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  1. How would that possibly be a problem with the oath against lying? Also not sure how wanting to see the world equates to not liking yourself or where you are from. You also seem to imply a drive and a will to learn is negative which I find odd. I know they get around lying all the time in the books, that was just to close or me. and it isn't that there is something wrong with wanting to learn something or see the world, it just that you shouldn't be surprised that she doesn't think back fondly of her time there when she so obviously wanted out. If this was the real world, she would be the person that packs up her things and moves to LA or New York the moment high school graduation is done. She wasn't happy being the mayors daughter, she had to move away and become a Wisdom somewhere and them later AS, she wanted to be important. She was a grade a bitch in the first book, berating Rand, Mat and Perrin for going on an adventure with Moiraine and she can go on one to, not believing they could actually be important, or that Rand could actually have met Elayne the list goes on and on (a lot of which people have been listing).
  2. This is partly to you, partly to another post that is similar but don't remember where it is. Back in the first book Egwene hints to Rand that she doesn't want to marry him because Wisdoms don't marry and don't stay in the same town that they were born in. From the very begining we see her not liking who she is and where she is from. She is utterly devoted to becoming a Wisdom so she can get out of town, then ooh! an Aes Sedai! I can use her to get out of here! Hmm, I'm now surrounded by Aiel and Wise Ones, they are pretty powerful, I'm going to do all I can to be like them for the next couple books. (This is partly so we can get to know the Aiel better through her eyes, but it still made me hate her) Also, did she lie to that king that shows up out of no where at the begining of the meeting at Merrilor? She congratulates him on solidifying his rule and then says "You're welcome," implying that she helped some way, when she didn't. She then tells Gawyn that maybe she will set up a few false trails for him to find when he gets back home. I have been trying to think of a way for this to be skirting the three oaths, but anything I come up with sounds flimsy.
  3. Elayne's forces only won because of the intervention of BT. It was a true pyrrhic victory against a big, but not very disciplined army (compared especially with the Sharans). Egwene (Gareth) was outgeneraled by Demandred, who laid a trap for the WT. So the initial victory meant nothing. "We have the armies of light that are well led with battle hardened soldiers, has immense fire power (male and female channellers and Aludra's munitions), and FAR more mobile than Demandreds forces." They lost at least half of their forces and the "immense fire power" was heavily downgraded in the last book. Their mobility wasn't really used either. Otherwise LB would have been much easier for the Light. Demandred could have destroyed the army at the SG before even Mat (or Gareth in the earlier phase) realised what were happening. Like he did in Kandor. Furthermore I am not sure that the Light could have afforded to burn the southland. And I didn't say that this army should only contain Trollocs. Nevertheless you are right, it isn't the best strategy. There are several other good moves too draw out Mat's army from its position. "Demandred could have split his force, sent the Sharans to SG and Trollocs to ramapage through the southlands" I didnt say it, it would certainly be a failing strategy. Either you need to deceive the Armies of the Light or leave a big enough army (with enough Dreadlords, Taim??) for them to fight with. Most probably both as I mentioned earlier. The battlefield was clearly picked by Mat. He didn't know Rand was at SG, he kept calling for him, remember? Probably didn't realize there was fighting there either. Demadred wanted a big battle between himself and Rand and what better way to do that than to engage in battle, even if Mat did have the supior positioning? They had the good guys out numbered and his channelers were fresher. Even with the superior positioning, it took all of Mat's knowledge to hold the battle together until the horn was blown to allow the good guys to win. tldr Demandred didn't care and just wanted to force Rand into a confrontation, not knowing he couldn't because he wasn't there.
  4. I will assume you are asking a serious question because Tigraine/Shaiel, a runaway princess and Maiden of the Spear, most likely died on Dragonmount after giving birth to Rand. ... I think he meant her spirit like what happened in early books (book 1 I think?). I would love that book.
  5. I haven't read through the fourth yet, but book 2 of Eragon is definitely the worst. There are plenty of books I didn't finish, but noteworthy ones are A Feast for Crows Malazan Whatever the first Night Angels is called
  6. I've been waiting for the ebook price to come down for a while now and finally decided to just buy it, so I am just starting it as well. Just finished Alloy of Law so I'm finally caught up on Mistborn and after Inheritence I got the Night Angel Trilogy from the library to read.
  7. I would have to disagree with that. There are animals that mate for life and with STDs and the fact that children that grow up with single parents don't do as well as those that do, promiscuity would still be looked down upon even without religion's influence. (Hopefully I don't get into trouble for extending that discussion)
  8. That's pretty bold. I read the first book on recommendation of elitist book reviews and it was fairly entertaining. I don't remember to much unfortunately as it's been a while but I remember wishing it was 100-200 pages shorter and that it was really inconsistant with the language the characters were using, almost like he was pushed by his editor or publisher to put in more colorful language because George RR Martin is going to give this book a good recomendation and he uses this kind of language and his books are popular.
  9. You are going to have to be more specific.
  10. My memory is kind of vague on that scene, but I don't remember it being her willpower that resisted Rand. We knew they were going to attack the WT and if she gave in to Rand that wouldn't happen. I imagined it as a tug of war between the pattern and Rand and of course the pattern won.
  11. I think he will be dead at the end of the books (he could die, get resurrected and die again after all) but if he was to survive I think he would retire to the Two Rivers at least for a while and travel to whatever city that really needed him, but for the most part I think it would be best for the world to deal with it's own problems, the Dragon's work is done. But like I said in another thread a while back, the idea of a grey bearded Rand, Min long dead, telling stories at the local inn trying to eat a meal one handed is sadder to me than Rand dieing and kicking back in TAR.
  12. I wish I could buy a copy with both covers and switch them whenever I started getting bored of one.
  13. I've found that the default resolution (for me) of 360p will only load so far and then it will try to stream the rest as you watch it. If you change the resolution up or down it will download the entire thing for you. Otherwise I agree that the way the song is sung in the video is way to constrained. I believe in the books it is described as raucous, probably because everyone was at least half drunk while singing it.
  14. Because it is an island in the middle of a lake, they are in a pretty good defensive point, so if somehow the shadow did take the city, it would be hell taking it back. But restricted access to get to the city also means restricted access for them to strike out from the city. A small army could hold them in indefinitely and as such wouldn't be much use to the shadow. Odds are they will just send a few thousand soldiers and be forgotten about.
  15. Far Mading. No channeling, no weapons (this can be a problem of course, but argument for another time), and women do all the work. Not to mention living on an island in the middle of a like would make for great viewing year round.
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