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  1. The Androl idea makes sense - also him being a Taraboner is not a problem, he may have grown up there after the collapse of Malkier. However, would Jain then have retrieved his son to travel with him? I wonder if it might be one of the Aiel? Should the Sharans become involved in the war, perhaps Rand - with his new formal way of speaking - would now care to learn more about Shara! Had Aviendha ever traveled with her father? This small snippet seems to carry both familiarity and formality. It also seems like the sort of thing Cadsuane might ask while knitting. So after all that random wobbly thinking my guess is - this is Cadsuane speaking to an Aiel.
  2. About the possibilities of the hiding from the shadow ter'angreal - Even if the ter'angreal doesn't allow the Dark One to sense the holder, surely it would not be too tough for the dark side to figure out that Rand was present given the awesome level of destruction being rained upon them by one man - before the army was wiped out it would surely have passed the message along. About the Eye of the World - I always wondered whether the eye was intended to force the Dragon to max out as quickly as possible - give him access to a huge safe supply of saidin so that his power bumps and he does not wander along learning for a few years. But this may have been interfered with due to the nature of him accessing it in conjunction with his battle with Aginor. About the teaser itself - how fantastic it would be if this really is all smoke and mirrors and the line actually refers to somebody other than Rand. Or to Rand in a way that we do not expect. And if it's a darksider's POV, all the better.
  3. As some of the replies have posited natural selection versus genetic engineering; a) Why would natural selection lead to fair haired people in the desert? b) Why would Aram retain the ability to pick up weapon usage so easily? His offshoot of the Aiel never used weaponry. Now I know that he is only one example and could merely be an outlier.
  4. When everyone asks how Moiraine knew that Sammael was in Illian and Belal was in Tear; is it possible she just checked their facebook check ins?
  5. Of course I agree with you to an extent on that Durinax but it is a fun way to reimagine the characters. You can just imagine Mat constantly texting Tuon after she returns to Ebou Dar and Tuon thinking about how he is just a tiny bit needy.
  6. Rand: Cmon bud, time to get on wit sortin Andor out. (2 days ago) Rand: K dude, lets go... (1 day ago) Rand: Look uv had ur fun with d wine n d servin gals but seriously wb.. (8 hours ago) Rand: I gav u dat fone so I cud contact u wen I needed u and I need u (4 hours ago) Rand: Asmodean; wtf r u up2???? (5 minutes ago)
  7. Just as an aside - I have always found it interesting how the Sharaans situation with female channelers is directly opposed to the Seanchan one - they are totally in control of society in Shara and totally subjugated in Seanchan. And in the middle geographically from our point of view, are the westlands and the waste - where female channelers have long been somewhere in the middle of dominant and subjugated too. Could you imagine how Seanchan ships that sailed west and landed in Shara would be treated upon arrival when the Sharaans understood how they treated female channelers?
  8. Point taken about Slayer not having entered the tower - I could stretch the point and say that maybe he exited TAR and then entered the tower but that would seem unnecessary really. Pity, I do prefer the idea of Slayer having been able to survive in the tower due to his own special awfulness!
  9. Just a quick one here. Considering Moiraine's reaction to the man who said she was not the one he was looking for in the ToG, are we all certain that it was Moridin? In a lot of ways Moridin makes the most sense. However, when Moiraine thinks of this man she shivers. There is one character who we see referred to as cold on a number of occasions and who we have also seen entering the tower, albeit in T'a'R - Slayer. Perrin describes him as having a cold smell, almost as of stone. He may not have the savour that the Finns so enjoy. If Moridin entered through Tear, he would have been able to get three answers but not be given three gifts, so why would the Finn allow him the freedom of passage through their realm? And why would they not have tried to capture him, as a channeler should he not have been every bit as tempting as Lanfear or Moiraine if he entered through the tower and was not protected by the treaties? Again, like a number of things I have posted on lately I do not think this is of major significance. It just surprises me that we are all so quick to decide it was Moridin.
  10. Maybe it is a combination of the two. You will only be able to channel if your soul has the appropriate spiritual recipe for channeling and your body presents the correct gateway for channeling. Therefore the body does not decide which side of the power you channel, which obviously makes sense given what we see with Arangar who channels saidin despite being in a female body.
  11. As for how the likes of Verin learn they could channel, I would guess that yes, many decide to go to the tower and only learn they can channel when they get there or along the way. Others will learn when they take trips outside the bounds - this could actually be quite a frequent occurrence for some but I wonder how many children from the city regularly pass outside the bounds. This is especially troubling because by the time people are old enough to travel much as adults, they are likely to be getting to the end of the age where the White Tower will accept them as initiates.
  12. I think the whole genetic element of it is up in the air bahotin and not likely to be explained. I see what you are asking - is there a separate gene for saidin and saidar. However, if the amount of women able to channel has decreased due to the culling of male channelers from the gene pool, then it suggests that the gene is not separate for each but instead that what the gene passes down is something such as a genetic open gate/channel to the one power.
  13. No idea about whether they are sparkers. I do think though that it is doubtful any major recruiting was done there by the Ashaman or by the AS, as both would be unable to test inside the bounds and many may not even wish to enter the area. Had there been more time left you would certainly suggest that the Ashaman should hold an open day outside the bounds where any man who wished to channel could come to be tested, and the same for the AS.
  14. And, for all we know, it is! If the guardians were removed and testing was done by a recruitment group, it seems to me highly possible that it would turn out to be a treasure trove like the TR. Of course this is all speculation but, I like to think, the logic holds up.
  15. Verin, Cadsuane, Romanda - three of the more powerful Aes Sedai in the series. Raolin Darksbane and Yurian Stonebow - two of the most feared false dragons in history - each could channel. Apropos of nothing in regards to the finale of the series but as a small matter of interest, I find it interesting that such a small area of Randland, both in terms of size and population, has produced three extremely important and powerful Aes Sedai as well as two of what must obviously be the most powerful male channelers since the Breaking. A gentle supposition for this is that the gene for channeling, if one exists, may not have been weened out from the residents of Far Madding in the same way that it has been in the rest of Randland. Taking into account the dangers of banditry, the relative isolation of the city and the lack of easy transportation pre-Travelling, it is definitely a possibility that many inhabitants of the city spend their entire lives within the confines of the Guardians' powers. This would lead to a potential channeler leading a life where they are cut off from ever sensing the source. Therefore, should this person go on to have children, they may pass on the gene - whereas had they lived in another area of Randland they may have become Aes Sedai or a male channeler, neither of which is likely to have passed on the gene due to the unlikelihood of having children. Not exceptionally important, maybe not important at all, but an interesting little facet which adds to the coherence of the world of the WoT, happily adding to its status as one of the greatest fantasy series in literature.
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