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  1. I cant find that either. Please let me know where i can enable this.
  2. I specifcily remember Elayne saying the two rivers would be their own nation (She would give the Two Rivers to Rand, and I vividly remember the word nation - I dont have book with me, im at work) I'll try to find it when i get home. As for Manetheren not rising again. Why not? Emond's Field and Ghealdan were the main part of Manetheren and the queen of Ghealdan swore fealty to him. They are looking to forge alliances, I still think its possbile. You may be right.. maybe it won't rise again.. but I would love to see it happen. I dont think it matters that 2000 years have gone by. I mean.. a
  3. Greetings, Long time lurker, first time poster. I am almost done with TOM. I just hit the part where Elayne agreed to let the Two rivers be it's own nation (Rand in control, and Perrin as steward/High Lord) I've seen a few posts about this, in threads. But no threads dedicated to this. I for one, would love to see Manetheren rise again. I like spoilers.. idk why, i have something to anticipate and to see how it unfolds and know it as it happens. I doubt it will be renamed to Manetheren by the time i finish TOM. I was hoping/wondering if anyone had any information that the Two
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