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  1. Oh, it was in the Glossary ^_^. Harriet apparently likes people to read those. Now, it was also implied a couple of times in the book (an early scene with Graendal, and a late scene). But why would you read a glossary after reading a book? I always liked reading the glossary after as a sort of recap, and because sometimes it would clarify some things for me.
  2. hMM. I never found a character to be annoying in that way, I always found that their little misunderstandings and misgivings makes them more realistic characters. Isn't that what people are like in real life after all? No one sees from the same eyes.
  3. I really liked the last book! At first, I didn't like the way he wrote Mat, but by the last book I had gotten used to it, or it had integrated into the character of Mat in my mind by the last book rather. The first book by Sanderson threw me off a little bit here and there, especially the chapters about Mat, but by the last book I found that the story had regained continuity completely, and I loved it! You know, people who want to find things to complain about, they will always find things to complain about, no matter what. If you want to enjoy the book, it is a very easy book to enjoy.
  4. There are several parts, throughout the series, that describe stitching people up with needle and thread. I can't give you specific references, but I'm sure I remember reading about 'surgery' on plenty of occasions. THE CAPITAL LETTERS was necessary to convey that they were not communicating on a verbal level, so it would be inappropriate to put it in quotes like normal dialogue, but had to be distinguished as a form of dialogue.
  5. I just finished the book. I was worried that when I finally finished this series, I would be left with an unbareable sense of emptiness, almost like running out of air. But I don't feel that way at all, if left me with a smile on my face and looking forward to reading more epic fantasy.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate it.
  7. Sorilea saw the Traveling weave being used enough to understand how to form that weave, despite not being powerful enough to make a Gateway herself.
  8. cmo999

    Ajah test

    Hey, you can't be an Aes Sedia AND a Maiden of the Spear!
  9. What things about the way Sanderson wrote A Memory Of Light did you not like? I'm curious. Personally, it took me a while to get used to the way he wrote Matrim Cauthon.
  10. I'm about 3/4 of the way finished A Memory of Light, and I'm a little bit afraid. What's going to happen when I finally finish it? This series has been part of my life for so long! Break time at work, I duck off into an empty unused room, and I leave this planet for the duration of my break and exist alongside the characters in the Wheel of Time, enjoying the story moment by moment along with the authors and thousands of other readers. On the bus, my body exists on the bus, but my mind is in a fantasy world. What will I do now? Can someone suggest some other fantasy series that are as encompassing as this one? It doesn't seem like there could ever be one, but I'm sure there must be. It's like when you're in love and you get your heart broken, you think that you could never feel this way for someone else, and you never really do, but you do feel just as strongly for someone else, and have just as horrible of feelings, in a different kind of way. Maybe it could be like that with this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. One thing that has confused me throughout this series is the status of Padan Fain / Mordeth as a darkfriend, or a kind of renegade darkfriend. After the conglomoration of Padan Fain and Mordeth in Shadar Logoth, it appears by some of his actions that he is in league with the Dark One and cooperating with the other darkfriends and overall plans of the Dark One. At other times, however, it seems as though he is free of the influence of the Dark One, and has become his own entity with his own plans, a sort of renegade darkfriend with strange abilities, able to control Trollocs and so on. Can someone give me some clarity on this?
  12. Right now I am reading the series for the first time, and I am about half way through book 12. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the book, it feels like the same story and the same level of quality.. however, every now and then, the dialogue gets sort of.. sloppy, it seems to lack insight into the characters and loses continuity. I kind of skim over those parts, in case there is any important plot developments, but it ruins it for me.. just momentarily, then resumes continuity again. For example, Chapter 20 is like that. Does anyone else have the same perception, or is it just me? :)
  13. They found the bowl (Aes Sedai) and they needed the Windfinders' help to use it because they have more knowledge about weather.
  14. Yeah I suppose it has been several thousand years. Thanks for the reply. Another thing that's been bugging me is the deal that some of the Aes Sedai made with the Sea Folk's Windfinders. I would think that getting the weather back to normal is just as important to the Sea Folk as it is to the Aes Sedai or anyone else for that matter, so why did they have to sacrifice so much and make such a deal to get the Windfinders to help with the bowl of the winds? Why wouldn't the Windfinders do it for the same reason as the Aes Sedai - to get the weather back to normal? I would think that should be enough motivation in and of itself.
  15. One thing that I was kind of wondering about, and I don't expect that anyone would have an answer to this, but ya never know.. about the geneology of Hawkwing's line. Tuon and Berelain are both direct descendants of Artur Hawkwing, yet Tuon has dark skin and Berelain has a fair complexion.
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