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  1. ok i was kinda wondering just cause sanderson's other book arent as complex WoT... well im glad to hear that he is doing them justice
  2. ya that is true... ok im sold im gonna go out and buy them tomarrow ( ikr i was really hard to convince) thank you :)
  3. ok so i got introduced to WoT series like three years ago and i have read the first 11 several times but i have always been put-off of reading the brandon sanderson's editions to the series. Not that brandon isn't a good writer ( he is actually very talented IMO) i have read several of his books and they are all enjoyable but the fact remains, in my eyes atleast, is that RJ is the best author EVER!!!!! the WoT series is so complex that i can't see anybody actually being able to finish the series like RJ could have. I just don't want the series to end off with something other than greatness, i
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