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  1. :lol: You know it's funny, but, as someone who has worked with colors in theater, whenever I saw the name Kelly I just put "Green" after it and could just never shake the association :P I guess it was a premonition! :D Welcome Kelly!
  2. *stumbles a bit* huh? what?! are we still here? *starts falling asleep on her feet*
  3. *pokes* you never answered me about that on the GA board :lol: :roll: mentees... *clears throat and straightens shawl* I stand today for Maeva Vashti. She has been my mentee here (through much demanding on my part). I have known her for quite a while through this and other sites, and I can honestly say that she is one of the most impressive, dedicated and caring people I have had the priveledge to know. I have absolutely no doubt that as an Aes Sedai she will be a credit to her rank, to our Ajah, and to this site. I just hope she will find the whole experience as rewarding as I have.
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