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  1. I apologize, found that post now. Just found this place and SO many interesting posts to read! You make alot of good points, but I'm leaning more toward that it is another Forsaken (Demandred). I'm one of those that belive Logain will fight Taim for controll of the BT before tarmon gai'don, and think Moridin with his TP skills are a bit to much for Logain to take down.
  2. I always belived that the Aiel will do the bleeding, but not so sure anymore. It does work well with the the Aiel being of his blood, and that the Aiel will take heavy casualties.
  3. Not really buying it. Moridin is really Ishamael, right? Then how and why would Ishamael run around in the Boarderlands as a false dragon, and eventualy get captured? Sure, he got loose again, but don't see how Ishamael can have time for that.
  4. Not unlikely in my opinion. Maybe when Rand struggles to seal the Bore and SH is going to finish him, Cyndane decides she can't let SH win and sacrifices herself to seal the Bore and cut SH off power. That would be nice, the moment of both revenge and atonement. I would love it if SH don't really fight anyone, but if I have to choose, Lanfears revenge is a clear winner. As long as he don't get taken down by Fain.., that's a little too much Gollum for my taste.
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