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  1. Remove Androl from last book, give Logain back his glory. (RJ might ask, who's Androl?)
  2. Androl would be a great character, if he was not in WOT.
  3. Is it possible there is a 'Light One'? The Creator create the world. The world contains light and shadow. That means the Creator does not represent light. There might be a Dark One's opposition. People didn't realize it just like they didn't realize DO's exist before. And Nakomi might have some relationship with this 'Light One‘.
  4. I don't think the story is bad. It is just not WOT. The man is not Demandred. It is not adding some new aspects or show some humanity, the character's basic personality is ignored. I guess Brandon Sanderson is addicted to his lonely, tangled hear heroes too much. Like Androl in AMOL, this character ( and his story) would be good if he was in Mistborn or Elantris, but he is not a Randland man. For Demandred, first of all he was a Forsaken. The Forsaken are very arrogant. As a man almost as great as LTT, Demandred was more arrogant than others. I can't imagine he would allow some stupid old Sharan call him 'son'. And the love and friendship things. Did he need it? He was not a lonely young man never had a friend or lover. What makes him Forsaken is not that people didn't admire him. It is they admired LTT more. I don't think he would be affected by Sharans so easily. The slave emancipation is also strange. Shara's history was longer than any nation. Even with their Sh'boan and Sh'botay captured, the culture could not change so soon. Can we imagine Seachan abandoned their a'dam in two years? It is not possible. BTW: Where did Demandred find so many male channelers? In fact there was no real male channeler in Shara. There were only boys with potentials. They were raised as animals and killed before they could channel. I don't remember it mentioned that all Sharan male channelers were teenagers.
  5. I doubt in Age of Legend they trained Aes Sedai in this way. Or Semirhage would not be in trouble, she could become a trainer. In an age people even didn't know what was war they did not need Spartan training . I guess they also didn't use horses too much when they were use to travel with Jo-Cars, Sho-WIngs and travelling.
  6. Not everyone liked her. Rand and his women didn't trust her. Mat had never thought her beautiful. Most of her fans were people who thought they needed a lord or a lady to obey or admire.
  7. Did Heroes of the Horn know what would happen in the future? In WOT what will happen is what happened. The Heroes had stayed in TAR for more than one circle, that means they had experienced everything more than once. So did Birgitte know she would became Elayne's warder when she met her? Did she know Olver would sound the horn? It seems she didn't know these things. Then my question could be why didn't the Heroes know what would happen in the future?
  8. Chose Verin instead of Moiraine. The four generals' strategy was base on destroying Caemlyn's shadowspawns first. So what about never lost Caemlyn? Moiraine could wait until TF finished. Use gateway to destroy trollocs before they reached Field of Merrilor. High mobility was always Mat's battle style, I don't understand why he just waited there. Open a gateway to where the horn stored. Fetch and blow it. Ask Androl to open a small gateway in Demandred's heart or brain.
  9. Because of Dragon pease, there would not be many battles on wetland. If soilders wanted to fight, maybe Seanchan was a choice. Or maybe the noble captains would return to Tear and Cairhien? Since Seanchan had the culture of assassination, at lease Mat need to keep red arms around him.
  10. RJ said... Mat has memories from Hawkwing's time so it's saafe to assume there are those who made it back out. Also Birgitte says although it's rare people do make it out, exactly the type of people whose memories Mat has. ToM Thanks. So the Finns did edit the memories. I still wonder why people stop visiting Eelfinn after Hawkwing's time. Redhand was Mat's private army, what would they do without Mat and without Jak o' the Shadows?
  11. If there was someone entered the Tower and escaped safely, should he or she be a famous hero? There should be some legends about it. Birgitte also didn't remember anyone survived form the Tower. She had memories of many life circles and the heroes seemed observe the world in TAR. That means no one visited Finns land through the Tower since at least Age of Legend. Sometimes I even have a suspicion that the Fox and Snake game was based on Mat's own adventure.
  12. There's too many fighting details and too little battlefield overview. There should be some specific numbers about how many shadowspawn, dreadlord and sharan involved. Mat and Demandred needed some real reaction to each other's tactics. Now we only many seperated POVs about endless trolloc killing and channllers fiighting.
  13. He didn't want to be a hero of horn. BTW: Does any one think the Hiderstaper things ridiculous? They were killed by Dreadlords and shadowspawns in a few hours when they were in zombie-like form, and they beat down the same enimies when they were nomal farmers. Though the dreadlords and shadowspawns were in panic, they were still much more powerful than untrained farmers.
  14. May be RJ wanted all three boys concerning about girls in their last POVs.
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