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  1. Hmm... my daughter was about 6 months old and I was home doing the entire mom/house/wife thing and I was really good at the mom part but house/wife very difficult and I needed to escape... so I picked up EoTW at someone's house. Let's just say I borrowed it and have never returned it, fifteen years and I still have that copy. I so needed that book at that moment. I think after I finished it I packed my baby in the car and at some insane hour we were at a little bookstore that was open late and I piled all the books in the series up to that point in her car seat and rushed home. Okay, I bought those. I have been reading them every since. Prowling around waiting for the next book to arrive and enjoying them all along. Good series, excellent characters and there is just something about the entire thing that humms and you can't stop reading.
  2. oops, well anyway it will be a good read when Moiraine shows up again.
  3. Moiraine's death , and now we know not dying which I am very happy about, was needed because Rand had to learn on his own and not defer to anyone. Now he has Cads as a mentor, but when Moiraine returns will she stay with him until TG or join Lan?
  4. But if you click on it then it drops down and eats half of your screen and the dragon horse things start flying at you, no more coffee...
  5. Yes Bob, you will be wrong, do not go into the woods alone. WoT women are all strong, nasty, feisty, manipulative, brave, arrogant, funny, passionate, compassionate, and snappy dressers. Then again, so are the men: Mat's hat, Rand's dragons and Perrin's axe. Sorry, the point is that many times there is no difference between how a man or woman will react. In Wheel World if you are brave or smart etc... you behave accordingly, whether you are male or female. Okay, men don't seem to sniff or tug as much, or at least not their hair. I enjoy the strong women characters, RJ writes them well. The men are sometimes deferential but hey, women can set your hair on fire with a weave, so deference = smart. Thanks for all the help with the Cad's warder questions you all. See, another reason to like Cads, she loved her warders so much she hasn't replaced them yet with any of those cute Asha'guys.
  6. Mystica well done. I am a Cadsie fan, and I enjoyed your post. That being said... I never understand why all you guys assume that the women treat men so badly. I love the women in these books they are strong, dedicated, brave and have great hair. Does it ever mention if Cadsuane had a warder at one time, or forgive me maybe she has one now and I forgot. I think Cadsuane knows the importance of Rand being whole, besides the arm, at TG. Does Cads know about LTT? What do you think her advice would be about handling that small situation in Rands head? Sorry way to much coffee, to little time, and too many questions.
  7. I'm not the only one who finds it annoying am I, and what are those things they are riding?
  8. Maj I so want the fluffy puppy ending. When the last page is done we'll see who goes where but if there is a vote, I want the fluff. Of course 1,000 pages of great battle first and I will shed tears for all the bit players. Frodo still lives, and so will Rand. Long live Randland with all the mains at the end!
  9. When Moiraine returns, will she stay with Rand or go help Lan? I think Moiraine will battle with Lan and help him avenge Malkier, then they will all end up with Rand at Shayol Ghul.
  10. If Mat does go to Birgitte and ask for information, and Olver is to young and challenged by beauty to go, perhaps Birgitte would be the third to rescue Moiraine. Who wouldn't want Birgitte with them in a crazy situation like that?
  11. I think we will get a chance to see Cadsuane and Moiraine in action together. Different women no doubt, but I think they have the same goal with Rand - get him to TG and hopefully beyond.
  12. Mystica your mom raised you right!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Cadsuane is the perfect guide for Rand since Moiraine, and with her help he'll reach TG almost whole. When Moiraine does return I don't think she will find fault with Cadsuane at all.
  13. Okay, first topic post so if this is an old thread I apologize, how would Rand's progression to being the Dragon Reborn have been if Moiraine had not died. Would he have had an easier time with all this if she had been his mentor or would it have been more difficult for him to mature with Moiraine always there for him to defer to? Does Cadsuane become the mentor she is because there is a vacuum left with the absence of Moiraine? I know, who decided she is his mentor, I think of her that way. I am reading Eye again and I guess I've forgotten how much I like Moiraine and I just keep going to what could have been different for Rand if she had been around...
  14. Lan will have a huge army with him, Nynaeve has aready set everything in motion. Not only will Lan arrive with an army, it will be the greatest army since AOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, caught me Lan is my all time favorite character in the series. I have been waiting for fifteen years for him to finally have his day in the sun.
  15. Hola Ms. Gwyn, thanks for the hello. I've been wandering around in here for a while. Anybody know which one of the orgs. is the best to join?
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