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  1. I've had many theories but far less predictions, non at all on this forum actually... I did actually make some predictions/doomsday predictions around maybe 8-5 years ago? I visualized much of the book exactly the way it turned out and some of the scenes almost in exact detail. Not all of course, but some scenes were so similar to the ones I had in my head that it is downright frightening. I will only post the ones that came the closest: 1. Lan killing Demandred. 2. Moggy survives the last battle and then gets taken as Damane. 3. The Great Lord having a philosophical discussion
  2. I personally didn't understand what the deal was with that part... I understand the whole logic behind free will and needing the DO around to provide it, but the "the DO was never the enemy" thing doesn't make a lot of sense to me. He was pretty clearly the enemy Yeah... I'm actually with you on that. Or if he was not THE enemy - loss of free will? - he was certainly AN enemy. A big one. I also disagree with Rand's assessment that his "perfect world" was AS BAD as any of the DO's alternatives. The loss of your sense of self is definitely not a good thing, but an end to human suffering c
  3. A GRRM moment? Well, since it is the end of the series and pretty much anyone can die, the only way I can think of to to make it a GRRM moment is to make the death bittersweet and wrong... probably pretty descriptive as well. I think it will be one of the "dark friends" dying. Since a lot of darkfriends will die, having a particular scene where the death is somewhat painful to read is a good way to go GRRM yes? But why would we even care about any of the darkfriends? I mean Demandred is probably a pretty cool guy and Moridin has that whole "magnificent bastard" going for him... but do we r
  4. I want some of the people fighting on the side of the Great Lord, be allowed a chance to shine. Have them actually defeat/kill some of the main or midtier heroes of the light... and have this happen in scenes where it looks like the heroes will win. It is never fun when then 'villains' are always treated just as villains. I'm not talking about giving the antagonists any form of redemption or 'sobstory', I just want the story to not conveniently make them lose.
  5. Ah, the book will be released soon and I will finally be able to read it. So before I do, lets go with one last crazy theory for you all to chew on: The Dark Prophecy found on the wall in the second book reads: Daughter of the Night, she walks again. The ancient war, she yet fights. Her new lover she seeks, who shall serve her and die, yet serve still. Who shall stand against her coming? The Shining Walls shall kneel. Now we all assume that this refers Mierin, or more accurately, to Lanfear... but is that really so? With the appearance of Cyndane and her possiblyt being Mierin rein
  6. Knowing how Rand/Lews thinks, he will undoubtedly feel he is smart enough to try and outsmart people that are trying to outsmart him. His whole ploy is to get it over with as quickly as possible. I.E as soon as the rest of the world agrees or disagrees he would travel directly to where he plans to heal the bore. BUT, like I said -- he is always trying to outsmart people so if this is RJ's Rand/Lews, then he probably has some sort of detour/trap set up where he will try to lure out as many of the Chosen+other major enemies as possible. The whole meeting kind of seems like something like thi
  7. Alive Yah! quote please? I don't remember it expressed in those exact words... I need a quote on this too. Even so I don't agree with you. Love is selfish, and I was defending the idea of her being in love with Lews, not loving Lews. To protect the many the few are made to suffer. It is an nonredeemable evil created by the 'good'. Think about it. Semirhage was inflicting some pain on people and while this by itself can be construed as evil, she SAVED those people. It was her payment for saving people nobody else could heal. Her punishment for this (for saving people lol) was tha
  8. It's shows us HOW she thinks but not always what she thinks. I.E it shows us that she is very overconfident and that she acts out on her emotions almost immediately. The POV that showed her wanting Rand dead was a while ago and if she was tortured... well, she would probably blame Rand but that doesn't mean that she could EASILY change her mind if she somehow got it into her head that he loved her. That is what her POV's show... that she's a bit insane with obsession/love. Sorry but no, we haven't (as far as we have been able to confirm) seen any POV's of her lately so she could have change
  9. Ah, but that is raises the question -- what is love? (baby don't hurt, don't hurt no more) Obsession itself can be said to be the strongest love since there is no such thing as an unselfish love. The more she loves herself the stronger her love for Lews would be -- I.E she would kill him... that is how much she loves him. I.E because she loves him she hates him ect. For the record RJ NEVER said that Mierin didn't love Lews -- he said she was a woman that wanted power. It was Lews himself that claimed that Mierin never loved him. Anyway if Mierin was to "return" to the light she would
  10. Even if it was unwise, unless it was impossible to do so, I don't think the Great Lord would let Sammael's soul rest peacefully. I.E Sammael probably has been resurrected and he might even survive the final battle and never be found out. It's likely he was stuck into the Black Tower... Still, you raise an interesting point... what happens to souls touched and killed by Mashadar? I'd wager a guess that if Mashadar "eats" them, then they find themselves becoming a part of Mashadar... but if such a soul was ripped away from Mashadar by the Great Lord... who would have the greatest control over
  11. Actually I don't think it has to be that cut and dry. 1. her being punished the most might refer to something that he PLANS to do when she is tricked into doing something she thinks she is doing of her own free will. 2. The punishment might be something that would only be a punishment to her -- maybe being forbidden not to kill Rand and then forced to help him in order to trick him. If she is really angry with him right now, this would be punishment. 3. If it is physical torture then the reason might not be something she has done, but rather she is being punished in order for her to
  12. Not so. Cyndane has also been described as a mere slip of a girl and VERY slim if I recall correctly. About the hair; she was also said to be very short (probably around Egwene's height or smaller) but if this was Cyndane you could make an issue out of why this wasn't mentioned in her description either. Lanfear was always selfserving true, but first of all -- Cyndane isn't Lanfear... she is Cyndane. Don't forget that it was mentioned that while the body adapted somewhat to the mind, the mind ALSO adapted to the body. In the case of Arangar it was more than a little obvious since she even s
  13. Buxom yes, but she has also been described as pretty (in the cute sense) and often hinted to be very slim and look like "just a slip of a girl".But I wonder about that. Slayer is supposed to have been ordered to kill Rand specifically and we have seen Cyndane being really angry with Lews in her pov and thinking of killing him... But what about the epilogue of the previous book? IN it we see what we believe to be Cyndane begging Lews to save her. Now I'm not saying that this isn't a trap or anything... but the whole thing (being one of the main major foreshadowings for the last book) seems kind
  14. As far as redemption goes in a world where people reincarnate? Lets think about this for a bit. What is it that makes a person accountable for their actions? The part about the Chosen still being guilty of the crimes they commited in the AOL always irritated me. I mean they are still associating/serving the Great Lord which I guess is a big minus and anything they do after they were released in the third age would of course be a crime of that era. But what about he stature of limitation? If they killed a person a 1000 years ago can they really be held accountable for that by people living
  15. Figuring out what will happen in the last book shouldn't be too difficult if we use the RaFO replies we have gotten from both RJ and Brandon. If they haven't been answered yet then chances are VERY big that they will be revealed in the final book. Using this it is much easier isn't it? By saying RaFO they have already revealed a great deal. So some things that we can expect to find out in that book: 01. Some Cyndane pov showing us more of her story and exactly what happened to her in Aelfinn. 02. Most likely this will give us at least 10+ chapters. 03. What happened to Alanna? 04. T
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