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  1. Close but no... that is what I thought when I first saw that question, well I guess its a matter of opinion... but I would bet the guy who made this particular statement about her cooking has eaten plenty of it.
  2. Wow pretty fearless to come on to the dragonmount forums acting like you have all the answers. So lets find out Q: what does Marin al'Vere cook better then anything else (now I dont have all the answers, I dont have a quarter of them, but I do have this one)
  3. Just so long as each of those options, involve genocide, genetic purity, or mental slavery, I am all for it.
  4. Its definetly Moiraine and Nyn in the background, the sketches of the Nynaeve character on Tor.com clearly show her wearing the ki'sain, and anyone in blue has to be Moiraine.
  5. and the final cover is the best one of all, lets hope that holds true for the words inside as well.
  6. Sweets family probably got the advance anyway, given the artwork was actually released (and that Darrell Sweet Jr. was present at JordanCon) Oh good, it would be nice if they could find a way to use this. I for one would not want this as the cover, 1) its unfinished, and I doubt it would attract new readers, if they saw it. 2) there are inaccuracies, I dont hold DKS responsible for there being inaccuracies it is a colored sketch, not a finished product. 3) because it is unfinished putting RJ and BS's name on it plus the title and the book number text and review blurbs would crowd the good parts of the painting and cover many of them. So the whole thing would need to be slightly tweaked for all that text, in ebook form that text is unnecessary and the whole painting could be used.
  7. Hmmmmm, I like it. I will not pretend that I did not make fun of every Sweet cover for WOT, but this one looks like it had potential. It is a shame we wont get to see this in a finished state. From looking around the internets I can see a growing sentiment that this painting should be on the book anyway. I hope this does not turn into bashing Whelan's work once it is released, just so folks can come off like they are huge Sweet fans. My idea is that since Whelan was tapped to do the ebook cover for aMoL, how about putting this out on the ebook in April, that way it can be published in some way and the Sweet family can get a paycheck for the last book still.
  8. Hi all, thanks for the replies. My Favorite forsaken so far it would be Mogheiden, I liked her conflicts with Nynaeve. My least favorite character... thats tough, I really disliked Matt for most of the books but he has turned that around... I think I will have to say Elayne. I cant stand the snotty princess routine any longer, ugh. My favorite Character is Lan, that guy is made of awesome, Thom is a close second though, I liked Rand for most of the books, but he is becoming a big jerk, but if he ends up cleaning Saidin like he said he would in book 9's prologue I may have to revisit this statement (just read it last night). My favorite part is a toss up between Dumais Well's (EPIC!) and Rands trip through the sangreal in Rhuidean, the history of the Aiel was very well done. As for questions, well I dont want spoilers but will we ever spend a decent amount of time at the Black Tower? I loved when Rand started the place, but we have barely seen it since. Also, I will probably have caught up with the Wheel of Time soon, what should I try next? 1 question my friends keep asking is if I will ever leave the house I again, I am starting to doubt that I ever will.
  9. Hello Dragonmount! I have recently found out that I love Fantasy books , I never read any fantasy stories before. But after watching a Game of Thrones on HBO, I picked up the rest of the books and loved them. A couple of months ago I asked at the book store if they could point me to any other long in depth fantasy books like a Game of Thrones, I bought the first one finished it in a week and loved it, went back and got the rest. That was expensive, so I figure this stuff really is a bit like crack. I have read up to the 9th book so far, I start it when I get home tonight! I was looking for Wheel of Time stuff online a few weeks ago and found this site (which is awesome) I spoiled myself in the forums a little so a backed off. But I just can't stop thinking about these books, its really cutting into my work. So here I am, I cant wait to catch up and join the discussion.
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