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  2. Kaylynn walked down the hallway towards the classroom. When she stepped through the doorway she saw two other novices in the classroom, one being her roommate. She gave her a small smile. She sat down in her usual seat in the middle of the room. Seheria Sedai was busy writing at her desk so Kaylynn decided to pull out her parchments, pen and ink well. As the last of the novices took there seats, Seheria Sedai looked up with a smile. "Welcome back to class girls. There is much to learn today, and I would prefer not to waste time repeating myself, so please pay close attention. That is not to say that if you are having difficulty you cannot speak up of course, please do speak up so I can help you sooner, rather than later." Seheria passed back and forth in front of the desk waiting for all attention to be on her it seemed. "Now that you have learned how to embrace the source at will, it is time to move on to learning more about the nature of Saidar and what we can do with it.” Kaylynn wanted to shush the other girls and say 'Seheria Sedai said she did not want to waste anytime.' Seheria Sedai glared and then talked over the last of the girls chatter. “Saidar is made up of five elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Spirit." Kaylynn started to take notes as soon as the Sister said “Saidar,” but Seheria Sedai had stopped and she noticed that very few had started to take any notes at all. 'Silly fools,' Kaylynn thought to herself. "Women are generally stronger in Water and Air, while men are reportedly generally stronger when working with Earth and Fire. The ability in Spirit is equal. Each element appears a different color when pulled into a thread. Usually the colors are green for Water, blue for Air, brown for Earth, red for Fire and silver or white for Spirit." Kaylynn strived to keep up but also keep her script legible. She looked up at the Sister to see again why she stopped. "Some channellers see slightly different colors so we will now find out the combinations for each of you. As I show you each one, please be sure to write what you see down.” "Some of you may see a glow around me and some may not yet see it. If you do not see it yet, do not fret, you will in time. You will see that same glow around any woman who is holding Saidar. Keep your eye out for it, you may be surprised at how often you see it." Kaylynn stared at Seheria Sedai as she spoke of a glow in any woman who is holding Saidar. As the words left the Sister's mouth a glow seemed to envelope her, no she was the source of this amazing source of light. Kaylynn's breath caught in her throat. "Back to the lesson now girls. I will show you each element, one at a time." "First is Water. Most will see it in green, but do not worry if you see a different color This is water, and you are to write the color you do see, not the one you think you should." Kaylynn wrote next to 'Water – Green,' that it was more of a peridot color. The next thread was 'Air – Blue,' as she looked at the thread it was an aquamarine color. 'Earth – brown' was more of a cat's eye color, swirls of browns and golds. 'Fire – red,' was a fiery red like a ruby. 'Spirit – silver or white,' was more of a multi-ffaceted opal color. Kaylynn smiled at the thought of how proud her mother would be that she had learned something form her trading. After the other girls answered the question of if any colors were different, she felt almost abnormal for being so normal. She saw all the threads the color that they were suppose to be. Kaylynn frowned a little in her seat. "In this basket I have rags. I will send the basket through the room, please take a rag and pass the basket on." Kaylynn grabbed a rag from the basket and passed it to the novice next to her. Kaylynn then watched as Seheria Sedai submerged the rag in the water and pull in back out. 'What are we going to do with that?' Kaylynn wondered. “Now I will use a weave of Water alone to dry out the material. Watch carefully the way threads are combined.” “Now you will each have a turn to try this. Please do be careful not to drip out of the bowl. ” Kaylynn watched the two thread twist together just so and then watched the effect it had on the drenched rag. Kaylynn wrote a couple more notes about the twist of the two threads before it was her turn. Opening herself to Saidar, she pulled at two water threads. Trying to get them to twist just so took all her concentration. After what seemed like forever, the water dripped out of the rag until it was dry. It took her twice as long as her peers but that was just how she learned. By examining each step as she did them would make it several times easier the next time she tried the weave. "Now that you have had a taste of it, I'm sure you will all want to learn more, and though you have heard otherwise, I am not a cruel old woman. So, you have had a taste of water, let us focus on the other element we should all most likely have some skill in. Who can remember which other element women may find easier to use?" A novice in the front row blurted out the answer. "That is correct, air." "This weave is one you will see quite often, and very well may be the most used weave. It can have many uses, but it should not be overused, though the temptation will always be there." Kaylynn watched the Sister weave form in the air with the threads. She stared as the weave touched the edge of the rag and lift it into the air. “Now, each of you may try to do that with your own rags." Kaylynn first took notes on the weave of air she had just seen and after she was satisfied with them, she opened herself up to Saidar. Kaylynn slowly went through each step of the weave the first time with her slow deliberateness. After the first time weaving the air threads, each subsequent time went considerably faster. She managed to weave the thread four times to lift the rag by each of its corners before Seheria Sedai told them to stop. Kaylynn released Saidar and tried to not grown like the other girls around her. "I hope you all enjoyed your first taste of using Saidar for something tangible. Remember, it is additive and calls to you. It seems harmless, but do not forgot those names in your note books so quickly. We will get to do this again in our next class. Please be sure to return your rag to the basket before you leave the class." "Class dismissed." Kaylynn gathered her things and placed the rag in the basket on Seheria Sedai's desk. She curtsied to her and as she rose she gave her a small smile. She didn't think the Sister was a cruel old woman, but she was an Aes Sedai. Even though Kaylynn was only a novice, she had grown quite fond of the Yellow Sister. Kaylynn left the classroom thinking of her chores yet to do this evening but went to her rooms instead to have a quick rest and put her things away. Kaylynn Tasil Saeed Novice of the White Tower
  3. "That is a fair bit of knowledge, child. Your aunt must be a very good teacher to have you recall that on the spot. Though, that sort of information will not help you much around these parts. Is it the plants you have an interest in, or the effects you can achieve through them?" Kaylynn looked at Seheria Sedai and saw straight away what the sister was hinting at. Being a merchant's daughter had taught her a few things but the lord's daughter part of her wanted to know what she was planning. Was the Sister playing Da'es daemar? Some said the White Tower invented Da'es daemar and were masters at the game. “It is most certainly what they can do that interest me, not what they are!” She realized who she was talking to and blushed, “Aes Sedai,” she said quietly. “I enjoy using them as a tool in which to heal. To help people … Do you understand what I mean, Seheria Sedai?” Kaylynn realized the thought of her father's manor somehow strengthened her confidence. Maybe just a little to much though. “Seheria Sedai, if you do not mind me asking, why are you asking me these questions? I know I asked about the herb gardens before but ...” Kaylynn hesitated. “Why these 'different' questions?” Kaylynn bit her tongue, she had said to much. She had been to forward, she believed. She cursed herself for thinking on the past and building her confidences. She was no longer at her father's manor house or at her aunt's store telling a young mother that 'the price was the price and that was that!' Kaylynn shivered at the thought of what chores might be given for acting as an Acceted while still being a Novice. She looked at Seheria Sedai's face and the Sister seemed to be in her own thoughts. Kaylynn Tasil Saeed Novice of the White Tower OOC – Sorry for the babbling but I didn't have much but the one question to write about. I hope it is okay.
  4. "This is the Novice Book. Within it's pages are the names of every woman who has studied at the White Tower. By having your name written in it you are sealed to the Tower forever." "Now child, can you tell me your full name, place of birth and your current age please." “ I am Kaylynn Tasil Saeed from Bandar Eban in Arad Doman and I am 15 years of age.” "Welcome to Tar Valon Kaylynn Tasil Saeed, Welcome to the White Tower, Novice Kaylynn." The Mistress of Novices went to a large wardrobe and gave her some white items out of it. She then handed her a small wooden token from the jar on her desk. "If you take that token to the seamstresses they shall measure you and sew up dresses and shifts to fit you properly, but these will do for the next few days." "Do you have any questions before i have someone show you to your rooms and about the Tower?" Kaylynn shook her head and stood as a girl in a white dress with seven bands of color at the hem and cuff entered the room. Kaylynn left with the girl and her small bundle of white garments. As she walked through the Tower following the girl, who called herself Accepted, she stared at everything. The Accepted told her of the novices and the Accepted quarters and how many girls there were and how few that seemed to be for what the Tower was capable of holding. Kaylynn barely listened and ended up a a door in one of the Towers, she peeked over the railing to see the blue sky above and a small garden below. She entered the room and stared about at her surroundings. She placed he belongings on the larger of the two beds that looked to be from a farm in Andor. The Accepted told her she was the only one in the room at the time but she will probably have a roommate today or the next. She turned around the room and saw a small hearth with a wood pail and fire supplies, there was a small stand in the corner with a wash basin and pitcher from Tear of a plain cream. In the corner nearest the bed she choose there was a decent sized wardrobe from Arad Doman. Kaylynn smiled at the thought of something from her homeland. Kaylynn turned as the Accepted started to tap her foot with inpatients, she walked to the door and shut it. She then followed the Accepted to the seamstresses to be measured for her new novice garments. This was the first day of the rest of her life, and Kaylynn smiled.
  5. I hope that this week goes good for everyone!

  6. So happy, dancing on air! Okay, okay, I think I now need my head examined.

  7. Kaylynn was standing with a group of Novices that had just finished serving the mid-day meal in the dinning hall. They were all talking about lessons they had had today and what to do on there up coming day off. This was a usually empty corridor of the White Tower and the Novices usually converged around here so as to not meet an Aes Sedai or Accepted on a mission to make a Novices life more miserable than it was already. Kaylynn felt eyes upon her and turned to see who was looking at her. She turned to see Seheria Sedai. She mentally cringed with the memory of how she had left her One Power class earlier today. “Child, a word.” The group of Novices immediately were quiet and had somewhere else to be at the moment. They scurried away with curtsies and “Aes Sedai” murmured all around. Cowards. Kaylynn walked over to Seheria Sedai and curtsied. “Aes Sedai, how may I serve you?” Kaylynn said in a whisper and tried hard not to stare at her slippers. "I am sure you meant no disrespect in your hasty exit of our class earlier. However, in future, when you ask a question of a Sister, you would be wise to wait for the reply." "The White Tower has several herb gardens, my dear. Of course most of them go to supplying the kitchen. And most are well tended. However if this truly is a great interest of yours, perhaps we can find a way to see that you get tending to them on your chores list. Now, when you say you were taught all about them, what exactly encompasses all?" Kaylynn tried to school her facial features and then spoke. “My aunt, Seheria Sedai, was an herbalist in Bandar Edan. She took me at a very young age to her garden and taught me all the different healing properties each herb and plant held. As I grew she taught me how to prepare and mix them properly and what happens when they are not. Such as ...” she paused and looked at Seheria Sedai. She looked to be interested so Kaylynn continued. “Wormwood being good to help calm an over active digestion or can help reduce fever. It can also help to clear stomach/digestive parasites and can help with water retention. Lavender can help cure headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness and colds/fever. Red poppy can help a cough, sleeplessness, sore throat and bleeding. Nettle on the skin can help joint/body pains but in a tea can help with bladder infections.” Kaylynn quieted as she trailed off and paused yet again. There she let her tongue run away with itself again. She had the tendency to babble when she was nervous, something she knew she had to work on. “Do you wish me to continue? Did I answer your question, Aes Sedai?” Kaylynn then lifted her head and tried to meet the Seheria Sedai's gaze straight on. Her knees felt weak but she would not let them buckle. What she would not do for some Lavender tea right about now. Kaylynn took a deep breath, her tail that she was stressed, and tried again to school her facial features as she waited for Seheria Sedai to answer. Kaylynn Tasil Saeed Novice of the White Tower
  8. Kaylynn was walking down the halls of the White Tower breathing in the fresh air and trying to relax before her second One Power class. She still could not believe how stupid of a ninny she was at the end of her last class and she was glad that Seherai Sedai would not confront her about it at this class. She had already been seen by the sister and was hoping for a good outcome to the situation, even if it meant adding to her chore list. Walking down the last coridor to her class she felt her hands shake. She stoped at the open door and took a deep breath and walked in. She took the same seat she had taken on the first class and looked up to see a list of names on the board and Seheria Sedai reading a very old herb book. Kaylynn squinted to try and make out the name of the book. I wonder if Seheria Sedai would let me borrow it. Kaylynn shook her head, what an obsured thought. Kaylynn took out her writing utensils and some parchments and began to copy the list on the board as the other novices came into the classroom. "Good morning everyone, and welcome back to your Introduction to Saidar class. Our last lesson was on how to embrace the source. I trust you all recall it and are ready to move forward. If you had any trouble with it you should have addressed it at the end of that class. Today we move on in our studies." Seheria motioned to the board of names, "Can anyone tell me the importance of these names. What ties them all together? Who are they?" Kaylynn stared at Seheria Sedai and knew that even though she tried not to act like she did not know she knew it was plan on her face. She really did need to practice her Aes Sedai serenity if she was not going to be such an open book to her thoughts and feelings. “This list is one of White Tower initiates who have burned themselves out.” Kaylynns eyes nearly popped out of her head. That is a list of initiates who have burned themselves out! Kaylynn blinked several times to get back some sembalence of control over her facial reaction. “I began to speak of this at the end of last class, but I can see some of you need to hear more on this. These girls burned the ability to embrace Saidar right out of themselves. In most cases they drew too deeply on the One Power, or they tried to walk alone, channelling without supervision; trying to advance too quickly." "This is something that is not uncommon. Look at the number of names on that list. That is not even nearly a complete list, yet it fills this board. Some of these girls killed themselves in doing this, but others only burned the ability to channel out. You are right in thinking not all of the girls die from it, but many do loose there ability to grasp the source and are set out of the Tower. Before you choose to push your limits and channel with out supervision, please think through what could happen and decide if you are ready to die over one embrace. Think on what you would do with the rest of your lives if you were turned away from the Tower, never able to feel that sweet flow of Saidar again. If you still think that one unsupervised moment to hurry your learning along or feel the power in you is worth never feeling it again, I cannot stand over you and stop you. The choice is always yours, but I have given you all the information and warning I can. This is serious, and it claims many more lives than you may imagine. Copy the names please, keep them with you as you leave this class." Kaylynn finished completing the list she started at the beginning of the class. She made sure each name was legible and written with great care. It was as if she wrote when with such care, she was sure to remember them all that much better and then she would remember Seheria Sedai's warning. After she finished she pushed her parchments to the side of the desk and waited for Seheria Sedai to continue. "The rest of today’s lesson is about control. Not only of yourself, but also of Saidar. For an Aes Sedai, control will be a vital part of everything you do. As the One Power becomes a larger part of your life, it is essential that you learn how to control it. The most widely used technique for controlling the Source is called ‘Pushing and Pulling’. The objective is to embrace and hold the Source, but hold it as far away from you as you can without releasing it. This discipline will help you to back off from the Source before you reach a level you cannot control. This will also help you when it comes time to learn linking in your Accepted studies." "I want you all to close your eyes and imagine you are the rosebud. Feel the warmth of the sun on the petals, as you did in our last class. Feel it fill you and just hold yourself there." Kaylynn went through the exercise and could not help but smile as she felt Saidar invelope her. As soon as the smile hit her lips though, she lost it and had to bite her lip to stop a curse or growl to pass her lips. She took a deep breath and tried again but this time she shoved her emotions away from her so she had no distractions. “Now imagine that a cloud is passing between you and the sun. As it does push the Source away from you, maintain your contact with Saidar but feel how it is distant. Now as the cloud moves away, pull Saidar back to you fully and feel the warmth again. Now remember this is a gradual movement, if you pull the One Power back to yourself too quickly it will hurt.” Kaylynn concentrated on pushing Sadiar away and pulling it towards her slowly, back and forth sort of like a slow dance. Kaylynn kept all of her emotions just outside of the glow of Saidar in her mind's eye and each time she moved the glow back and forth it became easier. It felt as if she was using a muscle that she didn't even know she had for the very frist time. She knew with practice she would be able to work that part of her until it was as if breathing to do this exercise. "Very good everyone. Release the Source now. Just like in our last class, that came easier to some of you and harder to others. Do not be discouraged by this. How quickly it comes means nothing to your future or your potential. The fact that it comes in any amount of time is all that matters at this point. With patience, and practice your skills will improve, and only then will you be able to truly tell your potential." "Now, let's try that one more time to be sure you all have it. Take a few moments to calm yourselves and focus. When you are ready become the rosebud again and carry on the push and pull as you did before." Kaylynn embraced Saidar again and began the exercise. It was easier the second time around but still difficult. It took twice as much energy to pull it back towards herself slowly as to not hurt herself, as Seheria Sedai had told them. She then released Saidar and tried not to frown. "You all did very well with the lesson today. If you have any questions I will be here for a few moments after class. Otherwise go get some rest; this exercise takes a lot out of you. I will see you all when we meet for our next lesson." Kaylynn blinked as Seheria Sedai turned her back. So the class was done, how odd it didn't seem to last that long. She looked out the window and saw that it was a good hour or two later and then stood in shock. Her other class mates made there was around her as she pulled herself together. Packing her things slowly and taking care with the list of names, she looked up to see that she was the last student left in the classroom. Kaylynn walked to the desk and curtsied. “Excuse me Seheria Sedai,” Kaylynn curtsied again. “I was wondering what book that is you are reading. I would like to read it myself and wish to know its name so I can look for it in the library.” Kaylynn tried to look strong and not timid at all but it was so hard when you were sharing a gaze with an Aes Sedai. Kaylynn Tasil Saeed Novice of the White Tower
  9. (OOC: Sorry this one is so long I had to do both at the same time and so it is long........again sorry) Kaylynn walked through the halls of the White Tower, trying to rush without rushing. She past an Accepted in the hallway and the Accepted arched an eyebrow at the speed that Kaylynn was traveling through the halls. Kaylynn slowed and curtsied mid-stride towards the Accepted and continued on her way. Kaylynn was running late for her first One Power class and she did not want to be tardy. Her teacher was Seheria Sedai and she heard that she could be strict and a little mean. She involuntarily shivered, even though she knew that no Aes Sedai would hurt a novice with the One Power, she wondered what the Aes Sedai did do to get such a reputation around the Novice Quarters. Kaylynn turned around the last corner and notice the door just starting to open and a couple other novices in the hallway. Kaylynn hurried through the door and slowed immediately to a walk after crossing the threshold. She stopped and made a deep curtsy at the Seheria Sedai. She walked to a seat in the middle of the seats in the room. She did not want to look to eager or to indifferent to be in her first One Power class. Kaylynn watched as the other novices entered the classroom and waited for the class to begin. “Good morning everyone. I am Seheria Sedai, of the Yellow Ajah. I will be your teacher for this Introduction to Saidar course. This class marks the beginning of your journey to becoming Aes Sedai. During this course you will learn about the nature of the One Power, and of course, how to channel. Now, I would like to take a moment for you to each introduce yourself to the class. We will be spending quite some time together and I'd like us to at least know a little about who we are sharing our time with." Kaylynn opened her mouth to answer Seheria Sedai's question but was interrupted by a girl in the first row. She looked at the back of the girl. She knew her........then Kaylynn frowned as she realized that it was her roommate. The girl had not really talked to her since she arrived the other day, which Kaylynn took as jitters but still it was also rude. ”Good morning, Seheria Sedai and class. My name is Sagneia Kathen, and I come from Tarabon. My father keeps a fabric store in Tanchico. This was actually the first time I went outside Tarabon... But I’m very happy to be here anyway” After Sagneia finished, Kaylynn spoke up before anyone else could. “I am Kaylynn, Seheria Sedai. I am the daughter of a minor lord and a high merchant from Bandar Eban in Arad Doman......,” of course everyone knew Bandar Eban was in Arad Doman, you stupid ninny, Kaylynn scolded herself. She took a deep breath and continued, “I am the youngest and only girl of four, all my brothers are soldiers. I lost one on Almoth Plain.” Kayla paused for a minute remembering her eldest brother, “but I gave all that up to become a novice at the White Tower and I am proud to be here.” "Now that we are a little more well acquainted, let us begin. This class is arguably the most important class you will take in your time with us here at the Tower. Please listen carefully and take the warnings to heart, they are for your own safety." "The first rule you must learn is to never, and I mean never, channel without supervision. Supervision means with the approval and direct watchful eye of an Accepted or an Aes Sedai. If you are ever caught channeling without supervision you will wish you had never come to the White Tower. The Mistress of Novices does not take lightly to such a breach of the rules. You'd be lucky if she didn't turn you out of the tower on the first breach of this kind. Do you all understand me?” Kaylynn nodded eagerly to Seheria's rules so fast she thought her head might come of her shoulders. She did not want to be turned out of the tower ever, she wanted to be Aes Sedai. “As I said earlier, every restriction that is in place is for your own safety. Young girls such as yourselves have been burned out, or killed, by channeling more of Saidar than they are ready for. We will teach you in a safe environment, and foster your abilities to bring you to your full strength.” “Saidar is addictive. You will want to hold it all the time. You will feel more alive whilst holding Saidar; colors will be sharper and in this is the temptation to channel unsupervised. Do not fall prey to this temptation. I will say it again, and bide my words well, you will never channel unsupervised. I want to hear you each say that back to me. I want your word on it.” “I promise to never channel unsupervised,” Kaylynn stated aloud. She stared at Seheria's face as if she looked at the woman as she spoke she could make the knowledge sink in better. “Please take out your parchments and pens; you will want to take notes from here on in.” Kaylynn pulled out parchment, an ink pot, blotting sand, and her quill out of her white satchel. She arranged everything just so on her desk and then looked again eagerly at Seheria's face. “We are here today to learn about the One Power. The One Power is what drives all of Creation. It allows the Pattern to form and the World to turn. As Channellers we become conduits for the One Power, we guide the One Power to use it for our needs.” “We can represent the One Power as a circle such as this.” She then drew a sinuous line from the top of the circle and colored the side that sat like a teardrop white. “The One Power or True Source, as you may hear it called, is made up of two halves. Women channel Saidar, the female half, you may recognize that symbol as the Flame of Tar Valon. While men channel Saidin, the male half, again you may recognize this symbol as what is known by many as the Dragon’s Fang.” Seheria paused to label the to two halves of the circle. Kaylynn only just stifled a gasp so as to not look as foolish as some of the less learned girls in the class but just. "Saidar and Saidin are simply two halves of a whole. Neither evil, nor good, they just are. Saidin is often regarded as evil because of the madness which consumes men who can channel. Saidin itself is not evil, it was during the Sealing of the Bore on the Dark One’s prison that Dark One reached out as his final gesture and tainted Saidin. It is this taint on Saidin that drives men who can channel mad; they often kill others before they themselves are killed. The Red Ajah’s mission is to protect not only the world from men who can channel, but to protect them from themselves by gentling men they can find with the ability to channel Saidin.” “Saidar remains clean and safe to use and it is with Saidar that Aes Sedai work. To wield Saidar we must first surrender to it and understand it. The One Power is made of five elements, Air, Water, Earth, Fire and finally Spirit. Generally women are strongest in Air and Water, whilst men are stronger in Earth and Fire. Spirit is split evenly between the two. You will probably find that you have an affinity with one or two of the elements; however, you must not let your studies lag in the other elements because as our weaves become more complex we use flows of more than one element.” Kaylynn watched as Seheria walked back to the front of the class. Kaylynn just knew something special was going to happen so she hastily sanded her parchment and waited for them to start something with the One Power. “Set down your pens girls and close your eyes. Now the fun begins! We will now attempt to embrace Saidar.” Kaylynn laid down her pen and closed her eyes but she was so nervous and excited she felt she might jump right out of her chair if not right out of her skin. “I want you to imagine a rosebud. Exclude everything from your thoughts except the rosebud. Become the rosebud, you are the rosebud. Think of nothing but the rosebud. Be the rosebud, feel the sun on your petals, feel the warmth of the sunlight and draw that warmth in. As you draw the warmth the rosebud opens and blooms.” Kaylynn imagined a lovely lavender rosebud opening to the rising sun, she saw the petals opening and then she felt something tickle the back of her mind and she gasped and lost the image altogether. Shaking her head, she tried again. All in all she opened her rosebud twice to nothing, once to Saidar and then lost it, the fifth time she took a deep breath before she started. She saw the rosebud and then thought of herself as the rosebud and she started to open slowly to the warmth of the sun. Kaylynn slowly opened her eyes with a huge grin on her face, she had embraced Saidar and she still did! Kaylynn knew she was grinning ear to ear but she didn't care. She could feel Saidar pulsing through her, she saw the different colors of light, the dust hanging in the air, and eat individual grain in the desk in front of her. She felt Saidar waiver and Kaylynn quickly concentrated on keeping her emotions in check so she did not loss Saidar again. She never wanted to let it go. Seheria Sedai suddenly clapped her hands together. Kaylynn lost her hold on Saidar and almost felt she would cry. She straightened in her chair and raised her head and tried to make it not show how hard and emotional it was to let go of something so wonderful. "Well done everyone. For some of you it came sooner and others had to work harder on it before they were able to embrace. Do not be hard on yourself over this. Embracing the source, as you all just did, is not always something that comes easily. In the years you will have to practice, on your way to becoming Aes Sedai, you will become so used to it that you won't even think about the rosebud; you will just open yourself to it at will. But until that time, you will most likely need to think your way through each step. There will be times, try as you may, that it just will not come to you. Times of great stress, or great fear; times when you cannot calmly focus on the process of opening yourself to it, these are the times you will find it difficult to embrace the source. And through out your lessons and years of learning, we will do what can be done to help you learn to overcome this." Kaylynn tried to sit even straighter in her chair as if to show Seheria Sedai that she was one up for the challenge and willing to do her best at every turn. "The longer you hold Saidar, and the more you use it, the more tired you will become. It doesn't take long to feel the effects of holding it. I am sure that most of you are already feeling tired from the lesson today. Your threshold for this will increase with more practice, but if you hold it for too long or hold too much at once, you will put yourself in danger of burning out." Kaylynn's jaw dropped but she quickly shut her mouth again. She nodded in agreement to let Seheria Sedai know she understood what she was saying to the class. "While you hold it and while you are using it, you may not think you are in danger, but the full effect of how much it takes out of you isn't truly felt until you release it. That is why it is imperative that you never practice this lesson, or the ones to follow in our future classes, with out the supervision of an Accepted or full Sister. I fully support pushing yourself to be the best and pushing your abilities to make yourself a better asset to the Tower, but burning yourself out would not benefit the Tower. Not only do you have a personal potential that we wish to see you develop, you have a potential to better the White Tower as a whole, please do not put that potential for the betterment of the Tower in danger just to satisfy a momentary desire. Notice now how tired you feel. Recall how you did not feel so tired while you were embracing Saidar. I knew when to stop you, you did not. You will not know when you've had too much until it is too late. For that reason, you must be certain not to try what you've learned in this class without the supervision of an Accepted or and Aes Sedai. We have learned the signs to look for. We will discuss more on this later, but for now, go rest. We will meet back here at the scheduled time for our second lesson." Kaylynn gathered her things into her satchel and tucked it securely at her side. She rose from her desk and walked to Seheria's desk at the front of the desk. She stopped and opened her mouth, she then closed her mouth. Kaylynn looked the picture of indecision, Seheria was a yellow, the healing ajah. She had so many questions for her teacher. Do they use herbs with Saidar? Do they practice herbs as well? When can she start lessons on healing? Instead she said the stupidest thing in the world, “Does the White Tower have a herb garden? I would like to keep up my skills with herbs, my great Aunt taught me all about them.” Kaylynn stopped and almost kicked herself. Blushing a deep scarlet from neck to hairline, she quickly curtsied and walked, very close to a run, out of the classroom. She tired to not run over any of her peers and as she turned the corner, she paused against the wall. “What a stupid ninny of a question that was Kaylynn? What were you thinking?” Kaylynn then growled out loud and stalked off towards the dinning hall to do some chores.
  10. Kaylynn looked at the Mistress of Novices and then at the steaming cup of tea in front of her. Am I ready to give up my life to be an Aes Sedai? Kaylynn nodded to herself as if to answer her own question that she had not stated aloud. She picked up the cup of tea and inhaled its aroma which seemed to strengthen her. “I am ready to become Aes Sedai. I know it will take years of dedication and training and I will have to put my past and my......family behind me. And I am ready and willing, Aes Sedai.” As Kaylynn spoke she started off strong but slowly wilted like a herb left to long in the sun. She sipped at the tea and stared into the depths of the cup for courage. “What must I do to join the White Tower, Aes Sedai? Please show me what I must do.” she almost shouted the end of her sentence as if to prove to the Mistress of Novices that she was truly ready for what lay ahead of her in the White Tower. Kaylynn blushed deeply, which she knew would only make her blue eyes look more violet than blue. She tried to hide her face by looking at her lap and cursing the combs that held back the sides of her raven hair. Kaylynn waited quietly to either be sent away, laughed at or accepted into the White Tower as a new novice. Kaylynn Aspiring novice
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  12. Kaylynn blushed and then sat up right on the edge of the chair and smoothed out her skirts. She looked at the Aes Sedai in front of her and blushed again. "I am the daughter of a lesser lord and high merchant. I had three brothers but lost one to Almoth Plain battles............" Kaylynn paused. "You were asking about the Aes Sedai that sent me, sorry!" Kaylynn curtsied from her chair and continued, "I was working in my aunt herb shop when I saw two beautiful ladies conversing with my two brothers. Both were clearly outlanders, in beautiful green riding dresses with four men in their shadow. I walked out to see what my brothers were up to and heard them talking about Tar Valon and Warders and Aes Sedai and the White Tower. I supposed they were trying to get my two older brothers, who were soldiers to go to Tar Valon to become Warders. I interrupted them at that point and told them that I wanted to go too." Kaylynn blushed a deeper red and tried to act as if it was not obvious. "The two women then started to ask me questions, like how old I was, how I was related to the boys (my brothers) and so on. We went to my aunt's herb shop and they continued to ask me question in the back room. I told them my love of herbs and old things and how my aunt was teaching me how to use herbs for various things. They said they had to test me to see if I was able to be taught at the White Tower as Aes Sedai or as Warder. They produced a beautiful egg shaped stone on a gold chain and walked her through the test." Kaylynn fidgeted in her seat, "I made it flicker a couple times towards the end and they then asked to speak with my parents." Kaylynn sat straighter and fidgeted with her bracelet. "I was put on one of my mother's trading boats and was shipped off to the White Tower." Kaylynn looked up at the woman across the desk through her dark lashes and waited for the embarrassment that she was not to be accepted to the White Tower as a potential novice but as a potential warder. She placed her hands in her lap and tried hard not to fidget or smooth her skirts. Kaylynn Tasil Saeed, Domani
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