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  1. I was just thinking about how the wolves were calling rand shadowkiller earlier in the series, they even seem to say it with awe. how is it that the wolves can sense that he is the dragon reborn?
  2. I was just wondering. RJ describes the accents of pretty much all of the nations. Illianers kinda sound like pirates to me. Amadicians talk like everything is a question sometimes. ( you will agree, yes? ), and etc. etc. So, the Forsaken, seeing how their original language is the old tongue they must have had t learn it when they broke free of their prison or something. but i was just wondering what their accent would be like when speaking the common tongue. i'm just scraping for things to talk about now lol. what do you guys think?
  3. I'm just doing a re - read of TDR and at the part where egwene goes through the arches to become Accepted. Aes Sedai dont seem to know what it was used for in the AOL, what do you think it may have been used for by aes sedai back then?, i think it may have just served almost the same purpose
  4. I was just re-reading and got to think about bayle doman. he seems to be a pretty prominent character though the books anyone have any ideas on what role he could play in the final book?
  5. In the prologue of EOTW, when Ishamael enters the room Lews Therin says " Ah! a guest, do you have the Voice stranger? it will soon be time for the Singing, and here all are welcome to take part". i dont know if anyone's talked about this yet but could that be related to the Song that the traveling people are seeking? if so then maybe Rand is the key to them finding the song though lews therins memories or something.maybe? please correct me if i'm way off cause its been on my mind for a while
  6. This is something that's always kind of itched at the back of mind. Whenever an Aes Sedai makes lightning, RJ desribes it as coming down from a cloudless sky. But wouldn't they have to actually create a storm for the conditions for lightning to happen?, like use the weaves of air and water i guess it would be to make storm clouds thus creating the lightning? Anywho i can't quite figure it out so if anyone can clear that one up for me that would be super
  7. Ohhh yes yes, i remember now. Rand and the asha'man used a huge dome of air at Dumais Wells and then just lift it up a little bit to chuck fire and stuff at them, i can't believe i forgot about that part.
  8. Ok. You know how sometimes, to protect themselves from getting wet in the rain, aes sedai/asha'man will use that weave that makes a sort of force field around them?, well would that " force field " also protect hem from, say and arrow or the swing of a sword, any kind of blow at them besides anything with the Power? Anyone know anything about that?
  9. yeah Ive been quite off on some but pretty close on others: moiriane: moor-ain taim: tame( way better ) Aiel: ale cadsuane: cad-sue-ann abrya:.. for some reason al-beer-a always came to my lips though i know there's no L :? and Saldaea i dont know what it says in the glossary but i've always said something like Sal - day - a
  10. Bela used to be male, he castrated himself and threw it in the ocean and it is now known as the continent of Seanchan
  11. I never thought about that before actually, but it just might explain the 'give up half the light of the world to save the world ' thing i could never figure out
  12. Well, at the moment arent all three of them in altara right now and probably not even all that far from one a nother? i think the pattern will just force them to all run into each other, or something wild like that. "Kneel to the Lord Dragon Reborn, or you will be knealt. "
  13. I was just thinking about TGH and this suddenly came to my attention. Where the hell did Hurin go? i kinda liked that dude and he was in book 2 and that's it. Anyone have any ideas of his whereabouts? " they are on their knees, Aes Sedai!. Kneel!" - The lord of the Dawn
  14. yeah, rand and galad are half brother not cousins. And i wouldnt be too quick to assume he's powerless now. I mean, not " POWERless ", but physically. he'll probably learn the sword again with the one free hand as he said he will have to do and probably still end up pretty damn good at it i think.and lews therin was a master swordsmen too dont forget, actually i think somewhere it says he was one of the first to actually start the art of swordcraft or something wild like that, so that will aid rand big time i'd say
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