the words "though" and "tight" ;) My one major pet-peeve with Jordan's prose.
  9. 1. I've read the chapter and it definitely points out many valid and compelling correspondences between WOT & Jung. An excellent and illuminating essay. 2. You're right! If a Mod could fix the thread title that would be a good thing.
  10. I discovered this book on Amazon, it has a whole chapter devoted to WOT! The One Mind : CG Jung & the Future of Literary Criticism Prof. Matthew Fike "Applying the tools of Jungian literary criticism in new ways by expanding their scope and methodology, Fike discusses the works of Hawthorne, Milton, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and lesser-known writers in terms of issues from psychology, parapsychology, and physics. Topics include the case for monism over materialism, altered states of consciousness, types of psychic functioning, The book concludes with case studies on Robert Jordan and
  11. How about an official RJ biography once the Encyclopedia is out? Who could write it? One volume or more?
  12. I don't see the point. "More focused story line" is subjective. Who gets to decide what the "focus" of the story is? What if I disagree with you or the next person about where the "focus" should be? This sounds like a "Phantom Edit" to me. And how can the work ever be fairly judged if 50% of it is missing? It's like trying to understand what Tolstoy was trying to say by reading an abridged War & Peace. "But people who would never read it otherwise will read it now!" They haven't read it, though, they've read a "good parts" version. Not the same. I'd much prefer an Annotated WOT. A
  13. I disliked the Leigh Butler thing - it's written at a sophomoric level and all it does is catalog her likes/dislikes - and that's definitely not what I'm talking about. I'm going to try AWoW anyway. I'll write a review when I'm finished.
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