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  1. English dubbed is never better than Japanese with subtitles. The voices almost never match the characters they portray. Anyways my recommendations: Street Fighter II V Neon Genesis Evangelion Inu Yasha (ends rather abruptly though) Love Hina Baslisk Bubble Gum Crisis (the original 8 OVA episodes) Full Metal Alchemist Bleach Naruto (The early episodes) Tenchi Muyo (orignal OVAs) Ah! My Goddess Escaflone (Series not the movie) Initial D Ruroni Kenshin (up until the Kyoto Arc) School Rumble Tenjou Tenge Full Metal Panic
  2. Who's to say the nine headed beast isn't the form of her Bankai?
  3. Didn't he also grab her and shake her a bit while he did that?
  4. I don't think he is a darkfriend at all. Though it is kind of funny that they White Tower could kidnap him w/o Sammy knowing about it. Either way he'll probably end up helping Eggy become Amyrlin. If she can get him on her side, then the other Aes Sedai would have to either never let him leave or dispose of Elaida. After all, having a king going around telling everyone that the White Tower kidnapped him would not help their cause one bit. In fact it probably would make virtually every ruler in the world want to avoid Aes Sedai at all costs, less the same thing happen to them.
  5. In the Shadow Rising there were a bunch of hints that this could happen in Thom and Moraine's scene. Especially on Moraine's part. At one point she almost sounded desperate when she told Thom that he must not see all Aes Sedai as enemies, or something to that point. Don't have the exact quote. Plus it was also during that book when Elayne and Egwene are discussing how to get Elayne with Rand that she slips and mentions that she knows the face of her future husband better than they do. Though she did try to cover up that slip by telling them that she only meant they shared a common igno
  6. I think Perrin will find the Song in a post aMoL. If memory serves, Min had a viewing about him with plants growing around him in the EotW. As of the song being discovered before the end of the series, I don't see the point. It's not needed and there are soooooo many other plots to conclude.
  7. Gawyn has always been a poor second fiddle character. He took a back seat to Elayne when they were introduced. Then when he went to the Tower he always seemed to be the little boy who tagged along with the "great" Galad. When he finally got his moment to shine during Elaida's take over, he was pushed away into obscurity with his only role being to help Min and co get away. I fear if he does survive the Last Battle, he's going to find himself as Egwene's manslave. Poor man.
  8. Started at 15 when a librarian recommended it to a friend who told me about it now I'm 30
  9. Power alone doesn't make for a good ruler. I think Elaida proved that. There are perhaps a handful of Aes Sedai who would make a good ruler, Moraine, Suane, Cadsuane, Verin to name a few. Suffice to say strength in power doesn't make a strong leader. Hey if we elected the strongest man to lead us we'd end up with someone like the Big Show leading us. Brrrrrr that's a scary thought.
  10. I agree. "I will do as I am told" only states that she will do as she is told at that moment. There is nothing in that statement to indicate for how long she will continue to do it. It's like saying "I will stand on my head". If I do it and stop once I get light headed and pass out, I havn't told I lie as I have in fact stood on my head. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to pass out now...
  11. This has been one of my favorite shows since it started. The constant plot twists always leave you wondering whats going to happen next.
  12. I don't think he was actually impersonating the Dark One. It's just that after being half imprissoned and half outside for so long his physical appearance changed. It's not his fault that because of it he got confused for the Dark One. Easy mistake to make thought besides, I don't think the Dark One would mind people thinking he's free and reaking havoc. Seems to me that the more people who see the Dark One as running around free, the more people who might potential switch over to the Dark Side (for lack of a better expression). By the way does anyone have any theories on why Ishy's ap
  13. I agree with Lurkers. Malkier and the Golden Crane are still a very powerful symbols in the borderlands. Remember what Algamar said in EotW when he was trying to convice Lan to ride to Tarwin Gap. "The word will spreak like wildfire, and though their kinds have told them to hold where they are, lances will come form Arafel and Kandor, and even from Saldea." I don't think he was exadurating either. I expect Lan to have a huge army by the time he arrives in Shienar, one that could rival nearly any other in existance.
  14. Here's a thought. I'm not sure if it's been suggested before, but there has been hints that Mat will lose an eye. What if the Eelfinn and the Aelfinn see through only one of his eyes as opposed to both. If that's the case then maybe he'll have to remove it in order to prevent them from knowing he's coming. I know this sounds silly and I only half think this might be true but what do guys think?
  15. LOL That was one the funniest thing I've read in a while. I never thought of it like that, but there does seem to be a striking similarity between the Forsaken and survivor.
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