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  1. When I heard that the release date was published my first thought was YES!! and then I actually saw the date and my thought was WTF!!. My take is this. TOR has a captive audience and that audience has been EXTREMELY patient for the past 7 or so years while Jordan went through his unfortunate illness that took him from us, so I appreciate the difficulties in finding a new writer and finishing this series off. But: 1) First we were told that the last book would be THE LAST BOOK even if you had to pick it up with a forklift. 2) Then we were told that it wasn't feasible to make it one b
  2. I agree with most on this..to a point. The issue, for me, with holding the book due to marketing concerns is that WoT has a large population of people who are waiting, and waiting for this last book to come out so we can finish the series. I submit that the publisher could release this book on a Sunday morning at 3am and the line would still be around the block to purchase this book..so the concept of waiting until the holiday season holds no water for me. Take the time necessary to make sure this final book is as good as it can be..certainly, but to make us wait for more months simply because
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