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  1. I always assumed she was killed by Alviarin. She was working with Elaida at that point (if i remember correctly!) and being killed witht he power like that seems to me to indicate BA.
  2. That was my take on it as well...seemed to fit.
  3. Yay! I'm not the only one who has almost cursed out loud in Randlandish! :D My boyfriend introduced me to the series and we've made so many references to it in conversation that if his son (who hasn't read WoT yet) doesn't understand a comment, he'll just say "Yeah, I know..Robert Jordan reference." With rolled eyes of course! :roll: I dream of it occasionally..though the most interesting on was while I was in the midst of the series and also watching the series Highlander that a friend had loaned me. Dreamt I was an immortal AND an Aes Sedai! :shock:
  4. That was always my impression of it- that Taim was surprised that Rand knew the weave. Also, I seem to remember (apologies if I'm wrong!) that it was from Rand's POV that Taim quickly learned the weave. Taim could have already known it, and Rand just assumed he learned it quickly.
  5. I didn't find the series until about 5 years or so ago (when I was in my 30's!). My boyfriend was a fan and suggested the series to me. Figured I'd like it. He told me there were a lot of strong female characters and a character who could talk to wolves. :D I tried it and I've read the entire series oh, about 5 times now. :D
  6. Shadow Rising is my favorite, even after multiple times through the series. Other favs are KoD and EotW. Least favorite is CoT.
  7. Ok, I can see that. I need to find my copy of SR- that always was one of my favorites. Also on thinking on balefire effects again, I have to recant the idea that it is like it never happened- in some ways yes, but if that were really true Rand would not remember Mat, etc. dying, and he does. The people who were involved in what was undone don't, remember, but those around them do.
  8. All I can say is I trust Bela completely... But wait..what if the Finns are looking through Bela's eyes too....they've been watching everything since book 1! :shock:
  9. Are you sure? I thought it was ten arrows per finger. And yay! Another DMer from...oh' date=' nope, wait, can't go there again after the last debacle...(long story)[/quote'] Oops. :oops: I think you're right- that's what I meant anyway. That he'd just be able to use the fingers he's got.
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