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  1. I'm new here and after reading the rules and regulations was suprised to read how little respect was shown here. That guy was a real hero for kids in any nation of the world to look up to. He wasn't on the tube with a guitar, gun or cursing at half naked women. Its bad enough when sports stars are elevated over the status of mum&dad, teachers or other real life figures. This bloke was out in the world bringing nature to the forefront of our attention so that we may see what only he could have. I had never seen half of what he had on his show. I once saw Ted Nugent on the tube explainin
  2. Praise? That is a very powerful word and not to be taken lightly. How about "shout-out?" Here's to the guy to which every current animal show poser can owe their fortunes to. Steve Irwin. He is a hero sports figures can't come close to. How can a basketball, soccer or football player touch millions around the world by dribbling, kicking or throwing? We can all recall a moment of "Crikey" before that of a sports figure. I'll always remember scenes of wacky snake chases, elephant adventures and a man having fun with his life while indirectly including me in it. It makes me sad. :(
  3. Hi, I have watched from afar and decided to join so that I may say "yes" or "no" along with the rest. I had thought an ogier warder would be cool but I am just plain Lil Ogier. I've never read of an ogier warder as of yet. Just saying hi. :lol:
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