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  1. I've had many theories but far less predictions, non at all on this forum actually... I did actually make some predictions/doomsday predictions around maybe 8-5 years ago? I visualized much of the book exactly the way it turned out and some of the scenes almost in exact detail. Not all of course, but some scenes were so similar to the ones I had in my head that it is downright frightening. I will only post the ones that came the closest: 1. Lan killing Demandred. 2. Moggy survives the last battle and then gets taken as Damane. 3. The Great Lord having a philosophical discussion with Rand and it turns out it was always about choice. 4. The way Mierin dies and who kills her, why and where. (I'm not kidding you. I recall reading a foreshadowing I think in book 3 where Perrin contemplated snapping Lanfear's neck like a twig when he saw her in the world of dreams but back then he couldn't do it because she hadn't done anything directly to him. Anyway I saw this as a huge foreshadowing and came up with the exact scenario as it played out.)
  2. I personally didn't understand what the deal was with that part... I understand the whole logic behind free will and needing the DO around to provide it, but the "the DO was never the enemy" thing doesn't make a lot of sense to me. He was pretty clearly the enemy Yeah... I'm actually with you on that. Or if he was not THE enemy - loss of free will? - he was certainly AN enemy. A big one. I also disagree with Rand's assessment that his "perfect world" was AS BAD as any of the DO's alternatives. The loss of your sense of self is definitely not a good thing, but an end to human suffering cannot be compared to the nightmare futures the DO created, I don't agree at all. Or are you saying you think Oblivion is a better alternative than eternal suffering?
  3. A GRRM moment? Well, since it is the end of the series and pretty much anyone can die, the only way I can think of to to make it a GRRM moment is to make the death bittersweet and wrong... probably pretty descriptive as well. I think it will be one of the "dark friends" dying. Since a lot of darkfriends will die, having a particular scene where the death is somewhat painful to read is a good way to go GRRM yes? But why would we even care about any of the darkfriends? I mean Demandred is probably a pretty cool guy and Moridin has that whole "magnificent bastard" going for him... but do we really care if they get offed? For us to care we'd had to have formed some sort of real attachment to them... so there would be two possibilities... 1. A character many of us liked and never suspected being a pawn of the shadow is suddenly revealed to be a darkfriend and then killed while fighting. or 2. Cyndane, Yes I'm that obvious. Naturally I would write about Cyndane, but really I feel there are far to few posts about her. So let me explain why I think her death could be made into a GRRM moment. Now, Mierin took the name Lanfear as her own but has since being resurrected refused to acknowledge that she or even was Lanfear. In a few of my other posts if interested you guys can read why I stress that while Lanfear was Mierin, Cyndane might be Mierin but she certainly isn't Lanfear. But enough of that... back to the point I was making; Mierin is certainly being tortured by the shadow and there is no doubt in my mind that she wants to be saved. It doesn't make her good though, she just doesn't want to die again or suffer. Despite what surtree claims, there is no evidence that Cyndane doesn't love Lews... does that mean she didn't want power? No... I'm not saying that, I'm just saying that there is still enough love there for a love-drama to play out. And this is where it starts getting good. I haven't read the books, I ordered them 9 hours ago so I should have them around the 8th... I will however make use of a quote by Sanderson as well as a spoiler view by Terez. and the quote by Sanderson: I believe these things refer to the same thing. Actually, is it to much of a spoiler using "hint" Terez gave us? So, say Lews saves Mierin only for her to betray him and give some speech about how she is going to kill him yada yada, lets make her a little bit out of character for bonus points. Then have her get Rand's bond and attack Egwene, she will remember Egwene as somebody she wanted to kill [FoH], But then we will get a POV and it will be revealed that while still evil, what she is doing is some sort of Xanatos gambit? If it succeeds it might be crucial for the "light" to win (of course it is for her own selfish desire, maybe thinking that she can get Lews to love ect ect) This scene will fulfill the prophecy of the Daugther of the Night making the shining walls crumble (see Egwene). Anyway for the GRRM to work it would be crucial that we believe up to that point that Cyndane is acting out of just pure hate, making readers hope that somebody saves poor Eggy... then with her pov revealed, it should make make readers hope for her success or at least hope that the scene wont end tragically. Enter Gawyn with his three blood rings. I don't like Gawyn, I hate his character but that is also why I find him one of the more interesting people to read about. Theories about him killing Rand of Shaddar Haran are to far removed from what he is; he isn't one of the heroes... he was never meant for great deeds. His place in the books is as a man that do great deeds for the people he love and to save the woman he is in love with. So it would be that "awesome moment" that Sanderson mentioned... even if we hate his guts and even if many of us think Eggy is a bad character, the fact that he decides to use the rings knowing he will die to attack one of the forsaken, in order to save the woman he loves is theoretically "awesome". Likewise it would also be cruel if this was Cyndane's only chance to be saved and what people thought she was doing was just one of her doing theater (she was always a drama queen so it is in her character). Not only denied the love or even a chance to survive, but nobody would be the wiser... possibly not even Rand. Then she dies, probably in some very gruesome explicit way... I can imagine him slicing her up with a sword perhaps? and Rand suffers the backlash of her death and her final thoughts, maybe then realizing she actually did love Lews... or worse, he doesn't realize it at all which might be even more cruel. Well, I know I would rage at least... I would call THAT a GRRM moment.
  4. I want some of the people fighting on the side of the Great Lord, be allowed a chance to shine. Have them actually defeat/kill some of the main or midtier heroes of the light... and have this happen in scenes where it looks like the heroes will win. It is never fun when then 'villains' are always treated just as villains. I'm not talking about giving the antagonists any form of redemption or 'sobstory', I just want the story to not conveniently make them lose.
  5. Ah, the book will be released soon and I will finally be able to read it. So before I do, lets go with one last crazy theory for you all to chew on: The Dark Prophecy found on the wall in the second book reads: Daughter of the Night, she walks again. The ancient war, she yet fights. Her new lover she seeks, who shall serve her and die, yet serve still. Who shall stand against her coming? The Shining Walls shall kneel. Now we all assume that this refers Mierin, or more accurately, to Lanfear... but is that really so? With the appearance of Cyndane and her possiblyt being Mierin reincarnate (wouldn't that surprise a lot of people if she isn't?) the part about her 'walking again' seems even more fitting. But there is just one problem with this... and that is the part about the Shinning Walls kneeling. Now if the Shinning walls isn't just "Egwene" (now the tower incarnate) I don't see how this sort of prophecy can be fulfilled. (although it would be kind of satisfying having Egwene get pawned by Cyndane in the dreamworld. What with how Meesana lost to Egwene it would be fun of Mierin wasn't affected at all by the "might of the tower" and just easily cowed the Mary Sue). Anyway I digress... what I was saying was -- if Egwene isn't "the Shining walls", then the prophecy seem kind of odd to me since Mierin has had very little to do with the tower itself so far and it would be kind of weird for her to suddenly take it on in the last book when her focus has been Lews this entire time. So... what was my crazy 'theory' then? Well... what if the "Daughter of the night" isn't Lanfear? The daughter of the night was just something she was called because of what she did in the world of dreams right? So what if Egwene will be the "Daughter of the night" in the final book? She at least has a real tie to the tower.
  6. Knowing how Rand/Lews thinks, he will undoubtedly feel he is smart enough to try and outsmart people that are trying to outsmart him. His whole ploy is to get it over with as quickly as possible. I.E as soon as the rest of the world agrees or disagrees he would travel directly to where he plans to heal the bore. BUT, like I said -- he is always trying to outsmart people so if this is RJ's Rand/Lews, then he probably has some sort of detour/trap set up where he will try to lure out as many of the Chosen+other major enemies as possible. The whole meeting kind of seems like something like this... Then of course there is the whole Mierin thing. Mierin more than anyone has always been Rand/Lews personal problem. So it kind of feels to me he plans to make a detour just before facing the Great Lord and kneeling at Shayol Ghul...
  7. Alive Yah! quote please? I don't remember it expressed in those exact words... I need a quote on this too. Even so I don't agree with you. Love is selfish, and I was defending the idea of her being in love with Lews, not loving Lews. To protect the many the few are made to suffer. It is an nonredeemable evil created by the 'good'. Think about it. Semirhage was inflicting some pain on people and while this by itself can be construed as evil, she SAVED those people. It was her payment for saving people nobody else could heal. Her punishment for this (for saving people lol) was that not only was she to be brainwashed and taken away her free will to do these 'bad things', half her life was to be taken away from her! Semirhage is the only example we really know of, but it is a very telling one. There was no real "free will" in the age of legends. Sure there was no real problems but that was because all dissenters were rooted out in a very facist way.
  8. It's shows us HOW she thinks but not always what she thinks. I.E it shows us that she is very overconfident and that she acts out on her emotions almost immediately. The POV that showed her wanting Rand dead was a while ago and if she was tortured... well, she would probably blame Rand but that doesn't mean that she could EASILY change her mind if she somehow got it into her head that he loved her. That is what her POV's show... that she's a bit insane with obsession/love. Sorry but no, we haven't (as far as we have been able to confirm) seen any POV's of her lately so she could have changed her mind. Also, one desire does not need to eliminate the other. For instance she could perfectly well both want to kill Rand/Lews AND make peace with him. We could even have a scenario where she helps Lews win the final battle and then kill him afterwards. RJ had a tendency to lead readers astray by omitting somethings while hinting at other stuff. For instance RJ said (if I remember correctly) that Mierin loved the power that was associated with Lews Therin. He never said that she DIDN'T love the man himself. Why did't RJ say it outright that she didn't love Lews if this was the case? Why mention that she loved the power? He could simply have said: She didn't love Lews, she only loved his power. What I'm getting at here is that if you want to quote RJ, then you need to quote things that can't be interpritted so many many different ways. But is that really true? I mean we know Rand/Lews has told Lanfear that he thinks she doesn't love him (doesn't make it true just because he says so) but he never said he had stopped loving her. The closest thing we get is him saying he could never love a woman that gave herself to the shadow, which seems pretty silly seeing as how love isn't really something that you 'decide'. Rather if he actually did love her, her working for the shadow would have been hurting him greatly, enough for him to try and force himself not to love her. That being said, the dreamsequence where he sees Cyndane we see his thoughts and it is mentioned that her eyes are haunting him. I.E that whole sequence seem to confirm that he does love her still but that he has always tried to stop himself from doing so. Kind of he knows that she is "evil" so he shouldn't have feelings for her but he still does. That scene was hardly the first scene about his feelings concerning Mierin either. at least two times (as far as I can recall) when he was shown thinking about her, RJ had Rand thinking of her somewhat "fondly". I'm not saying that it is a trap, but Elorian being the master philosopher he is probably realized long ago that Lews never had stopped loving Mierin. Dreamwalkers DRAW dreams towards them if the feelings between them are strong enough. This was shown with Egwene and it seems that as a Dreamwalker you can't do anything about it no matter how good you are at tel'aranriod. So it actually might be as you just said... the whole thing might have been something that happened without Cyndane realizing it was real... I mean if it was a trap why appear in her new body and not disguise herself as Lanfear? Full control? I doubt this is what actually happened. Either she snatched him into Tel'aranriod or what happened in the dream was something she was prepared for. For instance She knew Rand wanted her and she wanted Rand... there was NEVER any need to control things... all she had to do was sex him up and enjoy it. Rand certainly wouldn't have balked. Then Asmodean appeared. Perhaps a dream has less power of people if there are more than one dreamwalker in it? Still, I'd say the appearance of Asmodean suggests that Lanfear snatched him in to Tel'aranriod. Sorry but no, RJ didn't settle anything about her loving Lews. As for altruistic? What does altruism have to do with being in love? Love at its core is a VERY selfish feeling. Altruism is the love for your fellow man and is NOT being in love.
  9. Ah, but that is raises the question -- what is love? (baby don't hurt, don't hurt no more) Obsession itself can be said to be the strongest love since there is no such thing as an unselfish love. The more she loves herself the stronger her love for Lews would be -- I.E she would kill him... that is how much she loves him. I.E because she loves him she hates him ect. For the record RJ NEVER said that Mierin didn't love Lews -- he said she was a woman that wanted power. It was Lews himself that claimed that Mierin never loved him. Anyway if Mierin was to "return" to the light she would do so mainly out of selfserving reasons. I mean she IS human after all. It really is a question of philosophy here. If everything keeps on repeating forever you might have the chance to change, but since it repeats itself you never will. On the other hand if everything is destroyed then there WILL be change and then you wont have any new chances to change. I believe that he does and THAT is why he wants it to end. For example he sees how Lews Therin loves and hates people -- now while Elan himself might not fall in love, he would be able to empathize with Lews and thus sort of live "through" Lews. So everyone Lews loved would be channeled through Elan?
  10. Even if it was unwise, unless it was impossible to do so, I don't think the Great Lord would let Sammael's soul rest peacefully. I.E Sammael probably has been resurrected and he might even survive the final battle and never be found out. It's likely he was stuck into the Black Tower... Still, you raise an interesting point... what happens to souls touched and killed by Mashadar? I'd wager a guess that if Mashadar "eats" them, then they find themselves becoming a part of Mashadar... but if such a soul was ripped away from Mashadar by the Great Lord... who would have the greatest control over them? The Great Lord or Mashadar? In the case of Fain it was Mashadar but that only happened after a lot of struggling and only because Fain's soul merged with Mordeth and even got additional help from the dagger. Considering that the wheel keeps on turning it is very unlikely that she would be doomed for "eternity". Unless she manages the feat of getting sealed up together with the great Lord, she should be reincarnated normally next time she is spun out. Only reason why people are still in the service right now ever after their deaths is because the Great Lord is free. It was suggested that it WOULD have unraveled if Rand had balefired HIMSELF while using that great SA-Angreal. First of all Rand is a VERY important thread so his balefiring would affect more than others... and apart from that using that giant SA-Anreal would likely have ripped him out at least an hour before his death. That said, don't forget that everyone was running around balefiring each other in the age of legends and that Rand even balefires a whole castle without the pattern breaking. So it would likely take a couple of hundred important people being balefired very quickly for the pattern to unravel. If it was RJ, then she was brought back as a "joke/punishment". There was never any need to kill her, she could have easily been mindtrapped while still alive after all. Killing her and putting her in a REALLY ugly body however is a great joke. :D It follows the theme of how the Chosen's punishments by the Great Lord are specific to their "sins". AGINOR: Thought himself extraordinary and a genius. He was put in the most PLAIN body ever; It wasn't even ugly. BELIAL: he LOVED beautiful women and saw them as fluff and toys. He was put into a body that made him look like a TOTAL fluff who's only use was sex. LANFEAR; She was VERY proud of herself and how she looked. Her beauty was very regal and queenly. Lanfear was put into body of a very young VERY short and very cute girl. I.E she wanted to be taken seriously and now she looks like a cute doll of a girl. GREANDAL: Loved flaunting herself ect ect but now she is EXTREMELY ugly and has nothing to flaunt. In Asmodean's case I believe it was a matter of Greandal doing something the Great Lord could not undo without his permission. As for Arangar -- calling her a loser is uncalled for -- in fact she was one of the more successful during this new age. She only got found out by chance and it wasn't really anything she did wrong. Because Lews Therin still oves her (no matter what he claims, his reaction to her proved it). Also it is likely Moridin wanted this because he knows how Lews feels... and well... her way of thinking is pretty simple so it is easy to trick her into doing what you want. In Moghedien's case, keeping her alive and afraid of being killed is more effective and more of a punishment/torture. In Greandal's case... well, Greandal WAS killed. Alviarin was marked for protection both as a way of punishing Meesana but also as an effective way of making her work even harder. It isn't that he failed that is the problem, it is that he is terrible at doing ANYTHING but creating Shadow-spawn. Why waste time and perfectly good bodies at resurrecting a guy that is no better than cannonfodder? The mindtrap doesn't take control away from the people trapped by them unless the trap is broken... it is doubtful that anyone that has their mindtrap broken will be able to do anything. Maybe she thinks this but I think the only way she would avoid getting punished again would be if Lews/Rand doesn't reveal who she was/is to other people.
  11. Actually I don't think it has to be that cut and dry. 1. her being punished the most might refer to something that he PLANS to do when she is tricked into doing something she thinks she is doing of her own free will. 2. The punishment might be something that would only be a punishment to her -- maybe being forbidden not to kill Rand and then forced to help him in order to trick him. If she is really angry with him right now, this would be punishment. 3. If it is physical torture then the reason might not be something she has done, but rather she is being punished in order for her to either be so psychologically broken that she will even kill herself to serve the shadow -- or that she will try and side with the light. (see Xanatos gambit by the Great Lord.)
  12. Not so. Cyndane has also been described as a mere slip of a girl and VERY slim if I recall correctly. About the hair; she was also said to be very short (probably around Egwene's height or smaller) but if this was Cyndane you could make an issue out of why this wasn't mentioned in her description either. Lanfear was always selfserving true, but first of all -- Cyndane isn't Lanfear... she is Cyndane. Don't forget that it was mentioned that while the body adapted somewhat to the mind, the mind ALSO adapted to the body. In the case of Arangar it was more than a little obvious since she even seemed to be actually "hitting" on Mat. Still, no need for that either. Really, if she WAS tortured all day long as Lews Therin was told, then that in itself could be incentive enough for her to decide to try to break away. But even if this is/was Cyndane's own plan, that doesn't mean that the shadow isn't aware of what she is doing... in fact just torturing her like that seems kind of odd since she could have been put to better use... so perhaps she was tortured in order for her to betray the shadow? She'd believe that she could break free of the mindtrap only for it to ensnare her at the worst possible time in order to hurt Lews? Seeing as at least half of Slayer IS of Rand's blood this could also fulfill the prophecy if Slayer is killed by Rand or somebody else near/at Shayol Ghul.
  13. Buxom yes, but she has also been described as pretty (in the cute sense) and often hinted to be very slim and look like "just a slip of a girl".But I wonder about that. Slayer is supposed to have been ordered to kill Rand specifically and we have seen Cyndane being really angry with Lews in her pov and thinking of killing him... But what about the epilogue of the previous book? IN it we see what we believe to be Cyndane begging Lews to save her. Now I'm not saying that this isn't a trap or anything... but the whole thing (being one of the main major foreshadowings for the last book) seems kind of odd that we would get such a definite hint at it really being a trap at the BEGINING of the last book. Wouldn't it be better to let the readers still be unsure of this until it happens? I mean since it was left open in the other book? Yes!! There's so many bad things I could say about Sanderson's writing but I feel you said it better than I ever could. I swear... if he has Nynaeve say "excellent" one more time I'm seriously going to cry.
  14. As far as redemption goes in a world where people reincarnate? Lets think about this for a bit. What is it that makes a person accountable for their actions? The part about the Chosen still being guilty of the crimes they commited in the AOL always irritated me. I mean they are still associating/serving the Great Lord which I guess is a big minus and anything they do after they were released in the third age would of course be a crime of that era. But what about he stature of limitation? If they killed a person a 1000 years ago can they really be held accountable for that by people living in the third age? That just seems wrong. But there is more; what about that whole reincarnatin business? We know that several of the Chosen have been reincarnated. Their mind actually adapt somewhat to the new bodies so even though they still have the memories of the old Chosen, they can be said to be new people. Can you really hold these new people accountable for whatever crimes the old ones did? If you do, then what about souls that are reincarnated normally and don't retain any memories? How many darkfreinds/chosen have been reincarnated over the repeat spinning of the wheel? Just to use an example -- How many times has Nyanave been a Chosen/darkfriend? ect ect ect But Nyanave doens't remember anything like that... but what if she starts to remember? Should Nyanave be held accountable for what she did in a previous life? If she regains that lifes memories and personality? LIkewise if it memories we are talking about, if one of the reincarnated Chosen lost their memories would that pardon them? Then all of a sudden they remembered again and the punishment was decided to be carried out anyway? We actually have a somewhat simmilar situation actually happening in the books. Meeana has basically been reduced to that of a mentally challenged child in her mind. Should the White Tower Aes Sedai judge and punish/execute this sort of person? --- Which brings me Mierin/Cyndane. While Cyndane is Mierin's reincarnation she certainly isn't Lanfear. She might have Lanfear's anger, jealousy and even love for LTT -- yes even her memory and most of her personality... but Cyndane's mind was shaped by her body so she isn't truly the original person she was. As such I think we can only hold her responsible for the things she has done since being reincarnated, and all those things have been done under the threat of having her "soul crushed" by Moridin. Going by this definition, even if she isn't allowed to be redeemed in the books, I feel that she was somewhat purified when she was reborn. But yeah, her name "last chance" kind of screams that this is her final/last chance to save herself.
  15. Figuring out what will happen in the last book shouldn't be too difficult if we use the RaFO replies we have gotten from both RJ and Brandon. If they haven't been answered yet then chances are VERY big that they will be revealed in the final book. Using this it is much easier isn't it? By saying RaFO they have already revealed a great deal. So some things that we can expect to find out in that book: 01. Some Cyndane pov showing us more of her story and exactly what happened to her in Aelfinn. 02. Most likely this will give us at least 10+ chapters. 03. What happened to Alanna? 04. The Seanchan 05. Rands meeting with the lords Egwene has gathered. 06. The White Tower being attacked AGAIN by Seanchan? 07. Some use for the three Seanchan rings Gawyn found. 08. LTT/Rand's thoughts about Mierin and him possibly trying to save her. 09. Two-three possibly even four major battles between armies. 10. Elayne should figure out that in order to make perfect angreal/terangreal a man and a woman need to be linked. 11. Something unexpected. 12. The final battle. 13. epiologue The above we can be pretty sure about but other less sure things could be: * Cyndane really being a prisoner and tortured but "somebody" used her to try and lure Rand into a trap. *We know that the bond when used by a female on a male that can channel doesn't allow the woman to control the man at all (although the other way around seems to work.) So For a forsaken to try and using that bond in a normal way wouldn't be very productive. I figure the bond could be used in other ways though. One being taht the one is gvien to Shaddar Haran, the other is that it is given to Moridin -- these two scenarios would likely be Moridin or the Great Lords plan -- however if it was Cyndane's plan? Maybe the Mind Trap is simmilar in nature to a bond, so if she makes Alanna pass the bond to her she would be able to use it as a trumph card in order to escape her prison? * Possible flash of the future with several of the characters reincarnated again. Some would be siblings and others who were friends would be rivals ect. Book would end with the Great Lord being released from the prison again by somebody else making a new bore. * This part is just my speculation but since Rand is now LTT as well and since there is no Ilyena around (as far as he knows) he would remember his feelings for Mierin. No I don't mean this would lead to a redemption or anything like that. I am just saying that I believe that despite everything he has said that LTT pobably is still loves Mierin. I'd wager she was his first love and that he drowned in her eyes. The way Rand has so far been almost impersonal (except for anger) towards some of the Chosen that he had even been comrades with at one point (see Sammael) made his encounters with them a bit too cold since he didn't remember them fully. But now that he has a full set of memories he should have a full set of feelings as well. No longer would these guys be people he vagually remembered with anger nor "legendary monster" -- they would be people that he remembered. People that might have been as close to him as Matt and Perrin and any of his friends. This is something I hope to see in the final book. I want to see LTT/Rand reflect on that they aren't just his enemies but that their betrayal would be far more personal.
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