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  1. Thanks everyone! I think I will be choosing the Aes Sedai path as well. It was a hard choice but I think it is the best fit. Taltos: I love your toga, I will defend you! Harth: There are just no words!
  2. Working on some bios for some other RP groups! And trying to finish my Chemistry homework. :blush:

  3. Kaylynn walked down the hallway towards the classroom. When she stepped through the doorway she saw two other novices in the classroom, one being her roommate. She gave her a small smile. She sat down in her usual seat in the middle of the room. Seheria Sedai was busy writing at her desk so Kaylynn decided to pull out her parchments, pen and ink well. As the last of the novices took there seats, Seheria Sedai looked up with a smile. "Welcome back to class girls. There is much to learn today, and I would prefer not to waste time repeating myself, so please pay close attention. That is n
  4. "That is a fair bit of knowledge, child. Your aunt must be a very good teacher to have you recall that on the spot. Though, that sort of information will not help you much around these parts. Is it the plants you have an interest in, or the effects you can achieve through them?" Kaylynn looked at Seheria Sedai and saw straight away what the sister was hinting at. Being a merchant's daughter had taught her a few things but the lord's daughter part of her wanted to know what she was planning. Was the Sister playing Da'es daemar? Some said the White Tower invented Da'es daemar and were master
  5. "This is the Novice Book. Within it's pages are the names of every woman who has studied at the White Tower. By having your name written in it you are sealed to the Tower forever." "Now child, can you tell me your full name, place of birth and your current age please." “ I am Kaylynn Tasil Saeed from Bandar Eban in Arad Doman and I am 15 years of age.” "Welcome to Tar Valon Kaylynn Tasil Saeed, Welcome to the White Tower, Novice Kaylynn." The Mistress of Novices went to a large wardrobe and gave her some white items out of it. She then handed her a small wooden token from the
  6. I hope that this week goes good for everyone!

  7. OH, I like purple too! I like the plaid ajah, I am Irish/Scottish and Italian.
  8. So happy, dancing on air! Okay, okay, I think I now need my head examined.

  9. I am not on any path yet for the SG because RL like to get in my way and I can't finish the silly class! I am going to try yet again this month and hopefully third time is the charm. GO RAINBOW AJAH!
  10. I pick rainbow colored plaid b/c I like pretty much all the ajahs and the warders and can't choose.
  11. Kaylynn was standing with a group of Novices that had just finished serving the mid-day meal in the dinning hall. They were all talking about lessons they had had today and what to do on there up coming day off. This was a usually empty corridor of the White Tower and the Novices usually converged around here so as to not meet an Aes Sedai or Accepted on a mission to make a Novices life more miserable than it was already. Kaylynn felt eyes upon her and turned to see who was looking at her. She turned to see Seheria Sedai. She mentally cringed with the memory of how she had left her One Pow
  12. Kaylynn was walking down the halls of the White Tower breathing in the fresh air and trying to relax before her second One Power class. She still could not believe how stupid of a ninny she was at the end of her last class and she was glad that Seherai Sedai would not confront her about it at this class. She had already been seen by the sister and was hoping for a good outcome to the situation, even if it meant adding to her chore list. Walking down the last coridor to her class she felt her hands shake. She stoped at the open door and took a deep breath and walked in. She took the same s
  13. (OOC: Sorry this one is so long I had to do both at the same time and so it is long........again sorry) Kaylynn walked through the halls of the White Tower, trying to rush without rushing. She past an Accepted in the hallway and the Accepted arched an eyebrow at the speed that Kaylynn was traveling through the halls. Kaylynn slowed and curtsied mid-stride towards the Accepted and continued on her way. Kaylynn was running late for her first One Power class and she did not want to be tardy. Her teacher was Seheria Sedai and she heard that she could be strict and a little mean. She in
  14. Kaylynn looked at the Mistress of Novices and then at the steaming cup of tea in front of her. Am I ready to give up my life to be an Aes Sedai? Kaylynn nodded to herself as if to answer her own question that she had not stated aloud. She picked up the cup of tea and inhaled its aroma which seemed to strengthen her. “I am ready to become Aes Sedai. I know it will take years of dedication and training and I will have to put my past and my......family behind me. And I am ready and willing, Aes Sedai.” As Kaylynn spoke she started off strong but slowly wilted like a herb left to
  15. The initiate is back from the healers and is trying to play catch up on her class. I am Kaylynn or Kay as you all know because I have been here before. Who is your favorite WoT character? My fav character would be Lan, who would not love him. If you could join any Org as they are in the books (not the DM version), who would you join? I would probably join the Aiel, either a Wise One or a Maiden of the Spear. If you could move to anywhere in Randland to live, where would you go? I would probably live on the cost line of Arad Doman, got to love those dresses. They would acce
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