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  1. I decided to start my own thread instead of derailing the already solidly going current Demandred argument. :) It is well established that Demandred seems to think he always plays second fiddle to Lews Therin, and despises it. And an attitude like that can really wreak havoc on a person's perceptions....after all, that is why he went over to the Dark One in the first place when it comes down to it. So I have a suspicion that when Demandred was told to "let the Lord of Chaos rule," he didn't interpret it as most of us did and hear "let Rand run amok." Or any of the myriad other common
  2. Hey guys, There's one little thing about the healing of severing/stilling/gentling that I've never seen addressed anywhere that bugs me. Just an idea that I'd love to see some discussion and speculation on. And of course I'm sure it's nothing more than speculation, but it'd still be fun... So Siuan and Leanne were healed by Nynaeve, and because it was done by someone of the same gender, they were not restored back to their full potential. Do you think if they were stilled again, then healed by Flinn, their full potential would be restored? Of course the fear is that they would then
  3. I'm not entirely sure about that TBH. Much of the basis of The Great Hunt is that others want the power and glory that blowing the horn brings. I seem to recall a mention that the horn falling into the hands of the dark can lead to tragic results if it was blown. If a darkfriend blew the horn and the heroes would immediately turn on them for the sake of serving the DR, it wouldn't have been quite the problem it was made out to be.
  4. I think that the real nature of question centers around the Tuon and the Seanchan, not so much on Hawkwing. They seem to all but revere him, almost as a demigod rather than simply an ancestor. Isn't it likely that Tuon would see the apparition of Hawkwing himself as major omen of sorts? I can see such an event being a major game-changer on the part of the Seanchan should it occur.
  5. I've thought about this a lot too. There are several seemingly off-hand references to Nynaeve not being satisfied until she heals someone 3 days dead, and taking death as a personal affront since it can't be healed. Nynaeve only has to see a weave once to know how it works, and she saw Moghedian rip Birgitte out of TaR. So we can assume that she knows how to do that. I think that using a combination of that and her new healing, it isn't far fetched to suppose that she will be able to heal death at some point, at least with someone bound to the wheel.
  6. I just had a thought occur to me that I can't stop wondering about now. I wonder what you guys all think of it. :D So we know that Artur Hawkwing is one of the heroes that is called forth by the Horn of Valere. And it's pretty safe to assume that Mat will most likely blow the horn again during the last battle. It's probably also safe to assume that Tuon and/or other high ranking Seanchan blood might be there...whether fighting for/with or against Rand. So what do you think would happen if the Seanchan met Hakwing face to face? What if he went to Tuon and gave her some order or
  7. Hey guys, This thought recently came to me, and I can't seem to logically resolve this question on my own. It was mentioned somewhere that the Forsaken (actually I'm going to use "Chosen" in this context) were chosen not simply because they were strong in the Power, but also talented in other areas. They are generals, dream-walkers (sort of,) researchers, healers, artists, innovators, and much more. It certainly does make sense that you would want your supreme leaders to have many skills which set them apart from the masses. In LoC there are a few conversations among the Chosen a
  8. Overall it looks like it, and I'm in need of a good community. My Elder Scrolls community has lately become rather....shall we say "polluted?" So I definitely need a good place to hide out. I think that brings up a neat thought. It is mentioned numerous times that Nynaeve only has to see a weave once to learn it, and she is obviously innovative of her own accord. Her "new healing" is based upon traditional healing weaves, but with her own additions. Perhaps, what she learned from Moghedien is the principle of how to take something from TAR and bring it into the real world
  9. Wow...the first response I get is a bit of a personal lambaste. Kind of disappointing, and I hope not an indicator of the quality of this community. I never stated anything about what the idea would do to the quality of the story, nor that I have a preference in which way it would go. Just that I see some indications that is a possible outcome.
  10. Hey guys, I've been going through LoC with a fine-tooth comb the past few days (doing so for an entirely different reason I'll post about later.) Something just stood out to me that I wanted to bring up for discussion. Told from Elayne's POV, she is pondering on Nynaeve's efforts to study those who had been severed in order to heal them. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but she thought "Nynaeve won't be satisfied until she has healed someone 3 days dead." It was presented as a sort of passing thought, nothing of consequence. But if there's one thing we know about RJ, it's that he loves t
  11. It also mentions that Ingtar has just returned from somewhere....gone at the same time that Moiraine was. That's the piece of this that caught my attention. This brings to mind a quotation that I read sometime last week or so (not sure where exactly, but most likely somewhere in TGH.) Someone said something like "you blues, willing to lose yourself entirely for your causes." For Moiraine and Suian the end completely justifies the means. If she joined the Black simply to be able to get to the Dragon Reborn first, she wouldn't kill him in The Two Rivers. That would destroy the e
  12. I could perhaps point to Verin to argue that point.... :) That's exactly how I felt, until this read through and this particular question popped out. The great thing is, this type of thing is exactly why I wanted to read again...to try and get something of a fresh perspective on something/someone otherwise familiar.
  13. I'm glad I'm not the first to think of this...but I have to admit I'm not satisfied yet. Brandon's response doesn't actually say she's not a DF. And I firmly believe that Brandon is just as sneaky as RJ. ;) The term "wild-goose-chasing" does seem to imply that it was a red herring, but I think we've all been surprised at supposed implications before.
  14. Hello, So this question has plagued me enough now that I finally had to join so I could ask for some thoughts. I am doing an umpteenth read-through in anticipation of AMoL...and something just stood out to me that I never caught before. At the beginning of THG when Rand and Lan are working out, Rand is complaining that Moiraine is ignoring him now. He then mentions that she even left Fal Dara, and Lan tells him that she got back the previous night. We know that Ingtar is a dark friend and left the keep at the same time to go to the meeting that was told through the perspective of
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