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  1. I didn't think it was THAT bad. The actors did a fine job. I liked how Lews Therin's madness was portrayed, with him seeing everything as he wanted it to be while showing us the destroyed and empty palace. It was obviously done on very little budget, but if the pilot gets picked up then hopefully things would get better. Such as showing us the weaves that Ishamael used in "healing" Lews Therin. And showing the creation of Dragonmount would have been some spendy CGI to put in a pilot, but wow did I want to see it! Some blond hair for Ilyena Sunhair would be nice too... But having people angry about something that was really more fan-art than anything else is kind of silly.
  2. I like this theory, but I thought Birgitte said that the hero's of the horn don't remember their previous lives after the wheel spins them back out. So Tam couldn't be telling a story that he remembered first hand unless he had been forcibly yanked/shoved out of tel'aran'rhiod (so he could remember his previous lives like Birgitte). Or, at least that's my take.
  3. Very cool. I'm fine with 1000 hours for each book! Too bad Mat doesn't get the hat for a few more books...
  4. I agree with LA, I didn't miss Morgase & Tallanvor and thought their story arc was finished. I liked how Hurin was brought back into the final couple books because it was hinting at his being attached to the Horn after his death, though we never got to see if that happened. And I personally liked the Pevara-Androl scenes. It was something new that the AoL Aes Sedai never even experienced. That new story line showing their double-bonded connection was a glimpse of the future in my opinion.
  5. And also, was anyone else stoked that Brandon Sanderson mentioned outrigger novels? All I've ever heard that was for sure was the updated big white book.
  6. I just figured that Mat asked Hawkwing to speak to Tuon so Mat could impress her. It would be his style to show off that way, especially since Tuon heard that foretelling that Mat "knew Hawkwings face." And brianlane723, Suttree is right, Rand kept Laman's sword for himself and gave Justice to Tam.
  7. I think I was more excited about the penultimate book than this one. With Towers of Midnight, there was still another book to look forward to!
  8. The great captains; Bryne, Bashere, Ituralde. Plus Tam & Talmanes. I also want to see what else Therava can do to Galina, she needs to suffer some more.
  9. I'm going with Davram Bashere. I'm loyal, I like to lead, and I'll tell you exactly what I think, even if you're the Dragon Reborn.
  10. Cadsuane. She's a powerful channeler and more than anyone else she needs someone to bring her in line.
  11. I like Demandred too. He's such a secret, no one really knows where he is or what he is up to. He's gonna cause some trouble yet and it'll be fun to finally find out how.
  12. I've read the entire series 4 times, but I've read The Eye of the World at least a dozen times. Plus, I always have one of the books on my iPod so I can listen to it all the time!
  13. My dad had purchased it years ago as it "looked interesting on the book table at Sam's Club." He bought several books at that time (I was in high school at the time) and for some reason never got around to reading it. After graduating college and starting work I was looking over his book shelves for something I hadn't read yet while at home for a visit. I found Eye of the World and also thought it looked interesting. I sat down and started reading it a good decade ago now and I haven't stopped reading the series since.
  14. As a guy I have to pick the black tower, but I'd side with Logain. As for picking an Ajah, I'd choose to give my bond to a blue sister since I would want to be out of the tower as much as I could. Not really what the question asked I know, but until the white tower starts accepting men it's all I have to work with!
  15. Moiraine's rescue from the snakes & foxes by Mat, Thom & Noal. From the reasoning out how to get into the tower to Mat "giving up half the light of the world," that story sequence keeps me turning the pages every time I read it.
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